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Women Dominating Male Sports : Falconry Edition



Ayesha Al Mansoori

For decades, men have been proving people that only they could do everything and anything. Time and time again, females were criticized for not being capable of doing something.

Women have been told that a certain sport may be too tough on them or maybe even make her look manly, but at the end of the day, this is the way men bring women down: by telling them they‘re incapable of doing anything right.

With that said, women have been coming back stronger and more prepared to prove males that anything they could do, women can do it better. You might be surprised at this thought, but if you’ve been up to date with sports, you’d know that women are dominating it!

Saudi Arabia has been known for keeping women hidden and not allowing them to do or interact in anything due to religious reasons. But ever since the beginning of 2019, they’ve been granted more rights and are left to decide or choose whatever they want to participate in freely.

Women have been dominating Combat sports, Hockey, Martial Arts, Football, Bowling, Basketball, and almost anything you could think of! Girl power!


What truly caught our eye and will hopefully make an ultimate difference are women falconers. We’re always used to seeing male falconers, which is why it was very intriguing when Ayesha Al Mansoori took over as a professional  female falconer with amazing intricate skills!

Not many women might find this art or sport appealing, but if mastered properly, there’s nothing more satisfying. Falconry is known to be a Multi Million Dirham industry in the Gulf as well as a man’s game.

Which is why Ayesha rose to prove everyone wrong. Ever since the age of four, she’s been telling her father she’d become a falconer; but of course he disregarded her with a faint laugh. But as the years passed, she’d grown to be persistent with this new found art and had commenced with an owl at first since Falcons are heavy for toddlers.

As the years passed, Ayesha’s father would come to her for advice on which falcons he should purchase, that’s how much he admired and respected her opinion.

“Sometimes I didn’t go to school and I’d go out to the desert with my father instead,” says Ms Al Mansoori. “If they would tell me they were going hunting, I’d tell them I would join them.”

Ayesha thoughtfully decided to pair up with Angelique Engels, South African falconer to teach women simple basic introductory classes in Bedouin and Western Falconry.

Image result for ayesha al mansoori  and angelique engels falconers

She had a dream and made it come to life. Vogue Arabia featured her in March 2020’s edition for making a name for herself as well as paving the path for women in a male dominating world.

Women are capable of anything, just give them the space and the materials, and you’ll be surprised at what they have up their sleeves!

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Dubai Imposed Complete Lockdown To Battle Coronavirus




Dubai Imposed Complete Lockdown To Battle Coronavirus

Dubai has been encouraging citizens to stay safe at home and yesterday evening, Dubai has taken yet another major step in combating the spread of the coronavirus by imposing a two-week lockdown.

The new action plan to help end the spread of the virus has been announced yesterday evening. According to a statement made from the Dubai Media office, the National Sterilization Programme will be extended for two weeks now and will be in effect for twenty-four hours a day.

The lockdown applies on all individuals and residents and no one is allowed to leave the safety of their homes except for necessities, of course some workers in specific vital sectors have been exempted from the restrictions.

Dubai’s metro and tram service will also be suspended for two weeks but free bus transportation and a 50% discount on taxi rides will be offered during the lockdown.

Grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open with delivery of food and medicine to operate normally. One family member only will be given the permission to leave the house in order for grocery shopping, those who leave the house must put on a mask and gloves at all times.

Anyone who fails to comply with the new measures might face severe consequences.

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In the UAE

UAE Enforces Strict Fines for COVID-19 Violators





Ever since the Coronavirus began worsening throughout the days in several countries, quarantines and places being shut down was the safest option to ensure the health of all our people.

On the other hand, some people took the news about having to stay at home pretty bad and ignored the laws that were enforced on us regardless of the Coronavirus being a dangerous pandemic that we are trying to keep at bay.

Some countries have created a fine for people to pay if they were to break the rules. Dubai has taken serious action against anyone who is violating the preventive instructions and measures that were given by the government. Believe it or not, according to the rules by the country’s cabinet, a fine for up to $13,600 will be payed for serious violators.

Some people may believe that these decisions are too rough but the seriousness as well as extremity of the virus is getting worse, and people would rather be safe than sorry. Commanding a fine this high and expensive will hopefully keep people at home and make them understand that this is no joke.

The Ministry of Interior, The Ministry of Health and Prevention, and the State News Agency have reported that the fines will commence at $136 and above depending on what they have violated.

The citizens would pay a fine if they refuse to be hospitalized, unnecessary travel, or even go against abiding by the home quarantine instructions. Yes, Dubai is taking things very strictly out of fear of taking things lightly such as Italy and China did. Look at where they are today.

UAE has recorded at least 400 cases of people that have been infected with COVID-19 which is why they have initiated a three day disinfection that had forced people to be restricted from roaming around the country freely.

Here are few of the laws that have been enforced on the people:

  • $272.26 fine for not wearing medical masks indoors
  • $272.26 fine for unnecessary visits to hospitals and other health facilities
  • $272.26 fine for allowing more than 3 persons in car
  • $272.26 fine for not maintaining social distancing while walking
  • $544.51 fine for leaving home with no important work or a genuine reason

We are glad that UAE is taking extreme safety precautions. When people see the number on this list, they’ll definitely be more willing to cooperate and follow the rules!



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Dubai Mall Will Soon Open A Virtual Store




Dubai Mall To Soon Open A Virtual Store

Great news to all the shopaholics quarantined at home! We know that you’re starting to get restless with not being able to shop at your favorite malls, but soon enough you will be able to visit Dubai Mall without having to leave the safety of your home!

Retailers at the Dubai Mall will soon become part of the mall’s virtual store with Noon as the host, in an attempt to give shoppers the ultimate experience of shopping during this unforeseen time.

Shopaholics will soon be able to pay a visit to the virtual store, shop what they desire and have their purchases delivered all the way to their doorstep.

“Unprecedented challenges call for innovative, collaborative and bold measures. The Covid-19 situation and its impact on the global economy call for us to rally our strengths and identify new measures that take into consideration the social and economic realities. We stand by our nation, community and industry to address the impact of the situation,” an Emaar Malls spokesperson said.

“The Dubai Mall virtual store will help retailers continue to do positive business while factoring in the need for social distancing and people making their purchases online. The initiative allows for Emaar Malls to connect our stores and customers safely, without impacting daily routines and worries around wellbeing.” He added.

We hope that this will encourage people to not leave their houses and stay home for their safety as well as others’, we also believe that this way several entities will benefit and the economical damage wouldn’t be as bad.
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