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Your Weekend Guide for the best entertaining places



If you’re looking to blow off some steam after a long week; then there isn’t a better way to do so other than places that let your inner child out, and release all of the kept energy.

Here is our list of recommendations for a fun weekend:

  • Fans Bounce. 

The place is the largest entertainment park and has the biggest trampolines for an extra fun, it’s suitable for families and friends. They also have a private space, just for girls.

  • AlShallal Theme Park. 

AlShallal, is an ideal location for a family’s getaway and also makes a fun hangout for the youth. From their new Sling Shot or the Roller Coaster to skating on their huge ice rink, or taking a boat ride around the lake.

As for dinner time, you can enjoy their themed Chinese and Lebanese restaurants.

For ticket prices, check their website:

  • Novus Escape room.

The Sister Brand of @breakoutmy in Malaysia, the experience of an escape room is one you don’t want to miss out on! So gather your closest and smartest friends, and try to escape some of the week’s reality.

  • The Track Jeddah. 

For adrenaline junkies, the Track Jeddah offers you the chance to experience some thrill rides.

For more information, call: 0567219656

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  • Maze Box.

An Escape room with different themes for each room, always keeping up with the current trends.

For reservation and more information, visit their website:






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Saad Lamjarred and Mohamed Ramadan Teams up For A concert in Dubai




Superstars Saad Lamjarred and Mohammed Ramadan are set to perform together in their first ever joint concert taking place in Dubai on January 10th.

The Moroccan popstar and Egyptian actor/ singer will perform together next Friday the 10th of January at the Dubai World Trade Centre, in celebration of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

This will be Lamjarred’s first appearance in the UAE after 4 years of absence, his last was back in 2015 when he performed alongside Lebanese singer Najwa Karam in Abu Dhabi’s Du Forum.

We’re so ready to witness history being made as the two stars take on the stage together for the very first time, and with the growing success of Mohamed Ramadan in the music industry, Dubai makes an ideal location for him to show off his talents.

This events is part of the Dubai Shopping Festival at its 25th edition, the longest running shopping festival of its kind.

You can book your tickets now through this link.




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How Riyadh Welcomed 2020 With its First Ever New Year’s Eve Fireworks




For the first time, Riyadh celebrated New Year’s Eve and welcomed 2020 with open arms and an open mind and acceptance to change, once again the celebrations exceeded everybody’s expectations.

The night sky of Riyadh got beautifully illuminated with fireworks that lit the entire sky with a sea of colors, marking with it the start of a new year full of potential and hope for the Kingdom.

Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki AlShikh shared some stunning posts of the celebration and here are the best ones!


This amazing display comes 10 years before the supposed deadline of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the entire world got to witness this milestone which is yet another proof of the Kingdom’s modernization and committed to its vision.


New Year’s Eve celebrations are held in different cities across the globe and it is incredible to see the Saudi capital joining in the celebrations with music, fireworks and hi-tech lightshows.

We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!


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2019 Recap: Highlights and Moments that Will Never Be Forgotten




2019 is coming an end and closing its last page tonight and looking back at this year, we can really say that it was one hell of a year for the Kingdom!

It witnessed many firsts and saw incredible performances from international superstars, from all the seasons that were hosted to the countless concerts and exhibitions, we can fairly say that 2019 was one epic year and here are some this year’s highlights and grand moments that we will never ever forget.

The Kingdom celebrating New Year’s Eve for the first time!

For the first time in its history, the Kingdom will celebrate New Year’s Eve and that indeed will be a great closure to 2019, proving that this year has been indeed the year of change.

The Kingdom finally welcoming tourists!

Saudi Arabia opening up for tourists and finally issuing visas might just be the greatest thing to happen in 2019, and soon after this happened, influencers were quick to visit the city for the first time and shared with the world some epic pictures that showcase the beauty of the Kingdom that was kept hidden away for centuries.

Basically every moment from MDL Beast

The Kingdom hosting the largest music festival in the region was one of the most epic events! MDL Beast brought the biggest names in EDM music from David Guetta, Tiesto, Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Black Coffee, to Steve Aoki and more!

The event also attracted a huge number of influencers and celebrities who came all the way to the Kingdom to witness the making of historical moments.

Breaking Guinness World Records

The first one was during the Crown Prince Camel Festival, when the Kingdom broke the record by creating a giant statue of a camel. The second one was awarded for Saudi Arabia’s King Abdul Aziz Falconry Festival for being the world’s largest falcon racing tournament ever.

Launching the Red Sea International Film Festival

Another great leap for the Kingdom and that is encouraging aspiring filmmakers who are eager for a platform to showcase their work in, Saudi Arabia launched the Red Sea International Film Festival which will be an annual film festival held in Jeddah.

The first edition will kick off in 2020.

Women of Saudi Arabia Rocking this year

Women of Saudi Arabia also ruled this year with Dania Akeel becoming first Saudi woman to obtainher Speed Bikes Competition license following her application for the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation, and then there was also Reema Juffali who became the first Saudi female racer to compete at the Diriyah Circuit. 

The Joy Forum 19

Organized by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), the major industry event saw a number of mega stars and entertainment pioneers from across the world, such as Indian actor and film producer Shah Rukh Khan; Hong Kong martial artist, actor, film director Jackie Chan and Belgian actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The Launch of Winter Wonderland

The famous Winter Wonderland came all the way from UK to Riyadh on October 20 and brought visitors snow parks, penguins and ice-skating rinks, for a city that isn’t known to have winter attractions, visitors were in for big surprises!

Now, of course the Kingdom witnessed way more grand moments and highlights, we can go on and on about the concerts alone and we will never be able to remember all! One thing we know for sure is that 2019 proved to be one lit year and showed the world a side of Riyadh that no one ever imagined to see. Here’s a recap of some of the concerts that took place.

Happy new year everyone! We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us.


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