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The Adrenaline-Fueled Activities of Al-Soudah Season



Al-Soudah Season is one of the 12 seasons happening their year and it kicked off just yesterday with so many activities set to take place.

Among these activities are a number of adrenaline-fueled program taking place in Saudi Arabia’s most naturally stunning regions, the following are for adrenaline junkies and not for the lighthearted!

1- Trekking Trail

The trekking trail will take you on an interesting adventure through the mountains that will surround you the entire way of you and your family’s trekking trip.

2- Ropes Course

Visitors of both genders who are physically fit can get to climb through 10 stages, each of length 10 meters and at a height of three meters (3 meters) for children, and six meters high (6 m) for adults who are more fit to take on the challenge.

The course is of course provided with a Swiss safety system, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun out of fear!

3- Cycling

Cycling along the green trees and high mountain is certainly the right way to ride a bike! The entire way will be adventure-filled while still enjoying the scenery of the surrounding green areas.

150 bicycles will be available along with a support team available 24/7.

4- Bungee Jumping

The participant will be secured by a rope around their legs to jump from 65m height and live the experience of flying.

5- Slingshot

Participants will get to live a one of a kind experience where they will be pulled 40 meters back and left at 100 km/h speed per half second and height that reach up to 120 meters. We said it, these activities aren’t for the lighthearted!

6- Spartan Race

Five kilometers that will certainly get you out of your comfort zone! The Spartan international race contains 18 obstacles on your way of finishing that race.

7- Paragliding

Paragliding is an astounding activity where the aviator uses a glider (2 seats) to take the visitor on a flying trip!

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Famous Wordle Game Has and Arabic Version



The popular game, Wordle now is back and better than before, as it has an Arabic Version. The online game, that is played consisting of five letters and a word is now in a Arabic version players and fans are above the moon. The game is made by software engineers Abdellatif Al Sharif and Amr Keleg, who customized the game accordingly to the Arabic language. In recent twitter posts we have seen several users posting about the game stating excitement and content of the game. In addition, the game has more features, like a dark mode, and keeps tracks of wins and losses. This game gives you the benefit of entertainment while learning about the Arabic language.

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Kylie Jenner Instagram makes History As She is the First Woman with 300Million Followers



Kylie Jenner our iconic socialite and beloved social figure reaches a whopping 300 million followers on her Instagram. After Ariana Grande, Selena, and football player she is the second most followed person on the app. As she promotes her lifestyle brands, makeup products and announces her news on her platform. In her posts and stories she displays her motherhood journey, her glamorous sisters, and her latest news. Accordingly, to her latest post, she had showed her pregnancy and baby pump, in addition to her love of parenting and spending time with her family and fiancé Travis. Moreover, some fans could be speculating that she had already bared her child. Though the social figure is living a peaceful life that she had highly anticipated for.

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Hobbies to enjoy in 2022



Each year, we have different versions of ourselves, as we tame our minds and change our perspectives. Each day, comes with a new beginning, and new habits that we embarked on or tried to change. As a new year and improved self is occurring each year, we don’t hesitate to try something exciting and new in our humdrum everyday lives. Either a beneficial habit, or a new experience, we could have step to create a more healthier life style for ourselves. In reality, the alternated habits could lead to a better lifestyle and achievement of goals to a higher perspective in our life which we had always dreamed of. Take a look on these hobbies you could try out and see if you could embark any of them for a sophisticated lifestyle.


Either for yourself or your family, this skill is an essential. Cooking a healthy 5 course meal is a necessity, rather than ordering food, or eating anything try consuming a healthy meal prepared by yourself. Go through recipes, indulge yourself about the best superfoods, and nutrients good for your gut. All of this is essential for a better lifestyle and a lighter way to live.


The food to the mind. We all need to have a food for thought, reading and embarking on new thoughts, immersing ourselves on novels is an influential need for our mind. Opening new pathways of thoughts, and educating our mind about skills, or self-help will take us on adventures and a new world we could never imagine. Take a step and fill your mind with new things, maybe you could find help. A recommendation for self-help books to read every day is “101 Essays that Will Change the Way You Think”


In a fast-paced world full of nonstop work, we all have to keep up with the flow. Stress and negative energy are surrounding us we need to find a getaway by meditation and relaxation from all the peer pressure surrounding us. Relaxing and zoning out is a necessity for our mind, and well-being to function. In addition, it will also boost our productivity.


Focusing on creating something will also help in relaxing and boosting your inner productivity. This can immerse your self in a different world. Musing colors and sitting back, while painting will help you to relax and have a great time with yourself.


Exercise is essential for the heart, and mind. Breathing in and out and having fresh oxygen circulating your body will refresh your mind and inner wellbeing. Having a fresh morning jog will boost your day up.

Learn a Language

I still can’t emphasize the amount of importance of educating or tackling a new skill as it advances the mind and its productivity. Acquiring skills and knowing new words, will strengthen the brain and its capacity, in addition to cognitive abilities.

Play games

Relaxation and cognitive enhancement are a must. Since mind wellness and mental health are two highly combines links that should be together. Relaxing yourself and focusing in a certain puzzle will boost your cognitive abilities and overall health.

In closure, our inner selves and minds are important just as our bodies. We need to take care of our mentality and relax every day. Each day we need to find a way to entertain ourselves, and zone out, from the stress and pressure. So, we can come back again stronger.

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