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Youth Initiative to Change the Kingdom’s Future




Breaking News from Diriyah: It has finally been decided that a pioneering Saudi Graduate Development Program is preparing the youth to play “major roles in shaping the future of the Kingdom,” claimed a project chief.

This newfound initiative is being launched by the DGDA, Arab News since last November. It provides Diriyah’s fresh university graduate with the privilege of a wide range of professional and training opportunities in hopes of better equipping them for the jobs market.

The project is thoroughly divided into four stages over the time span of 12 months and includes courses and on the job training that is designed to properly equip the you with theoretical and practical skills that are required for their own personal development.

This is the most important program that is needed today in 2020. Many people end up graduating, even with Straight A’s, and are still incapable of performing actual jobs. Which is why this initiative is crucial and very beneficial for the youth, the future of tomorrow.

 “We are proud to be part of this stage, which is very important for Saudi youth in general, and Saudi women in particular, where women make up the majority of those enrolled in the program,” said Abdullah Al- Ghanim, the DGDA’s chief .

“Those enrolled in the program have demonstrated their distinction and merit, and I am confident that they will play major roles in shaping the Kingdom’s future, and this is what makes us proud of this step.”

The authority is hoping that the program will improve community interaction, attract and enhance local talent, and create a strong economy for the future of the Kingdom’s prosperity.

Already 19 graduates from Diriyah had enrolled onto the program and will be completing their training in November 2020. Diriyah is celebrating the evolvement of their community and are hoping to make it a landmark that will highlight the Saudi Arabian heritage and culture.

Some people have questioned whether it is a good idea for the youth to waste a year of their time on training, but the initiative has replied that this training is not a waste of time but rather is a better tactic to being two steps ahead of everyone by being fully ready to take on jobs.

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Saudi Arabia is The 1st in Arab World to Issue Scientific Papers on Covid-19




The Kingdom has been ranked the first in the Arab world to issue scientific papers on the novel virus, the government announced on Tuesday.

A virtual session of the cabinet was held in the presence of King Salman as the chair person, in which it reviewed several aspects related to the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

According to the cabinet, the Kingdom is the 25th globally and the 2nd in the Middle East for clinical research and studies on the virus.

During the meeting, the cabinet also looked at the strategic dialogue between the Kingdom and the US. The meeting covered several strategic issues, including combating extremism and terrorism, and confronting Iran’s destabilizing and threatening attitude in the Middle East and disrupting global trade, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

We salute the Kingdom for all its continuous efforts in combating the threats of the novel coronavirus.

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Al-Ahsa Oasis Makes it to Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest Oasis




Al-Ahsa Oasis, which is located the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, has entered the Guinness World Records as the largest self-contained oasis in the world.

According to “Guinness” website, the oasis includes more than 2.5 million palm trees feeding on a huge aquifer through 280 artesian springs and extending over an area of more than 85.4 square kilometers (32.9 square miles).

“The largest self-contained oasis in the world is the Al-Ahsa Oasis. Located in south-eastern Saudi Arabia, there are more than 2.5 million palm trees in the oasis, which is fed from a huge underground aquifer, which allows agriculture all year round in a region that is otherwise sand desert. The oasis is named after the Al-Ahsa region in which it lies, and occupies around 85.4 square kilometres (32.9 square miles) irrigated by the flow of more than 280 artesian springs.” The website read.

Al-Ahsa is rich with an environmental heritage but also has a long history and witnesses the birth of several civilizations and has always been a strategic communication bridge with the world.

The oasis includes several national heritage sites and the oldest human settlements that date back to thousands of years. Its date-palm oasis is the largest palm oasis surrounded by sand in the entire world.

The “Guinness World Records” had also registered the Maraya concert hall in Al-Ula as the largest building in the world to be covered with mirrors.


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What You Need to Know About This Year’s Hajj’s Procedures & Conditions




The Kingdom just announced that Hajj will be held after all this year for citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia only, here are all the procedures and conditions that the kingdom will follow in performing the Hajj this year.

Saudi Minister of Hajj Muhammad Saleh bin Taher announced during a press conference held on June 23 that precautionary measures and protocols have been set by the Supreme Hajj Committee to organize a safe pilgrimage this year under the supervision of the Saudi Ministry of Health.

He also expressed the Kingdom’s keenness in enabling Muslims to perform Hajj rituals, despite the current outbreak of the coronavirus.

Bin Taher added that Hajj this year will be performed without any overcrowding, assuring that the needed social distance will be maintained in addition to more precautionary measures.

“It may be a thousand pilgrims or slightly more,” the minister said.

Saudi Minister of Health Tawfiq al-Rabiah said that only those under the age of 65 will be allowed to perform Hajj, those who don’t suffer from any chronic diseases.

Rabiah said that all pilgrims will undergo a coronavirus test before entering the holy sites and will stay in a 14-day house quarantine after performing the rituals.

Security personnel, workers at the holy sites, and the health practitioners serving the pilgrims will all have to undergo these tests.

“A hospital has been set up at every site in anticipation of any emergency, in addition to a health center at Mount Arafat,” he said.

Pilgrims will also be accompanied by ambulances and medical personnel as they perform the rites.

Health Minister Salih also affirmed that due to the current threats imposed by the pandemic, no pilgrims from outside the kingdom will be allowed to participate in the Hajj this year.

On the criteria for selecting pilgrims, the Saudi minister of Hajj and Umrah said, “We will coordinate with diplomatic missions to register their pilgrims.”

We wish all pilgrims a safe Hajj and may god watch over them.



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