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Riyadh’s Newest Hot Spots for Breakfast and More



A day starting with a good meal is definitely the best way to kick it off, and a long day ending with a good meal is even better! We introduce to you Riyadh’s newest hot spots for breakfast, not only do these restaurants serve yummy food but their atmosphere and decorations make them extra special.

1- Vintage Cafe 

One can’t simply start their day without their morning coffee, so if One Square is on your way to work, stop by Vintage Cafe for their coffee drinks and variety of hot drinks.

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2- bagel-o-bagel 

The name says it all! The vibes that the place itself gives is different, and they are definitely introducing an american-like cuisine with their diverse varieties of artisanal Bagels & Paninis.

3- Luscious KSA 

For all the sweet tooth who likes dessert for breakfast, Luscious has the nicest desserts from brownies to Macarons to much more, and for the salty ones, their breakfast trays are a must try as well as their pastries.

4- لحمة و فحمة 

This one calls out for the real foodahloics, who have an appetite even in the very early morning. The restaurant offers street food, all that you can possibly imagine, from tacos to liver to burgers and fries and well falafel as well! So whatever it is that you’re craving, they’ll be serving.

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مساء الخميس الونيس 💃🏻💃🏻 . تقريرنا اليوم من مطعم فحمة ولحمة🌮🍔 الموقع📍طريق الملك فهد~جنوب برج رافال . للأفراد والعائلات ولكن بدون تقسيم واضح لا يوجد بارتشن~يسمح بالأطفال ويوجد موسيقى مناسب لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة. . المطعم يقدم البرجر والتاكو وبعض الأكلات المحلية العالمية. . الضيافة كانت عبارة عن بطاطس شرائح رفيعه مقلي ويقدم مع صوص زبادي بالسماق لذيذ ومقرمش اقرب لبطاطس البيت👍🏻 . طلباتنا: *سلطة المكسيك~ عبارة عن ذرة وبصل وفلفل بارد تقدم مع الناتشوز عادية ماحبيت نوع الناتشوز المقدم معها(٢٠ريال) . *سلطة تيك مي تو توكيو~سلطة ملفوف يابانية فيها انواع من الملفوف مع الخس مقطعه بشكل رفيع مع الخل الياباني حالي مالح اعجبني طعمها مع ان كمية الثوم فيها كبير جدا ما اعجب اللي معي(٢٩ريال) . *لايم تاكو شريمب~حبتين تاكو مقرمش مع جمبري مقلي وصلصة ليمون جيدة لكن كمية الجمبري قليله ويقدم فيها ملفوف ماحبيته لو يحطونه خس افضل(٣٥ريال) . *دلهي دلهي سمبوسة~٤ قطع سمبوسة هندية بحشوة البطاطس مع صلصة حارة جدا🔥🔥 صراحة ما قدرت اكل الا قطعه 😓😓(٣٤ريال) . *دجاج الميبل~قطع من الدجاج المقلي المقرمش مع تتبيلة حلوةمغطى بشراب الميبل الحلو وصوص ثاني لذييذة😍 وأفضل طبق اجمعنا كلنا انه حلو ولكن كميته قليلة😢(٣٢ريال) . *بامية مقلية~ ❌❌ مدري هذا ايش بالضبط الطعم الوحيد اللي تذوقه هو البقسماط المقلي والزيت مافيه اي طعم(٢٤ريال) . *بارتي فرايز~بطاطس مقلي مع بطاطس رفيعه جدا مقلية وصوص عليها لذيذ للي يحب واللغاويس (٣٤ريال) . *كرسبي تشيتوز سلايدر~برجر دحاج مقلي وعليها تشبس تشيتوز حار وصلصة الحجم صغير نوعية الدجاج جيدة أعجبت اللي معي ولكن انا أشوفه عادي(٢٩ريال) . *كرسبي بافلو سلايدر~برجر دجاج مقلي مغطى بصوص البافلو الحار وسلطة الملفوف لذيذ وحرارته معقوله (٢٥ريال) . *سيكرت كيك~تشيزكيك مع صوص كراميل وفشار طعمها اقرب لتشيزكيك تمر الصوص اللي معها جيد ولكن كمية الفشار كبيرة حدا مقارنة بحجم الكيكة الصغير جدا(٣٠ ريال) . *موهيتو~ عندهم ٣ انواع بالليمون والباشن فروت والتوت جيد بس لو يخففون السيرب(١٩ريال) . ملاحظاتي على المطعم: *المطعم صغير جدا ومزحوم جدا بالطاولات. *الخدمة بطيئة جدا ومتلخبطة مافيها تنظيم. *الأسعار 😑😑 جدا مرتفعه مقارنة بنوعية المطعم وكمية الأكل المقدم. *اسم المطعم (أكل شوارع) غير مناسب للمجتمع السعودي حيث انه يحمل معاني غير محببه يفضل لو انه بدلها لمأكولات محليه عالمية . ما ارجع له مره ثانية للأسف #مطاعم_الرياض #أماكن_الرياض #لحمةوفحمة#برجر#بافلو#دجاج#سلايدر#فرايز#تاكو#سمبوسة_هندية #موهيتو

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The buzz that surrounded its soft opening says it all, One Square newest addition is Chkn and for those with chicken preferences, their menu is sure to satisfy your love for good chicken.

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Upgrade Your Plant-Based Diet With The Help of These Restaurants




Upgrade Your Plant-Based Diet With The Help of These Restaurants

Riyadh restaurants have surely been meeting our desires and expectations with so many innovative dishes to offer, and now more restaurants are embracing veganism as a lifestyle and that’s why more restaurants are now upgrading their menus to cater to Riyadh’s vegan community.

If you’re part of the vegan community, then check the below list of places that offer a delicious plan-based meals, guaranteed to have you crave for more.


This restaurant offers the best of both worlds with the menu including both vegan and non-vegan options, their plant-based burgers are a must try and their side dishes are quite delicious as well. It’s basically a guilt free fast food spot!

Wabi Sabi

The menu has endless choices of vegan options from pastas to burgers and even appetizers, so choose those who follow your same diet from your friends and take them out to this restaurant that you surely won’t regret.


If you’re a picky eater then this place is for you! It allows you to make your own salad or sandwich and choose from endless options and different toppings, so you can go crazy on your requests and still not feel guilty about your meal! Oatmeal, fresh juices, salads and sandwiches, they truly have vegans/ vegetarians back covered.



Yogi is a place that accepts and respects people of all diets! So that whatever it is that you’re craving, you will find there. If you have a nut or dairy allergies, they have got you covered. Their smoothie bowls are a must try, so don’t leave without trying one.

Operation Falafel

Falafel is for everyone! Especially for vegans and especially if it comes in different colors, flavors and with mouthwatering sides! Try one of their iconic plant-based mezza plates, such as foul, hummus, manakeesh and tabbouleh!

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International Restaurants That Found Their Way to Riyadh




Riyadh has made sure that you don’t need to travel far to try out the best of international restaurants and has brought most of them to you!

Here is a list of restaurants that just recently made its way to Riyadh, bringing you with it the best food experience guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

The California Burger

Now open in Riyadh at Malqa District, the restaurant offers the juiciest/ yummiest burger you will ever get to taste! Their Canadian Angus burgers serve a fresh meat taste without the need to add any spices, their fries are also always fresh and are not to be shared!

Another added point is that their sauces are imported from America.

Flavor Flake

All the way from the UAE to Riyadh, their very first branch in now open to happily serve hungry tummies! This place is a heaven to all the chocolate lovers and dessert loving people in general, with a delicious wide variety to choose from: crepe, waffles, pancakes, you name it!

Their sauces are imported from Italy and Belgium, even their pancake and crepe mix is imported from Europe.

Status Kitchen

Another restaurant that just recently opened and came all the way from Dubai as well, the place cares a whole lot about food presentation and every detail. That’s why it’s hard to pick a favorite with all of them being incredibly satisfying! All drinks are fresh and the desert menu has a variety in it.

We recommend their pastas and burgers.

Catch of the day

All the way from Kuwait to Riyadh with a new branch at last, their food presentation is truly unique and innovative! As they ‘spill’ everything on the table along with gloves so that you can truly indulge the food!


Now finally open in Riyadh, the restaurant’s specialty is chicken and they have 7 flavors, grilled and fired! All of their flavors are quite amazing especially the Italian and Korean.

Raising Cane’s ME

This one has traveled very far! The restaurant is originally located in Louisiana, United States and is now open in Riyadh. They’re known for their incredibly tasty chicken tinders that are served with special sauces.


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Jeddah’s Most Romantic Seafront Restaurants for A Valentine’s Night Out




On valentine’s day, treat your loved one to an exquisite dinner and nothing says romance more than a fine dining experience with a killer sea view at some of Jeddah’s best restaurants.

Here is your guide to the best destinations for the ultimate seafront dining experience that are perfect for a romantic night out.

Nafoura in Park Hyatt


Nafoura is a great choice for a valentine’s day celebration with its versatile lounge-like setting, excellent food, and mesmerizing sea view. You can enjoy their Lebanese specialties or their seafood night buffets that offer a variety of mouthwatering sea food delights.

Andalusia in Park Hyatt

If you and your partner are into trying new cuisines then you should go for Moroccan at Andalusia restaurant, a prime location for Moroccan cuisine with a remarkable view of the Red Sea.

Aromi in Waldorf Astoria

We’re covering every cuisine that you and your loved one might crave, Aromi is an Italian gem that offers both a spectacular view and a fine dining experience. The elegant interior of the restaurant makes it ideal for a valentine date night and for an added romance, stay until sunset to enjoy the view as you sip your favorite drink.

Al Malaki in Rosewood Hotel

How about some Chinese? For a more casual dinner experience, you can enjoy your favorite Chinese dishes at AlMalaki Lounge Terrace and Noodles Restaurant, where you will also be complimented with a stunningly nice view of the corniche.

Try their signature and authentic Chinese specialties Peking duck and dim sum, prepared by their expert culinary team.


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