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Women Dominating Male Sports : Falconry Edition



Ayesha Al Mansoori

For decades, men have been proving people that only they could do everything and anything. Time and time again, females were criticized for not being capable of doing something.

Women have been told that a certain sport may be too tough on them or maybe even make her look manly, but at the end of the day, this is the way men bring women down: by telling them they‘re incapable of doing anything right.

With that said, women have been coming back stronger and more prepared to prove males that anything they could do, women can do it better. You might be surprised at this thought, but if you’ve been up to date with sports, you’d know that women are dominating it!

Saudi Arabia has been known for keeping women hidden and not allowing them to do or interact in anything due to religious reasons. But ever since the beginning of 2019, they’ve been granted more rights and are left to decide or choose whatever they want to participate in freely.

Women have been dominating Combat sports, Hockey, Martial Arts, Football, Bowling, Basketball, and almost anything you could think of! Girl power!


What truly caught our eye and will hopefully make an ultimate difference are women falconers. We’re always used to seeing male falconers, which is why it was very intriguing when Ayesha Al Mansoori took over as a professional  female falconer with amazing intricate skills!

Not many women might find this art or sport appealing, but if mastered properly, there’s nothing more satisfying. Falconry is known to be a Multi Million Dirham industry in the Gulf as well as a man’s game.

Which is why Ayesha rose to prove everyone wrong. Ever since the age of four, she’s been telling her father she’d become a falconer; but of course he disregarded her with a faint laugh. But as the years passed, she’d grown to be persistent with this new found art and had commenced with an owl at first since Falcons are heavy for toddlers.

As the years passed, Ayesha’s father would come to her for advice on which falcons he should purchase, that’s how much he admired and respected her opinion.

“Sometimes I didn’t go to school and I’d go out to the desert with my father instead,” says Ms Al Mansoori. “If they would tell me they were going hunting, I’d tell them I would join them.”

Ayesha thoughtfully decided to pair up with Angelique Engels, South African falconer to teach women simple basic introductory classes in Bedouin and Western Falconry.

Image result for ayesha al mansoori  and angelique engels falconers

She had a dream and made it come to life. Vogue Arabia featured her in March 2020’s edition for making a name for herself as well as paving the path for women in a male dominating world.

Women are capable of anything, just give them the space and the materials, and you’ll be surprised at what they have up their sleeves!

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Dubai Reopens Beaches And Major Parks This Friday




Dubai Municipality announced on Thursday night that several beaches, major parks and the Dubai Frame will all reopen on Friday for Visitors.

Following a complete lockdown that lasted for months, the public can now finally enjoy visiting JBR, Al Mamzar, Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim beaches.

Major parks and the Dubai Frame will also be open from Friday onwards.

There are of course some rules that the public must abide by for their own safety, the municipality asked ‘all to adhere to the public safety measures and guidelines to ensure the health & safety of all.”

Precautionary measures include visitors to wear masks at all times and maintain social distancing. No masks are necessary while in the water.

Gloves are not necessary in open beaches, however they must be worn in parks and closed areas such as the Dubai Frame and Ski Dubai.

According to Dubai Municipality’s contact centre, children under the age of 12 and adults above 60 are allowed on the beaches and parks.

It was also announced last night that Dubai’s museums will reopen in a phased manner, starting from Monday, June 1.

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Gyms, Cinemas, Businesses and More to Reopen in Dubai




Shout out to Dubai residents, we know that the lockdown is driving you insane but we have got some exciting news for you!

Dubai is expected to reopen gyms, cinemas and other businesses as of this Wednesday, in light of its efforts to ease the restrictions that have been imposed amidst the spread of coronavirus.

Nightly restrictions will be pushed back from 8pm to 11pm and be lifted at 6am each morning.

Besides gyms, sports academies and fitness clubs, as well as cinemas will also be reopened with continued social distancing and regular disinfection.

However, gyms will have to operate at 50 per cent of capacity, require the wearing of masks at all times and must install plastic dividers between machines, while changing facilities will remain closed.

Entertainment and leisure attractions, such as Dubai Ice Rink, will reopen.

According to a protocol update by Dubai Economy, offices in Dubai can start working normal operating hours with an increased occupancy ceiling of 50 per cent in common areas and within the premises.

The announcement was made at a meeting of Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, chaired by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai.

“Everyone is responsible,” Sheikh Hamdan reminded the public, in a news release on Monday night.

“What makes us different is our ability to deal positively with changes and our agility,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

“We have all the elements necessary to adapt to these challenging circumstances.

“I am confident that all members of the society will come together to overcome this crisis as soon as possible.” He added.

Let us all abide to the safety measures and hope that together, we can get through this.


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Dubai COVID-19 Center Is Now Providing Testing To Nationals & Expats For Free




Dubai COVID-19 Center Is Now Providing Testing To Nationals & Expats For Free

The UAE has been taking remarkable measures in fighting off the virus by testing people as quick and effective as they can. Last month, Abu Dhabi even launched a drive through COVID-19 testing center and after its huge contributions, another is now open at the city’s Al Nasr Club.

The Dubai Health Authority announced the drive through test center, in an attempt to follow in the same successful steps of Abu Dhabi’s.

The COVID-19 test center is open every day from 8 A.M to  6 P.M and tests are available for free for both nationals and expats and they only take 5 minutes. Results are then sent to the patients within 48 hours.

The drive through test centers are a very effective way of testing the virus, as they ensure minimal contact between patients.

Since more than 250 tests are carried out daily, priorities for testing is given to the elderly, pregnant women, those with existing chronic health conditions and those who experience symptoms of the contagion.

You can book your appointment by calling the Dubai Health Authority on 800342 and register. Once you do that, a confirmation message with your appointment is sent to you via a text message.

When you arrive at the test center, you must present this text along with your Emirates ID before the medical staff verify information and approach your car to obtain a nasal swab

Results can be sent on the DHA’s app.


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