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Saudi Arabia Grants Permanent Residency to Foreigners



Just recently, the Kingdom has opened its doors for tourists from across the world and now 73 individuals, of non-Saudi nationality, have been granted permanent residency without the need of a sponsor.

This is once again all part of the Kingdom’s plans in attracting overseas investment by allowing certain people to attain properties and do business.

With the tourist visa, and now this new permanent residency program, the kingdom hopes to improve its economy by reducing its dependency on oil and opening up new new sectors for investments. By increasing tourism, the livelihood of Saudi Arabia is expected to witness an evolution as well.

According to an article published in Bloomberg, “the kingdom received thousands of applications after offering permanent residency for 800,000 riyals (Dhs 783,546) or a one-year renewable permit for 100,000 riyals (Dhs 97,943).”


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7 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Trip to Taif




Now that Saudi Arabia has opened up for tourists to come and enjoy its stunning beauty, visitors would mostly choose to spend their vacation time in the capital or in Jeddah where most of the events and festivals are taking place, but there are many other gems that are pretty underestimated in the Kingdom and we are here to shed the light on one of them!

Starting with Taif which is located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia in the Mecca province, and has several cultural landmarks and its nature will make you live one truly memorable experience. There are also Taif’s festivals that are occasionally held there and succeeded in increasing the tourism level of the Kingdom.

Now that we got you eager to know more about the city, here are 7 ways to make the most out of your visit.

1. Hike Al Shafa mountains

Hike the Shafa mountains and enjoy the mesmerizing greenery views from atop and the geological beauty of the mountains! Remember to prepare a picnic to enjoy a lunch with a delicious view.

2.  Visit Shubra palace

Shubra Palace is one of the cultural landmarks in Taif and is truly iconic, it was built in the early 20th century and remains a remarkable landmark to this day, the mansion was also once home of King Abdul Aziz and King Faisal. 

3. Have a picnic in Saiysad National park

Another chance for a picnic! The Saiysad National park is located in the north-east of the city and makes an amazing nature retreat if you’re looking to escape the business of the city.

Its urban nature will greet you to a sky-high trees, lakes, flowers, and rivers! Just don’t forget the picnic essentials.

4. Tour and Shop From Souq Okaz

Souq Okaz’s is a traditional Saudi market and formerly known the largest market in the Islamic world, so if there’s any essential that you forgot to bring, take the chance to tour the market where you”ll also bump into artists’ exhibitions and and poetry recitals.

5. Enjoy The Roses in the City of Roses 

Taif governorate has been crowned as the Kingdom’s city of roses and the best Saudi summer city, because of its incredible climate during the summer, its amazing natural landscapes and top touristic sites.

6. Hike the top Al Wahbah Crater

Another great way to spend the day is to take a 2 hour drive from the Intercontinental in Taif and hike the top of Al Wahbah Crater, the hike takes about 3.5 hours but the view of the landscape is certainly worth the adventure!

7. Capture a memorable sunset at al Hada

sunset view from the cable car in Al Hada

Catch the perfect sunset from Al Hada mountains, the views from there are spectacular and will surely make your tip worthwhile!


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The Kingdom Ranks the Second in Human Development Index




According to a report conducted by the UN, the Kingdom now ranks the second in the Arab World and the 36th globally among countries with very high human development.

The Human Development Index measures the prosperity levels of countries that enable them to achieve equality, welfare and justice for their population, in comparison to other countries.

The index states that the Kingdom has climbed three places since 2018 and now proudly ranks the 36th out of 189 countries.

“Saudi Arabia’s 2018 HDI of 0.857 is below the average of 0.892 for countries in the very high human development group and above the average of 0.703 for countries in Arab States. From Arab States, countries which are close to Saudi Arabia in 2018 HDI rank and to some extent in population size are Iraq and Syrian Arab Republic, which have HDIs ranked 120 and 154 respectively,” the report said.

It comes as no surprise for Saudi Arabia to make such a remarkable achievement, especially with all the reforms currently in place with the 2030 vision in mind.

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You Can Now Apply For A Tourist Visa to Dubai Valid For 5 Years!




The UAE has decided to issue a multiple-entry tourist visa scheme valid for 5 years for all nationalities, giving easier access to people from around the world to enjoy the stunning destination.

The news comes just in time after the UAE was ranked as the world’s best travel destination according to a new research conducted by the online travel agency, Love Holidays.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, made the announcement on Monday.

The tourist visas before were only valid for 30 to 90 days and now with this decision, it’s obvious that the UAE would like to boost tourism economy even more by luring travelers from across the world to the gulf countries.

Sheikh Mohammed took to his Twitter to announce the news saying, “Today we change the system of issuing tourist visas in the country, to make the duration of the tourist visa for five-years, multiple uses, for all nationalities. We receive more than 21 million tourists annually and our aim is to establish the country as a major global tourist destination.”


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