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The Absolute 15 Truths That Hit You As You’re Growing Up



What’s growing up been like for you? Has it been a walk in the park (I highly doubt it) or a punch in the face? A bolt from the blue? A kick down the ladder? God, I feel like I can go on forever! I bet it has been the latter three, hasn’t it? This one is about the actual epiphanies that strike you in the process, the real realizations, the important revelations.

1. Growing up is realizing that you’re not ready for life, admitting to yourself that you can be cruel, too and that you’re capable of hurting people.

2. It’s looking back and finding a trail of people that you’ve left behind, some you’ll never be able to run to again

3. Growing up is understanding that you can’t scream “Mother!” Every time something goes wrong, and realizing that she, too, is a person with problems and issues that made her who she is and that maybe, just maybe for once seeing that she, too, needs help.

4. Growing up is failing over and over again until who knows when this train will stop and maybe you’ll one day get to see yourself in a better place, in a better state.

5. Growing up is anxiety, depression and a long wave of panic attacks followed by a brief period of normal breathing until the three hit again.

6. Growing up is trying hard to win that Oscar award for best actor/actress because God only knows how many times you’ve put a smile on your face when all you wanted to do was punch a wall until your arm went numb.

7. Growing up is understanding the true meaning of doubt, if you don’t doubt yourself, if you don’t doubt your abilities, if you don’t secretly see yourself as an imposter every time someone even suggests that you’re good at something, then you’re messed up.

8. Growing up is forgiving those you couldn’t hurt back at the time and those who wronged you.

9. Growing up is letting go, letting go of a past that once upon a time meant everything to you and held you back for God knows how long.

10. Growing up is admitting that you’re human; with weaknesses, vulnerabilities and a tremendous

amount of fuck ups.

11. Growing up is realizing the necessity of the process of elimination; eliminating toxic people, eliminating bad influences, eliminating uncomfortable vibes.

12. Growing up is experiencing the long awaited epiphany that is the idea that you should never sacrifice your comfortableness for someone else’s happiness.

13. Growing up is cutting the last thread that’s been trying to pull you back in for so long, be it a dying relationship or an abusive friendship.

14. Growing up is realizing that you shouldn’t apologize for the things you want. That you don’t owe people explanations for your every step and every decision.

15. Growing up is surrounding yourself with fences, brick walls, iron shields and every single form of protection you can think of until you realize that the only person you’re bullshitting is yourself.

So, stop being too damn hard on yourself. We’re all still growing up.

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Saudi Arabia’s First Female Crane Operators Get their permits




State news agency SPA reported on Tuesday that King Abdul Aziz Port (KAP) has given female crane operators their operating permits, making them Saudi Arabia’s very first females to take on such a job.

The female operators will work on the remote controlled cranes which are used in light of KAP’s attempt of introducing new technologies at its container terminals in all departments, the terminal is also the first of its kind to be operated by the International Ports Services Ltd (IPS).

KAP, supervised by the Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI), handled 23 million tons of cargo in July – marking an 11.15% increase in comparison to the same time last year.


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Saudi Arabia Lifts Travel Restrictions on Women




Saudi women no longer require a permission from a “male guardian” to travel or obtain a passport and can now travel independently, a royal decree signed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz indicated,

The decree, which was issued three days ago, clearly states that women like any other individual have the right of obtaining a passport, and that a guardian’s approval will only be needed for minors.

The statement of the decree is written in a gender-neutral way and doesn’t in any way put restrictions to a specific segment.

Here’s how some of the prominent Saudi figures reacted to the change, and their thoughts about it that was shared on twitter.

Also hailing the changes is of course Saudi ambassador to the US Reema bint Bandar Al Saud.

Ever since the Saudi Vision 2030 was launched and the Saudi authorities have been addressing the flaws in the system that stand against women living their lives freely and securely.

Such a step is considered to be yet another major change, that follows the issuing of driving licenses to women, and the inclusion of women in the consultative council.



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Yanmo: Medical App Helping Children With Special Needs




Ynmo, an award-wining Saudi app is taking the world by storm in an attempt to revolutionize the provision of care and educational services for those with special needs.

Ynmo is the first Arabic-English digital platform of its kind that allows service provider such as centers, clinics and schools to monitor and design individualized treatment plans.

Dr. Faisal Al-Nemary, co-founder of Ynmo, explained that even though the number of children with special needs is in a constant increase, there is a shortage in the number of qualified medical experts who can deal with these cases.

That’s why Al-Nemary and his twin brother Fahad decided to join forces with a group of professionals and launch the digital tool.

The application aims to give teachers and therapists the time needed to come up with new strategies with colleagues that can enhance client-student performance, and give children with disabilities the care that they deserve.

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