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The ‘Golden Whisk’ Competition Announced a Sweet Victory



Remember when Crate, a local gift store, along with Bakery M organized a competition to encourage local entrepreneurs to start their own baking business?

Well, the sweet victory of the prestigious home-baking competition went to Reem Ride Khashoggi, who beat nine other finalists with a very simple dessert, yet was the tastiest, as she served ‘Petit Four’ that was praised from all the judges.

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The daughter of Khashoggi is actually the one who convinced her to participate in the competition, she was also the one who pushed her and supported her throughout the entire competition. (Talk about female empowerment!)

“She has pushed me to improve and convinced me to be a part of this.”

The number of women who took part is impressive, with more than 120 women submitting their bakery creations, but only 10 finalist were chosen for Sunday’s showdown.

Khashoggi said that she acquired her baking skills from randomly choosing recipes, studying and cooking them.

Her daughter, Heba Bakri, expressed her happiness and pride for her mother’s victory,

 “I am so proud, she is a great person. Congratulations, mom. You deserve the best,” she added.

The competition finale was hosted by Abdulrahman Baaghil, co-creator of Jeddah Attractions. Judging were Basma El-Khereiji, chef of the Social Kitchen, and Raneen Joudah, a home baker, along with of course Mariam Haddad.

“I believe that it is an act of giving back to society by getting involved with small bakers, especially people who are just starting their careers,” said judge El-Khereiji.

Khashoggi is now getting the opportunity of creating her very own business, with the help if the startup Bakery M, and as promised, she will be getting design services from Loud, her own shelf space at Crate AND a SR1,500 voucher from Chef & Chef plus a variety of products.

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Marathon of Color: The Next Big Thing During Taif Season




The Marathon of Color is one of the many events being hosted this year during Taif Season and it is to take place between August 15 and 17 on Al-Hada-Taif Road, the event combines sports and art to celebrate diversity through competitive running races and color.

The marathon starts each day at 4 PM with a number of tracks, on the first day of the event it will start with a family path that extends for 4 km for 4 hours. As for the second day, it will host the amateur path, which goes for 8 km for 2 hours, and the third marking closing day shall witness the path made for professionals, that runs for 21 km for 6 hours.

Participants are divided according to the age of each group, so for instance professionals must be of at least 17, while in the amateur category, participants need to be 15 and above. People with special needs can participate in wheelchairs on the 4-km path.

To make things even more exciting, the event will include drumming and musical performances that will lit up your day even more.

Winners will get to go home with medals, marathon participation certificates and more valuable prizes.

The marathon also hosts exciting activities for individuals and families that include food carts, live performances and dazzling fireworks! So if you’re as excited as we are, click on this link to register now.

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The Different Ways You Can Hike During Taif Season




Taif Season is taking place in one of the Kingdom’s most beautiful destination and this year you can get to enjoy hiking among other activities, and here are our own picks and recommendation for you!

1- Hiking and Outdoor activities

In the midst of Taif’s mountains, you can enjoy hiking Al-Shafa and Al-Hada mountains and afterwards join the base camp at Sadat Al-Beid where there are plenty of activities and outdoor cooking.

2- Hiking and Musical Night

Instead of the outdoor cooking and activities and after finishing the long trail, you can sit back relax and join the base camp for a musical night around a bonfire.

3- Hiking and Scout activities

Try and save energy for this! Because after finishing your hike, you will join others for some scouting activities and exploring. Also in the Sadat Al-Beid base camp.

4- Hiking and Zip-lining

This one goes to all the adrenaline junkies and adventurer lovers, because what’s a better activity after a hike than flying down a zip line?

If you have found yourself in one of these activities, visit their website now to find out more and book your spot.


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Saudi Gamer Al-Dossary Wins Xbox Championship and Makes it to Fifa eWorld Cup




Mosaad Al-Dossary, a Saudi gamer won on Sunday the Xbox World Champion which secured him a spot in the final of the FIFA eWrold Cup that is held in London.

Al-Dossary, who plays under the name Msdossary claimed the Xbox World Champion title after defeating his French opponent “Rafsou”.


Al-Dossary has also claimed last year’s title and the 19-year old was back to defend his title, now he has one final match left between him and the win.

Al-Dossary showed his appreciation and thanked his fans for their support on his twitter account.

“All praise be to God, I’ve made it to the Xbox final undefeated during this tournament. Tomorrow is a big day. Only two steps left to the gold, and by the grace of God and your support, I’ll be able to get there,” his statement read.

The final game is set to start at 5.48 PM. London time (7:48 p.m. Saudi time), and will be streamed live on Twitter, YouTube, and the FIFA website.

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