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2018 The Year when Men Vanish



Where Did real men go

Did the definition of man changed by the year 2018? What do you say?

I asked my followers on Facebook “most of them are males”,   a simple innocent question: where did men go in 2018? Yes, as you guessed, they washed me with hilarious comments like : “Where did women go? Egyptian men are great and rocking , women from all over the world go crazy for Egyptian men.” etc.

I was only asking about Real men!  You know, the caring, hardworking  gentlemen. The ones who say something and actually do it , then, they bear the consequences.

Do qualities like being honestrespectful, reaching out for the woman, and protecting her vanish?

girl paying the bill for her boyfriend

” El Ragel may3eboosh Ela Gebo”

I’m done with all ” independent woman” thing. I know it for sure, if I have to pay for a guy’s food or drink , something happens. He cannot stand for the title “Man” anymore. Maybe once in a while, in special occasion like his birthday, you can pay the bill. Worst case, if he is going through sudden financial crisis and you have been together for more than three years. But when the situation is like you are taking care of all money issues, or worse, if he forces you to pay his bills, then this is no man. Am I exaggerating?!

“Fel Shedda SHedeed, we Fel 2ewwa 2awi”

Where did this man go? The type of a man that will support you to achieve your own personal goals, not his. He will not interfere in your choices. He will not force you to quit the career you want for any stupid reasons. Moreover, he will never push to take another career just because he knows what’s best for you. Only to make sure that you’re working in a “safe” environment – from his point of view of course- or that you will never be more important than him !

” 3annek enty ya Hanem “

Where did this man go? The one who will never let you change car tires , carry your heavy boxes or let you supervise the workers at your house when painting or redecorating the place. This guy who will never meet up with his friends for play station and leave you watching the plumber fixing your sink. This real partner who will join you to the gynecologist appointment rather than watching football match .

” Ghanni Ya Waheed”

Where did this man go? The man who will TALK to you, listen to you. Is there any men left who can still speak after the second date? Someone you can trust to share your darkest secrets with, yet you know he shall never use them against you. A man who keeps his word, does this sentence ring a bell? Does it exist? “A man who keeps his word.”?  !

Me and you, female and male, we can be friends but we don’t have to kick each other’s A**.

I can support when you’re in need. But don’t force me to be your ATM machine.

I am a strong female, but I don’t have to bare your insults, or any other form of verbal or physical abuse.

I am an independent mind but I yearn for your manly love

We’re equal in giving and taking but each of us has a role. Please take your role as a man , will you? .

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