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New Year’s Eve go-to places for quite the start of the year



1- Western Sky Aviation in Jeddah

The place is hosting a festival that includes a section for fine arts, a horror maze, an Alice in Wonderland themed play and a Hello Kitty theme park for children. The festival is a go-to for families looking to find both entertainment and good food.

It will be available not only on new year’s eve but also on Tuesday from 5p.m. till midnight.

2- X JED along Jeddah’s waterfront

With an outdoor concert-like, the place is suitable for both a family getaway and a casual hang out for groups of friends. The event will also include a musical performances, light shows, a play area for kids and well of course, good food!

3- Jeddah’s Jungle Land Theme

An international acclaimed circus is throwing a performance there, the show will include a number of acrobatic performances and a narration for some exciting stories.

The show will also be available on both new year’s eve and new year’s day, from 8;30 p.m. in Jeddah’s Mersal Village.

4- Riyadh’s street walk

An outdoor art festival is being hosted there, where you will be able to march along the art work of many local talents as well as international ones. Visitors will be able to purchase the art work of those artists, and attend the talent show that will run there.

5- Winter Wonderland Festival at the Aja

If you’re looking to enjoy winter at its most, and slide down the ice skating ring while enjoying the live music and theatrical performances, then this festival is definitely the place for you!

The event will also be available on New year’s day from 4 p.m.

6- Alkhobar’s main park

Along the cornice of Alkhobar is a five-day event, where people can enjoy a one of a kind entertainment that will start on New Year’s Eve!

7- Jeddah’s Khalediya district

And finally, ending the year with live musical performances is definitely the way to end it at the Courtyard, and Ghazal café in Rawdah will host a whole week of singers who will be live performing starting today.

Noor Al-Omar, Abdullah Al-Rifai and Mohammed Al-Sultan will perform on Monday, Sameh Al-Sadeq on Tuesday, Ammar Al-Shami on Wednesday, Zakaria Kharoub and Maher Al-Marstani on Thursday and Mohammed Bassam and Mishari Al-Hamad on Friday.

We wish you a happy new year and for those events to kick start your new year in quite the fine way!

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5 Beautiful Cafes For the Perfect Date on Mother’s Day




5 Beautiful Cafes For the Perfect Date on Mother's Day

The greatest gift of all is spending quality time with the one person you cherish the most, so free yourself this mother’s day and spend it with your precious mom at one of the following Instagrammable cafes.

The following are perfect for a morning date or late dinner.

1. Layla’s Gourmet In Jeddah

The cafe is known for their fresh and delicious bakeries and really good coffee, makes the place ideal for a morning date and its ambiance is certainly one you will enjoy.

2. Vogue Cafe in Riyadh

We’re absolutely in love with this cafe that brings fashion together with gourmet! Located in Riyadh Park Mall, the place is great for those who value vintage Vogue covers. It’s not just about their great food, it’s about indulging the 600M of fashion, decor and luxury.

3. XOXO cafe_roastery


If your mother is a coffee addict then this the place to taker her out to, that will satisfy her picky taste in coffee with their elaborate specialty menu and minimalist feel.

4. Brew 92

The place is specialty Café and Roastry, besides their amazing coffee. You should try having a breakfast there as they serve the tastiest desserts and meals.

5. Maison de Zaid in Jeddah


Great vibes? Check! Great food? Check. Great service? Check. Another great place that boast elegant interiors, they are known for their delicious stacks of pancakes, not perfect for your diet!


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Our Top Pick of Saudi’s Most Instagrammable Cafes




Saudi Arabia has more to it than just the events and concerts, not that they’re not epic but there are other things that are there all year long, it has cafes and restaurants that you should stop by while exploring the beautiful country because not only do they serve the best coffee but are also Intagram-worthy!

We have listed the region’s best cafes, the most authentic ones and with the most Instagrammable interior! These are the places you can never go wrong when choosing the perfect ambiance and the best service.

XOXO Cafe Roastery

The cafe is located in Medinah and has a plant-based decor and made mostly of wood, which gives the sensation of nature vibes. As for their coffee, they use specific coffee beans and brews, giving it a unique taste.

The cafe is ideal for study groups or as a work place.

The Art Cafe

Located in Dammam, the cafe mixes between two of our favorite things, coffee and art! The interior of the cafe consists of artistic elements and they have several art pieces hanged by local and international artists. So that you can actually your morning coffee artistically and with a view.

Even their desserts look artistic!

Ca/le/ndar -since this-

‘Ca/le/ndar-since this-‘ cafe is located in Riyadh with a stunning Victorian and floral interior, they also make specialty lattes. The look and feel of the cafe along with their warm drinks, make a perfect morning!

Capri Cafe

Get a sense of the beautiful Capri country without having to travel! Another Riyadh worthy Instagrammable cafe with a minimalistic theme and stunning blue interior and grey marble. The cafe is also mostly known for the large cherry blossom tree places in the middle of the cafe.

Cup & Couch

This cafe is a cozy local coffee roastary in Jeddah. It’s family-owned which makes the cafe feel and look more homey. The owners are also the ones who brew the coffee themselves and work in the cafe! I mean talk about authenticity!



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Must Visited Destinations in Diriyah During Its Season This Year




Al Diriyah season is just around the corner with so many sports and entertainment events coming your way in its second edition, but those exciting and thrilling events aren’t the only thing about Diriyah that should excite you.

Visitors of Al Diriyah can enjoy several of its historical destinations that will add so much to your experience, these destinations include At-Turaif and Al Bujairi and here’s why they should be on your list if you’re planning to take part in this Diriyah Season.


Located minutes from the capital Riyadh, Diriyah is where all the magic is expected to happen and it’s also known as The Land of Kings and Heroes. The historical area is where the mega sports events will be taking place from Boxing Championship, to Formula E-racing, Tennis Cup and Equestrian Festival.

For more details on the events happening this Diriyah season, click here.


At-Turaif is the actual original seat of power for Saudi Arabia’s Al Saud family, and is the historic center of Ad Diriyah. The UNESCO World Heritage site stands as a symbol for the rich history of Saudi Arabia, and under the guidelines of UNESCO, authorities have given it great attention and priority in preserving and restoring its citadel.

Visitors of At-Turaif will get to follow in the steps of kings and heroes who walked in the citadel, and indulge on the great history and culture of the Kingdom.

Al Bujairi

Overlooking the eastern edge of Wadi Hanifah, just opposite to Al-Turaif neighborhood, Al-Bujairi Quarter is the ultimate gateway into the historical area of Al-Diriyah. The area serves as a cultural hub of the Kingdom ever since the establishment of the first Saudi state and today, it makes the ideal getaway from the hassle of the city as a place that offers authentic Saudi cuisine and hospitality with breathtaking scenery surrounding you.



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