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Riyadh’s Most Romantic Restaurants For Valentine’s Date Night



Valentine’s day is just a few days away which means it’s time for you to start planning and it begins with choosing the right place with the most romantic atmosphere and vibes, and then comes the gift part but we will get to that later!

We know how hectic and confusing it can be to settle on a restaurant or a cuisine, and so we have rounded up the most romantic places in Riyadh for a magical valentine’s day! Guaranteed to make your loved one fall for you all over again…


You know those really fine looking dishes that feels too elegant to be eaten? Well, that’s exactly what the restaurant offers besides its killer view of Riyadh’s skyscrapers and also their exquisite interior.

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The Globe Lounge

Looking to spoil your girl? Then treat her to this one of a kind dining experience that will have you both enjoying the panoramic view of the city with a matchless modern European cuisine.

This signature restaurant at Al Faisaliah Hotel is one of the most romantic restaurants in Riyadh with a premium location in a spectacular golden sphere that tops Al Faisaliah Tower.

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56th Avenue Diner

The 56th Avenue Diner is absolutely a must-try, what with their nicely romantic atmosphere and their delicious steaks, hot dogs, and milkshakes!

Andalusia in Park Hyatt


If you and your partner are looking to try new cuisines then you should go for Moroccan at Andalusia restaurant, a prime location for Moroccan cuisine with a remarkable view of the Red Sea, doesn’t get more romantic than this!

Azurro Italian in Ritz Carlton

This Italian poolside restaurant will treat you to a royal hospitality with a six star service not comparable to anything else in Riyadh and fine dishes by a true Italian chef! The stunning interior is an added point plus the spectacular indoor pool area.


Italian is always a good choice especially when it’s at Fiamma! With their wide variety of pastas and desserts that are guaranteed to make your date night extra delicious.

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A National Training Base to Be Established Soon In Saudi Arabia




Breaking news hits Riyadh today! It is claimed that Ajyal, the Space Generations Program that is launched by the Saudi Space Commission is set to contribute towards future plans by establishing a national base for human capital in the space sector.

The program’s goal is to encourage those interested in the scientific research and learning department in several scientific departments in hopes of renovation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

This campaign is a beautiful way of merging the 4 sciences STEM and in truly encouraging people to get interested in such a field. We’re all used to turning our attention to topics of interest such as travel, lifestyle, maybe even business. But Science, as a whole, is a field in which we need to invest our minds in for the foreseeable future.

The Saudi Arabian Sheikh is hoping to cooperate with special academic circles in order to attain more intel and understand science as well as its intricate applications. He also aims in prospering an educational environment through establishing a space sector platform that will be launching both Scientific and Economical paths. How cool is that!

The brains behind this entire innovative idea is Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the chairman and board of directors in the Saudi Arabian Space Commission. Both him and his team are truly passionate and determined about wanting to enhance the education in Saudi Arabia, leaving them basically the first to think of such a pioneering idea.

The team consists of the most skilled technicians, creative thinkers and even designers who are fully contributing to this spectacular idea.
It was added that the scientific team that supported the prince’s journey included a group of scientists as well as the most skilled technicians, designers and creative thinkers who contributed to achieving this dream.

Ilham Al-Harbi, general director of the Space Generations Program, states that program is set to have a wide range of goals and strategic visions that aim to plant inspiration about space science for the future generations to indulge in.

Throughout education and history, it was never thought of to insist teaching the importance and wonder of Space Science, the least they tend to do is teach us a brief chapter about space and finito. Yet, that alone is not enough to spark interest in the younger minds to pursue learning about such a topic.

Ilham also openly stated to the press that her main aim is to develop future generations to strive for turning their dreams into reality. Beautifully stated, and with that cherry on top, we truly hope that science will be a major topic to be tackled in the upcoming years. What do you think? Do you think that science will finally be a great matter of interest that will soon become our main interest? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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NEOM City is Set to Become The First Totally Digitized City In the World




Saudi Arabia's NEOM city

A Global Cybersecurity Forum took place in Riyadh earlier this month and brought together more than 140 speakers who came to discuss a number of topics related to cybersuecrity and the future of investing in it and the economic opportunities it shall provides.

During the event, CEO of Saudi Arabia’s landmark development project NEOM, Nadhmi Al-Nasr discussed details about the future mega development project which will become the world’s very first completely digitalized city.

Al-Nasr spoke during a session in the forum and revealed that one of the many projects that have been developed in the city of NEOM is the medical system dubbed “Doctor NEOM,” which is designed to gather health-related data and warn about any health problems that could occur in the future.

He also added that work on the city’s overall strategy is almost completed and will be unveiled in March.

“We are going to be the first place in the world that is fully digitized. We are going to be the first region in the world where we are going to be a 100 percent cashless facility. We are going to be the first place with a digital health backbone that connects everyone in the smart city and provides a 24-hour health service […] We will have fully autonomous mobility, we will have only electric vehicles and public transport will be fully autonomous,” he said.

NEOM is a half-a-trillion-dollar mega city that will provide the highest quality of life to its residents and is expected to be 33 times bigger than NYC! It has also been designed in a way that focuses on various key industries including energy and water, biotechnology, food, advanced manufacturing, and even entertainment.

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Mayada Badr Appointed CEO of the Culinary Arts Authority




Mayada Badr has been appointed as CEO of the Culinary Arts Authority by Minister of Culture Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Farhan.

This comes in light of the ministry’s efforts in developing and enhancing the culinary sector in the Kindgom.

Appointing Badr comes as a really smart move seeing how she is widely known as the ‘queen of macaroons’ in Saudi Arabia and is one of the well-known culinary artists who has contributed so much in representing the Kingdom on several occasions.

Mayada is graduated from the International Cordon Bleu School in Paris and has completed several training programs under internationally-acclaimed chefs.

In taking this role, Mayada will take the responsibility of developing and regulating the cooking sector and work on improving the field and following the standards of international levels.

Also worth mentioning is that the authority will set up courses and follow professional training programs, and encourage research, studies and development in the field of culinary arts.

Mayada, speaking about her culinary creation, said, “I decided to combine French cooking techniques with Saudi flavors to create a Parisian dessert with an Arab twist.”


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