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The Adrenaline-Fueled Activities of Al-Soudah Season



Al-Soudah Season is one of the 12 seasons happening their year and it kicked off just yesterday with so many activities set to take place.

Among these activities are a number of adrenaline-fueled program taking place in Saudi Arabia’s most naturally stunning regions, the following are for adrenaline junkies and not for the lighthearted!

1- Trekking Trail

The trekking trail will take you on an interesting adventure through the mountains that will surround you the entire way of you and your family’s trekking trip.

2- Ropes Course

Visitors of both genders who are physically fit can get to climb through 10 stages, each of length 10 meters and at a height of three meters (3 meters) for children, and six meters high (6 m) for adults who are more fit to take on the challenge.

The course is of course provided with a Swiss safety system, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun out of fear!

3- Cycling

Cycling along the green trees and high mountain is certainly the right way to ride a bike! The entire way will be adventure-filled while still enjoying the scenery of the surrounding green areas.

150 bicycles will be available along with a support team available 24/7.

4- Bungee Jumping

The participant will be secured by a rope around their legs to jump from 65m height and live the experience of flying.

5- Slingshot

Participants will get to live a one of a kind experience where they will be pulled 40 meters back and left at 100 km/h speed per half second and height that reach up to 120 meters. We said it, these activities aren’t for the lighthearted!

6- Spartan Race

Five kilometers that will certainly get you out of your comfort zone! The Spartan international race contains 18 obstacles on your way of finishing that race.

7- Paragliding

Paragliding is an astounding activity where the aviator uses a glider (2 seats) to take the visitor on a flying trip!

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Art Academies Will Launch Soon to Boost Heritage and Arts in the Kingdom




The Kingdom will set up two new arts academies in an attempt to enlarge the Kingdom’s footprint in heritage, arts and crafts, and music and this initiative comes as part of the Quality of Life Program initiatives.

The minister, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan, said investment in “capacity building” was one of the most important elements in encouraging the cultural sector, which was met with tremendous support from both King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Kingdom used to be rich in diverse arts, talents and artistic production, Prince Badr stated, and these art academies will be a great step towards achieving the required academic qualification in the arts within the Kingdom.

In the first phase, two art academies will be established, the first will be specialized in heritage, traditional arts and crafts, and applications will open in the autumn of 2020 with a target of 1,000 students and trainees in the long and short-term programs.

The second academy will be dedicated to music and will have the capacity to enroll 1,000 students and trainees, starting the year 2021.


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Nadine Labaki to Strike Again With the New Film ‘1982’




After the movie Capernaum broke a number of records and made it to the Academy Awards, Nadine Labaki will soon bless our screens with her latest participation in the movie 1982 and we can’t wait!

The debut feature, that is directed by Oualid Mouaness, will take us back to the eighties during the Siege of Beirut and will feature Labaki in the role of a school teacher named Yasmeen.

The movie tells the story of Wissam, an 11-year-old who is trying to gather up his courage and confess his love to Joanaa, his classmate but just when he is about to do so, an air strike hits Beirut and with it begins the war…

1982, is currently in post-production and it has just been announced that it will be among the other Arab films being shown at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).


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A Guide on How to Spend Your Eid Differently this Year




We’re finally in the last weekend the separates us from Eid Al-Adha and we better make the best out of this somewhat long vacation and enjoy it while it while it lasts!

The following our own suggestions on how to spend your Eid differently this year and make the most of it.

1- Enjoy a movie outside!


This is a reminder that Taif Season is having the first outdoor cinema in a garden with some of the latest hits, including Alaadin, Toy Story 4 and more! The movies that are certainly suitable for a nice family day out.

2- Color Marathon


From the 15th till 17th of August, you can enjoy a colorful run similar to the color marathon that was held earlier this year. Besides it being a fun way to spend the day with friends, there are also valuable prizes for winners.

3- Swim with the Dolphins

Yes, you read that right! Swimming with dolphins is one of the many fun and refreshing activities that you can enjoy at Fakeih Aquarium in Jeddah, afterwards you can enjoy a fine dining experience at their Blue Ocean restaurant.

4- Discover Countries at Souk Okaz


Souk Okaz gives you the chance of discovering different cities all in one place, from Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon to Oman and more, indulge on the culture of several cities without having to travel far.

The event is available this entire month for you to enjoy!

5- Enjoy Eid Fireworks


Ward Village will have an amazing fireworks show on the first and second day of Eid, and then on every weekend afterwards. Don’t miss on the festivities and Eid vibes during Taif Season!

6- Go hiking


If you truly are looking for a unique way to spend you Eid then hiking is your way to doing this! It is the perfect way to bond with your family or friends away from the city noise and technology.

Excited? Then click here for more details on hiking activities.

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