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The 15 Dumbest Tattoos You’ll See Today



Ya, let’s do this! It’s gonna be fun and it might scar you for life, as well. So, where’s the harm?


1. The Patriot:

2. Pretty sure this is Ethan Hawke with spider legs:

3. The one who will probably end up proposing to Micky D’s at some point:

4. El Shaba7:


5. 0 star tattoo:

6. The one who will make you decide to stop looking for Waldo FOREVER:

7. Aiwa fein ba2eit el gomla?:

8. You don’t mess with our dark lord and just get away with it:

9. Do you think somebody told her?:

10. Indeed, “it’s is”, my friend:

11. Walkom shayld, anytime:

12. But I want to “somke” with you!:

13. You get a nipple! And you get a nipple! And you! And you!:

14.  What could the onion possibly signify?!:

15.  And finally, the LV cult member:

This has been…enlightening!

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Saudi Arabia Made it to the Top of List for Safest G20 Countries




The Kingdom has made it to the top of list for the most secure G20 countries, according to international indicators related to security, allowing Saudi Arabia to outperform the other five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Five security indicators included in the Global Competitiveness Report 2019 and the Sustainable Development Goals Index 2020 were the ones to reveal these results.

Saudi Arabia came the first among the G20 countries, ahead of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, surpassing China and Canada among the G20, and surpassing China and the US in the “Feeling safe while walking alone at night” index for this year.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Kingdom came first in the index for the citizens’ confidence in police services, an index that measures the citizen’s confidence in security and law enforcement. Moreover, it ranked first in the reliability of police services index,

Just recently, the Kingdom came in the 6th position as the safest country to travel during the pandemic.


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Entertainment Activities Resume in the Kingdom with The Opening of 11th VOX Cinema




After months of lockdown, Saudi Arabia has finally resumed entertainment activities and Sunday witnessed the opening of VOX Cinemas’ 11th movie theater in Saudi Arabia.

This marks the Kingdom’s ambitious plans for expanding cinemas across Saudi Arabia, and at the same time maintain a safe experience for visitors.

Speaking to Arab News, Mohamed Al-Hashemi, country head of Majid Al-Futtaim Ventures in Saudi Arabia, said that visitor numbers are increasing, and “the main aim nowadays is that visitors come back to cinema with confidence that the place they are visiting is clean and safe.”

He also said that since the lockdown has been eased drastically, there are promising indication that number of visitors will increase.

“After each show, we insist on social distancing and have the surfaces cleaned and the seats sterilized. In fact, we take all the precautionary health measures to ensure our visitors have a safe and comfortable cinema experience. This has caused a spending upsurge, but that was a necessity,” he said.

Majid Al-Futtaim’s VOX Cinemas is keen on answering to the Saudi’s thirst for cinema experiences.



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The Kingdom’s Public Prosecution Sets Strict Penalties to Protect Women From Abuse




In an attempt to protect women of Saudi Arabia from all forms of violence against them, the Kingdom’s Public Prosecution has set a maximum jail term of one year and a SR50,000 fine.

Violence against women comes in different shapes and it’s not just physical, violence includes psychological, sexual abuse and threats of any kind. The perpetrators, those accused of causing violence, will face imprisonment for a period of at least one month and up to one year and a fine of no less than SR5,000 and up to SR50,000.

In case the predator repeat the crime, the penalty will then be doubles.

The Public Prosecution said that the Law of Protection from the Abuse will help in eliminating violence cases against women, with the establishment of a package of criminal procedures and penalties.


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