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Vogue Arabia Featured 3 AMAZING Saudi Artists Who Are Redefining The Nation’s Image



Vogue Arabia and Aldo, along with three of Saudi’s bright new artists, collaborated on a limited edition piece recently.

But more importantly, the video’s production, style and the motive behind the collaborationbnstruck the adoration of other proud Saudis.

The empowering message behind the collab between the popular shoe brand and the iconic magazine is simple and powerful- art knows no gender.

Quite a fitting notion, considering the amount of developments within gender equality in Saudi, in the last year alone.

Meet the three Saudis who are changing the game

Artists Faisal Alkheriji, Ghaida Al Ghanim and Fatimal Al Nemer were all creative souls who bared their creations on social media prior to the Vogue X Aldo campaign.

But it’s great to see platforms with wider reach opting to introduce the Kingdom’s local talent.

The video trailer, released by Vogue Arabia, via their Instagram account on Thursday reveals the empowering messages of the three artists and their personal approach to their art. It’s a moving short video that is definitely hyping up a ‘lotta Saudi fans to watch the rest of the video on the Vogue website.

The full video also talks about each artists’ passion for their art, and how other artists are shaping Saudi’s art scene

“To be an artist for me is being able to escape the reality that I’m living in,” said one of the featured artists Al Kheriji. And what a strong statement it is.

The Aldo MX3 sneakers were styled by each artist, in different ways, showing just how versatile the stylish new shoes are.

Faisal Al Kheriji is known for his Picasso-esque style that takes a classic spin on showcasing the Saudi culture

His Instagram feed is like one big Saudi Warhol collection that combines his eclectic energy and creativity onto each work.

Ghaida Al Ghanim’s work is ‘all about the eye’

..and the lady doth not disappoint!

Fatimah Al Nemer’s work is magnetic and empowering

…not just to Saudi women but all Arab women in the region

Keep on the look out for these three talented and creative individuals.

We’re sure they’ll have more in store for us.

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Saudi Model Roz Is the New Face of Guess’ Autumn Campaign




Guess has launched its new autumn collection earlier this month with the Saudi Model Roz as the front of the ad campaign who represented the brand’s newest handbags, eyewear, watches and footwear collection.

The shots were taken in Los Angeles by renowned photographers Claudia and Ralf Pulmanns. 

In an Instagram post last week, the Saudi influencer wrote, “six years ago I decided to pursue my dream to become a model. I knew it was going to be a big challenege and that I had to do everything on my own. I wasn’t scared of the noise from people or society, however I was scared to fail.”

Determined and fearless, the model has been proving herself in so many way and this wasn’t even her favorite time to pose for Guess, as she was also the face of their Ramadan collection that launched back in May and showcased Roz in an elegant and modest dresses suitable for Middle Eastern women.


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Saudi Model Stars in Victoria’s Secret Campaign




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The fashion model shared a video on her Instagram official account earlier this week, showing her in a sportswear from Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line.

The 27-year-old Saudi model was born in Riyadh and moved to the US to study interior design but then discovered her passion for beauty and fashion, after taking part in a number of fashion shows. The model is now currently based in LA.

She has previously cooperated with international beauty brands such as Maybelline alongside Gigi Hadid, the duo then partnered up for Gigi’s bold makeup line.

The model is a rising social media influencer with over 10 millions followers, she is also an ambassador for several fashion bands such as Guess and Dolce & Gabana. 

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This Beauty App Allows You To Virtually Try Make-Up On Before Purchasing




Golden Scent a Saudi beauty e-commerce site is taking online shopping to the next level through the introduction of a virtual try-on feature, which enables customers to try the make-up on before purchasing without having to physically do so.

This new shopping experience is the first augmented reality (AR) of its kind in the entire region, and it hopes to revolutionize the way of viewing products in real life.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Virtual Try-On feature within our Golden Scent app,” Malik Al Shehab, Founder and CEO of Golden Scent said. “We are confident that the beauty customer will enjoy, engage and appreciate a more immersive experience.”

According the brand, this new feature had already succeeded in increasing the sales. Not only this, but it also wins big in the sustainability department seeing that it is contributing in reducing plastic from the unwanted and returned items.

It will also help cut down unnecessary carbon emissions from delivering the products that end up getting returned.

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