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What Events are taking place this Weekend During the Sharqiah Season



This weekend of the Sharqiah Season has A LOT in store for you, with an impressive line up of entertainment programs, from concerts to a film festival to an air race.

The action kicks off with the annual Film Festival, that will be happening from the 21st of March at the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran. The festival aims at promoting local productions, with around 143 productions and scripts being submitted this year in the film festival.

Besides the motion picture competition, the festival will also include a panel discussions and specialized workshops. In this fifth edition, the film event will be honoring two Gulf cinematic giants: the late Saudi actor Lutfi Zini and UAE’s Masoud Amralla Al Ali.

All participating films will be shown during the film festival, and there will be a Golden Palm award handed to the best documentary about a Saudi city and best poster. A winners’ presentation will be held during the closing ceremony, and then the films will be screened at the Ithra center.

Now, to the long anticipated Red Bull Air Race Event, that will happen starting from today and till the 23rd. The Air Race Demo will provide the audience with a warm-up for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2019 season finale, that is taking place in Saudi Arabia next November.

The Color Run is also happening this Saturday, and it will kick off between 5 a.m. and noon with rest areas that will be offering refreshments and entertainment between stops. The run is one you don’t want to miss, make sure you dress up in an old white shirt; because it will be doused with colors at the end of every KM.

Last but not least, the Music Festival will feature performances by a number of mega stars at Dammam’s Life Park, including US rapper Pitbull and Canadian DJ Deadmau5 will take to the stage on March 21. While Amr Diab and US-Moroccan rapper French Montana, and American singer Akon will take on the stage March 22.

On March 22nd, regional artists Assala Nasri and Mutrif Al-Mutrif will perform, while Nabil Shuail and Hatem Al-Iraqi take on the stage on March 23, all concerts are to be held at the Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Center in Al-Qatif.

Sharqiah Season is the first of 11 Saudi seasons of entertainment that are planned for this year, and will be running until the end of the month with more than 83 different events taking place across nine different cities in the region.

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Ward Village: The Hero Event of This Taif Season




Ever since its launch, the Taif Season has turned the entire city into a magnet attracting visitors from all the surrounding regions, and the main hero of the events this year and the one proving to be the most popular is the Ward Village. 

Rose Village has so far has been bringing daily around 10,000 people to Arrudaf Park, where they get to spend the entire day there enjoying the live entertainment and shows.

“By the end of August, when the total number of those who visited our village is disclosed, I am sure the figures will be surprising. For the time being, we can say that we receive about 10,000 people per day. The exact number will be announced at the end of Taif Season,” a spokesman said.

What makes the event special is that the village is bringing together art, dance performances and music all together by blending them with the fragrant roses in the summer resort.

The village also brought one of Europe’s leading entertainment troupes and bands who helped create an amazing atmosphere for visitors and added a touch of joy for visitors.


“Some activities are repeated three times a day to cater for the flow of visitors who come at different times,” he added.

Activities include the rose lab, where attendees get to learn all about the rose oil industry and how fragrances are made, it includes all the steps from when the rose is picked to condensation and, finally, bottling.


Another show you don’t want to miss out on is the horrible rose shows, yep I didn’t misspell that, the horrible rose introduces to multiple rooms with dim lighting, sound effects and characters from horror movies! The surprises inside are what make the visitors’ experiences unforgettable.


You can also pitch in and help in making the local traditional handmade products, and create a sentimental souvenir with a memory that will last forever.

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Marathon of Color: The Next Big Thing During Taif Season




The Marathon of Color is one of the many events being hosted this year during Taif Season and it is to take place between August 15 and 17 on Al-Hada-Taif Road, the event combines sports and art to celebrate diversity through competitive running races and color.

The marathon starts each day at 4 PM with a number of tracks, on the first day of the event it will start with a family path that extends for 4 km for 4 hours. As for the second day, it will host the amateur path, which goes for 8 km for 2 hours, and the third marking closing day shall witness the path made for professionals, that runs for 21 km for 6 hours.

Participants are divided according to the age of each group, so for instance professionals must be of at least 17, while in the amateur category, participants need to be 15 and above. People with special needs can participate in wheelchairs on the 4-km path.

To make things even more exciting, the event will include drumming and musical performances that will lit up your day even more.

Winners will get to go home with medals, marathon participation certificates and more valuable prizes.

The marathon also hosts exciting activities for individuals and families that include food carts, live performances and dazzling fireworks! So if you’re as excited as we are, click on this link to register now.

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The Different Ways You Can Hike During Taif Season




Taif Season is taking place in one of the Kingdom’s most beautiful destination and this year you can get to enjoy hiking among other activities, and here are our own picks and recommendation for you!

1- Hiking and Outdoor activities

In the midst of Taif’s mountains, you can enjoy hiking Al-Shafa and Al-Hada mountains and afterwards join the base camp at Sadat Al-Beid where there are plenty of activities and outdoor cooking.

2- Hiking and Musical Night

Instead of the outdoor cooking and activities and after finishing the long trail, you can sit back relax and join the base camp for a musical night around a bonfire.

3- Hiking and Scout activities

Try and save energy for this! Because after finishing your hike, you will join others for some scouting activities and exploring. Also in the Sadat Al-Beid base camp.

4- Hiking and Zip-lining

This one goes to all the adrenaline junkies and adventurer lovers, because what’s a better activity after a hike than flying down a zip line?

If you have found yourself in one of these activities, visit their website now to find out more and book your spot.


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