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The First Smart Pharmacy Run by a Robot Just Opened in Saudi Arabia



Prince Fahd Bin Sultan just inaugurated Saudi Arabia’s first pharmacy of it’s kind; a smart one, at King Fahd Specialist hospital in Tabuk. The pharmacy that is operated by a robot can dispense 1,500 packages of medicine and deal with 240 prescriptions per hour. 

The smart pharmacy can also store over 20,000 packages of medicine and reject expired drugs. A highly efficient way to save time and ensure control over what goes out to patients.

This new initiative can help reduce medication and error and supply the highest safety measures, which benefits the whole community.

The Smart pharmacy, so far has six outlets with one that is specialized in serving people with special needs.

In his speech, prince Fahd also thanked King Salman and Crown prince Mohamad Bin Salman on always being so keen on bettering and supporting the health car area in Saudi Arabia.

How long do you think it’ll be until we get a smart pharmacy in Egypt, as well?

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Health & Beauty

How to Dye Your Hair At Home Like a Pro




Hair Dye

Since we’re all basically stuck at home with almost nothing to do, this is the right time to get your game on! For those of you who are in need of a major hair dye because your roots are starting to show, this article’s for you. Now, for those who actually haven’t dyed their hair before and have decided to do so today for a change, this too is for you.

All hairdressers are currently closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. On the other hand, Supermarkets and Pharmacies are still open to fulfill peoples’ necessities. Since you’ll be dying your hair at home, it’s important to get all you need prior to dying your hair so as not to keep going to and fro in this unsafe time.

What you’ll be needing is your ideal hair dye of whatever color you think may suit you or you feel like you want to rock. You’ll be needing a pair of gloves so as not to stain your hands, and lastly a few brushes that are essential to use for dying the hair.

Yes coloring your hair at your bathroom sink is quite the risk but with this expert advice, we’ll be able to guide you through every step of the way. It’s very crucial to moisturize your hair prior to dying it because hair dye tends to take the natural moisture and shine your hair secretes.

Also, you gotta test out the color you’ve chosen to dye your hair with first on a small strand, if it does you wonders and you’re satisfied with the shade, go all the way and start dying!

Another tip is to add Vaseline on the outline of your scalp. Why? Hair dyes are sometimes irritating and damaging to the skin which is why Vaseline’s your best friend throughout this entire process!

Before commencing, you have to know what category your hair falls under. Do you have dry hair? Dull? Aging? Each has its own way and preferable hair dye to use!

Dry Hair

Image result for Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent hair dye

“Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent hair dye” is your go to if you’ve got dry hair! It’s infused with a great amount of conditioners that will definitely make your hair look and feel healthy. Also, it’s formulated with new color molecules which actually reduces the risk of having an allergic reaction!

Dull Hair

Image result for Garnier newest Olia hair color

For a good choice of hair dye that promises beautiful hair and more volume, Garnier’s newest Olia hair color is amazing for such a cause. What’s great about this product is that 60% of its ingredients is made out of flower oils to truly allow your hair to get the moisture and treatment needed. Best thing is that it’s made out of ammonia which helps deliver an intense color without having any harsh fragrances suffocating you.

Aging Hair

Image result for L’Oreal Excellence Triple Protection Permanent Hair Color”


Since today’s mother’s day, you can take the time to give your momma an at home hair dye experience to let those gray strands disappear! The most expert gray covering hair dye is the “L’Oreal Excellence Triple Protection Permanent Hair Color”. It’s available in 37 shades which leaves more room for your momma to pick her favorite shade! Also, it’s filled with ingredients like Collagen and Keratin which promises healthier hair.


There you have it, a guide to dying your hair at home in times of Coronavirus! Make one swift trip to your nearest Supermarket or Pharmacy and have your at home spa day! Believe me, it’s not that complicated to dye your hair, all you need to do is be careful and follow the steps.


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Ensuring Riyadh’s Health Status




Saudi Arabia

In a time of crisis such as now, precautions to prevent being infected due to the airborne coronoavirus are on-going and strict measures are being implemented at Riyadh’s ports. People are extremely worried about the extremities of this new airborne virus which is why officials are doing their best to strengthen health facilities on a regular basis.

Due to the Ministry of Health Dr. Muhammad Al Abdulaali, retrieved by the SPA Saudi Press Agency, claimed that the necessary measures for the virus depends and may alternate on a daily basis. It depends on the outcomes that are retrieved as well as full monitoring of the global and regional risks.

Based on the words of both Dr. Al Abdulaali as well as the minister, effective health monitoring as well as protocols are under process. Any person to test positive will be announced publically to keep everyone updated and the infected person will undergo severe quarantine for their own benefit as well as the benefit of the entire kingdom.

Dr. Al- Abdulaali has shown extreme importance for those who are returning to the Kingdom from abroad. He declared it a necessity for people to declare where they are coming back from as soon as they arrive at the border crossing point, airport, or even seaport. This is important for those who are returning from coronavirus hotspots which is why they need to know in advance, to allow time and room for the necessary quarantine procedures.

The health authorities have provided the public with a toll free number 937 so as to ensure protection for themselves, their families, and the surroundings as well as the society as a whole. This is a great way to ensure the proceedings of the health protocols.

Dr. Al-Abdulaali has drawn attention to the fact that the reason Saudi Arabia first got infected by the airborne virus was from the five coronavirus infected cases that have come from Iran, leaving Iran not only at fault but also infected.

Both the Global Center for Mass Medicine and National Center for Preventing and Combating Disease as well as other authorities are still continuing to work on mass medicine to help put a stop to this infectious virus once and for all.

“Saudi Arabia on Thursday denounced Iran’s irresponsible action of granting Saudi citizens entry to its territories without stamping their passports, especially at a time where there is an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran.”
What is to become of the world in the aftermath of the Coronavirus?

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The kingdom Reports First Case of Coronavirus




The kingdom Reports First Case of Coronavirus

The Kingdom’s ministry of health confirmed on Monday the first coronavirus case, the infected national was traveling from Iran to the Kingdom through Bahrain.

The ministry added that the Saudi national didn’t report to the authorities upon entry that he had just been in Iran.

After being tested positive for the virus, the person was immediately quarantined in a hospital and is currently being given the needed medical care, that follows the approved procedures and standards of treatments.

The ministry also assured citizens that they are taking control of the matter by testing everyone who were in touch with the infected person, they are collecting samples that are to be tested by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Before this incident, we were assured on Sunday by the ministry that Saudi Arabia is fully prepared to fight the virus, with 25 specialized hospitals and 8,000 beds to handle any coronavirus cases that might be detected.

On Thursday, an announcement was made with a temporary suspension of entry for tourists who are traveling from countries with high coronavirus risk, these countries are: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macau, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Somalia, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Yemen.


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