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UAE Ranked as The World’s Best Travel Destination



The UAE has been ranked as the world’s best travel destination according to a new research conducted by the online travel agency, Love Holidays.

The agency did it research and looked into more than 3,000 destination awards that countries from across the world have won in the last five years, then divided the countries to six categories, travel, hospitality, destination, business, entertainment and conservation as to decide on the most award-winning city.

After which, the UAE has made it to the top of the list!

The agency also discovered that Burj Al Arab had won he World Travel Awards’ Middle East’s Leading All Suite Hotel award every year from 2015 and up until 2019! I mean talk about the most luxurious stay, it only makes sense to have the hotel at the top of every list.

For the full list of winners, click here.

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In the UAE

UAE Enforces Strict Fines for COVID-19 Violators





Ever since the Coronavirus began worsening throughout the days in several countries, quarantines and places being shut down was the safest option to ensure the health of all our people.

On the other hand, some people took the news about having to stay at home pretty bad and ignored the laws that were enforced on us regardless of the Coronavirus being a dangerous pandemic that we are trying to keep at bay.

Some countries have created a fine for people to pay if they were to break the rules. Dubai has taken serious action against anyone who is violating the preventive instructions and measures that were given by the government. Believe it or not, according to the rules by the country’s cabinet, a fine for up to $13,600 will be payed for serious violators.

Some people may believe that these decisions are too rough but the seriousness as well as extremity of the virus is getting worse, and people would rather be safe than sorry. Commanding a fine this high and expensive will hopefully keep people at home and make them understand that this is no joke.

The Ministry of Interior, The Ministry of Health and Prevention, and the State News Agency have reported that the fines will commence at $136 and above depending on what they have violated.

The citizens would pay a fine if they refuse to be hospitalized, unnecessary travel, or even go against abiding by the home quarantine instructions. Yes, Dubai is taking things very strictly out of fear of taking things lightly such as Italy and China did. Look at where they are today.

UAE has recorded at least 400 cases of people that have been infected with COVID-19 which is why they have initiated a three day disinfection that had forced people to be restricted from roaming around the country freely.

Here are few of the laws that have been enforced on the people:

  • $272.26 fine for not wearing medical masks indoors
  • $272.26 fine for unnecessary visits to hospitals and other health facilities
  • $272.26 fine for allowing more than 3 persons in car
  • $272.26 fine for not maintaining social distancing while walking
  • $544.51 fine for leaving home with no important work or a genuine reason

We are glad that UAE is taking extreme safety precautions. When people see the number on this list, they’ll definitely be more willing to cooperate and follow the rules!



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In the UAE

Dubai Mall Will Soon Open A Virtual Store




Dubai Mall To Soon Open A Virtual Store

Great news to all the shopaholics quarantined at home! We know that you’re starting to get restless with not being able to shop at your favorite malls, but soon enough you will be able to visit Dubai Mall without having to leave the safety of your home!

Retailers at the Dubai Mall will soon become part of the mall’s virtual store with Noon as the host, in an attempt to give shoppers the ultimate experience of shopping during this unforeseen time.

Shopaholics will soon be able to pay a visit to the virtual store, shop what they desire and have their purchases delivered all the way to their doorstep.

“Unprecedented challenges call for innovative, collaborative and bold measures. The Covid-19 situation and its impact on the global economy call for us to rally our strengths and identify new measures that take into consideration the social and economic realities. We stand by our nation, community and industry to address the impact of the situation,” an Emaar Malls spokesperson said.

“The Dubai Mall virtual store will help retailers continue to do positive business while factoring in the need for social distancing and people making their purchases online. The initiative allows for Emaar Malls to connect our stores and customers safely, without impacting daily routines and worries around wellbeing.” He added.

We hope that this will encourage people to not leave their houses and stay home for their safety as well as others’, we also believe that this way several entities will benefit and the economical damage wouldn’t be as bad.
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In the UAE

UAE Launches Virtual Doctor to Help With the COVID-19




Virtual Dr

Since the very first Coronavirus case struck us all this year, many countries and cities have been taking safety precautions depending on the situation and status.

People have been disinfecting streets, creating hashtags to help people in need who are stuck somewhere around the globe, and much more acts of kindness in this distressful time.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has launched an online coronavirus assessment tool. Courtesy: Ministry of Health and Prevention website

One of the most creative things that was created amidst this pandemic is an application solely made for the Coronavirus. This platform was created by the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s as an effort to help combat as well as spread the pandemic.

The cool things about this application is that it helps you all the way from home. Meaning, rather than you having to go to a doctor, all you gotta do is open this application and it will help you treat your symptoms or let you know if you’re carrying the Coronavirus.

This virtual doctor is to asses any potential coronavirus case. The online doctor basically starts out by simply asking you around five multiple choice questions. They revolve around your personal travel history, whether or not you’ve been in contact with someone who has been infected, and what are your current symptoms.

 “Salam alaikum, I’m here to guide you through the Coronavirus Assessment Tool. If you are experiencing a life or limb-threatening emergency, call [998]. I’m not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a medical professional for serious symptoms or emergencies,” the virtual doctor website tells users.

The bot clarifies that he is not a substitute for a doctor which is important for people to understand because the Coronavirus is serious and is not to be taken lightly.

When asked about your travel history, Italy, US, Germany, Spain, Korea, China, and much more have been added as a multiple choice question.

The follow up question is regarding the symptoms you may be carrying which are whether or not you have a fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, cough, and other symptoms of the pandemic.

Depending on the answers you have chosen, the virtual doctor will either tell you to call 998, the hotline for Corona cases, in hopes of talking about and discussing your symptoms, or will simply tell you that you seem to have a low risk of the Covid-19.

It is outstanding how UAE is dealing with the pandemic by providing several online tools for people that are seeking corona related advice.

The “Doctor for Every Citizen” initiative by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) offers residents 24/7 consultations with doctors regarding Covid-19 concerns via video and voice calls.

In order for people to use this service, they’ll have to book an appointment on the DHA hotline as well as download the application itself.

The DHA partnered with doctors to answer corona related questions live on social media last month. These efforts were encouraged after the “Sehetak” initiative that has been taking place on a weekly basis on Instagram as well as Periscope.

We’d like to thank UAE for the superb efforts and precautions they have been taking against the Coronavirus. Better be safe than sorry!

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