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Saudi Arabia Reveals Plans To Turn AlUla Into the World’s Largest Living Museum



Saudi Arabia has revealed plans to turn AlUla into the world’s very largest living museum and a major heritage, cultural, arts and adventure tourism destination.

These development plans were part of AlUla framework plan that was revealed at the 10th UN World Urban Forum.

The plan is to be able to host two million visitors annually by 2035 with a project that will create more than 67,000 new jobs and help promote and protect the area.

AlUla is known for its incredibly stunning natural beauty and diversity in archaeology and has witnessed major cultural events that have attracted global artists and also hosted an incredible site-responsive outdoor art installation featuring the work of Saudi and international artists.

The balanced development strategy places people first as part of a broader commitment to become an open living museum for the world and a global center for culture, heritage, arts and eco-tourism projects,” the CEO of the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), Amr Al-Madani, said.

“We chose the World Urban Forum as a credible global platform to engage with the world’s leading developers and sustainability experts and share our plans for the long-term, responsible development of AlUla as the world’s largest living museum. By combining heritage with nature, we are transforming the cultural landscape of AlUla and establishing the county as a global tourism destination with a thriving economy and local community.” He added.




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Travel Guide: 7 of the Kingdom’s Must-Visit Destinations




There are so many reasons why Saudi Arabia should now be on everyone’s bucket list with so many stunning places to visit, a rich heritage to get to know and fun-packed adventures.

What follows is a small travel guide featuring some of the Kingdom’s hidden gems, for those interested in seeing what the Kingdom now has to offer!


AlUla is truly one of the most fascinating locations in Saudi Arabia, with beautiful rock formations that hold ancient history! The UNESCO World heritage site is also currently witnessing one of the most iconic winter festival ‘Winter at Tantora‘ where a number of international start are performing at the giant mirrored concert hall.

To truly experience AlUla, click here.

The Edge of the world

You might already be familiar with the place, because just recently our Instagram feed was filled with influencers and bloggers standing on what looked like the edge of the world, yep that was Saudi Arabia’s very own end of the world site! Where the views are breathtaking and you will literally be standing by the edge to witness it all.

Fifa Mountains

The Fifa mountains, which rise more than 1,800 meters above sea level, are about 100 km from the southern Saudi city of Jazan and offers an idyllic tourist destination.

It looks like a modern city with very large buildings that actually touch the clouds! With its breathtaking greenery and serene weather, the mountains are a perfect spot for adventure and nature lovers.

Sky Bridge

Not for the faint-hearted or those who suffer of acrophobia, because the Sky bridge will fly you at 180km/h to the 99th-floor, inside the Kingdom Centre. But the views from there, the highest place in Riyadh, are truly breathtaking and totally worth it.

Tip: Avoid weekends and evenings after 6pm, when it can get very crowded.


Umluj is practically Saudi Arabia’s very own small Maldives, it is a city in the Tabuk province that spreads 150 kilometers north of Yanbu and contains 104 islands. With clear turquoise water and white silk sands, the place makes the perfect destination for couples who are seeking serenity, quality time and privacy.

It is no wonder that the city’s beaches have earned the area the description of the “Saudi Arabian Maldives,” and that it’s part of the Red Sea tourism project that is underway.

Wadi Tayeb Al-Ism

Tayeb Al-Ism is one of the magical natural wonders of the Kingdom that really stuns visitors with its incredible natural feature of Tabuk Province. It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, just 15 kilometers north of the coastal town of Maqna.

Learn more about the stunning nature of the destination, through this link.

Jeddah Corniche

The Jeddah Corniche has plenty of international hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, places for fishing, picnic areas, a science museum, and mosques. It also overlooks the famous King Fahad Fountain, which is also known as the Jeddah Fountain that has become an iconic symbol of Jeddah.



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Jeddah to Host A Global Travel and Tourism Exhibition




The Kingdom is hosting the 10th Jeddah International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (JTTX), which will see around 200 exhibitors coming all the way from 30 different countries on the 26th of February.

The exhibition which will conclude on the 28th of February will see the participation of ministries, airlines, and service providers in the travel and tourism sectors.

The 10th edition of the exhibition is expected to be quite special and different than the past years, seeing how it will feature new tourist destinations, services and special offers such as airline tickets and accommodation.

According to Maya Halfawi, president of the organizing committee, this year’s edition will be the largest regarding the number of participants and visitors.

“This year’s edition comes to keep pace with the development witnessed by the travel market in the Kingdom, which makes it a unique opportunity for both industry makers and stakeholders to meet, learn about new tourist destinations and services, and sign deals so as to promote this sector and enhance the role of the Kingdom,” she added.

According to Nasser Hamzah, executive director of the JTTX, visitors are welcome from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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7 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Trip to Taif




Now that Saudi Arabia has opened up for tourists to come and enjoy its stunning beauty, visitors would mostly choose to spend their vacation time in the capital or in Jeddah where most of the events and festivals are taking place, but there are many other gems that are pretty underestimated in the Kingdom and we are here to shed the light on one of them!

Starting with Taif which is located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia in the Mecca province, and has several cultural landmarks and its nature will make you live one truly memorable experience. There are also Taif’s festivals that are occasionally held there and succeeded in increasing the tourism level of the Kingdom.

Now that we got you eager to know more about the city, here are 7 ways to make the most out of your visit.

1. Hike Al Shafa mountains

Hike the Shafa mountains and enjoy the mesmerizing greenery views from atop and the geological beauty of the mountains! Remember to prepare a picnic to enjoy a lunch with a delicious view.

2.  Visit Shubra palace

Shubra Palace is one of the cultural landmarks in Taif and is truly iconic, it was built in the early 20th century and remains a remarkable landmark to this day, the mansion was also once home of King Abdul Aziz and King Faisal. 

3. Have a picnic in Saiysad National park

Another chance for a picnic! The Saiysad National park is located in the north-east of the city and makes an amazing nature retreat if you’re looking to escape the business of the city.

Its urban nature will greet you to a sky-high trees, lakes, flowers, and rivers! Just don’t forget the picnic essentials.

4. Tour and Shop From Souq Okaz

Souq Okaz’s is a traditional Saudi market and formerly known the largest market in the Islamic world, so if there’s any essential that you forgot to bring, take the chance to tour the market where you”ll also bump into artists’ exhibitions and and poetry recitals.

5. Enjoy The Roses in the City of Roses 

Taif governorate has been crowned as the Kingdom’s city of roses and the best Saudi summer city, because of its incredible climate during the summer, its amazing natural landscapes and top touristic sites.

6. Hike the top Al Wahbah Crater

Another great way to spend the day is to take a 2 hour drive from the Intercontinental in Taif and hike the top of Al Wahbah Crater, the hike takes about 3.5 hours but the view of the landscape is certainly worth the adventure!

7. Capture a memorable sunset at al Hada

sunset view from the cable car in Al Hada

Catch the perfect sunset from Al Hada mountains, the views from there are spectacular and will surely make your tip worthwhile!


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