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New Year’s Eve go-to places for quite the start of the year



1- Western Sky Aviation in Jeddah

The place is hosting a festival that includes a section for fine arts, a horror maze, an Alice in Wonderland themed play and a Hello Kitty theme park for children. The festival is a go-to for families looking to find both entertainment and good food.

It will be available not only on new year’s eve but also on Tuesday from 5p.m. till midnight.

2- X JED along Jeddah’s waterfront

With an outdoor concert-like, the place is suitable for both a family getaway and a casual hang out for groups of friends. The event will also include a musical performances, light shows, a play area for kids and well of course, good food!

3- Jeddah’s Jungle Land Theme

An international acclaimed circus is throwing a performance there, the show will include a number of acrobatic performances and a narration for some exciting stories.

The show will also be available on both new year’s eve and new year’s day, from 8;30 p.m. in Jeddah’s Mersal Village.

4- Riyadh’s street walk

An outdoor art festival is being hosted there, where you will be able to march along the art work of many local talents as well as international ones. Visitors will be able to purchase the art work of those artists, and attend the talent show that will run there.

5- Winter Wonderland Festival at the Aja

If you’re looking to enjoy winter at its most, and slide down the ice skating ring while enjoying the live music and theatrical performances, then this festival is definitely the place for you!

The event will also be available on New year’s day from 4 p.m.

6- Alkhobar’s main park

Along the cornice of Alkhobar is a five-day event, where people can enjoy a one of a kind entertainment that will start on New Year’s Eve!

7- Jeddah’s Khalediya district

And finally, ending the year with live musical performances is definitely the way to end it at the Courtyard, and Ghazal café in Rawdah will host a whole week of singers who will be live performing starting today.

Noor Al-Omar, Abdullah Al-Rifai and Mohammed Al-Sultan will perform on Monday, Sameh Al-Sadeq on Tuesday, Ammar Al-Shami on Wednesday, Zakaria Kharoub and Maher Al-Marstani on Thursday and Mohammed Bassam and Mishari Al-Hamad on Friday.

We wish you a happy new year and for those events to kick start your new year in quite the fine way!

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Zero Latency: Riyadh’s Latest Addition Offering Virtual Escapism




All the way from Melbourne, Australia, the largest virtual reality gaming arena Zero Latency has made its way to Riyadh at Salma Centre, and it is a dream come true to all the gamers!

Zero Latency is the global leader in free-roaming multi-player virtual reality, and is regarded as the world’s best virtual reality gaming experiences.

“Zero Latency is the next level social entertainment, where players are taken inside a game, where their body is the controller and their mind believes it’s real.”

What to expect:

One moment you’re living in your own world, the next you’re lost in ours.

For the adrenaline junkies, get ready for your heart to pound real hard and your adrenaline to reach its peak, as you get consumed in a game that will certainly take you someplace else.

The Place offers various gaming experiences, including Zombie survival, singularity and Engineerium. You spend a minimum of half an hour in each game, with a maximum of 8 players.

Each game take you to a different one of a kind experience, that is guaranteed to blow your mind. From fighting zombie Apocalypse to fighting off drones and robots.

Prices start from 70 SAR per person, and you have to reserve first.


Not for the faint-hearted!



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Your tonight guide for Valentine’s day




If you are wondering where to go tonight for Valentine’s and can’t settle for a certain cuisine, here is a list of diverse ones for you to choose from.

  • Le Traiteur. 

The ultimate french cuisine, Located in Ash Shati, Jeddah. The restaurant is for those with an exquisite taste, and their dinner table sets the perfect mood for Valentine’s.

  • Zodiac Cuisine. 

“We feed your senses” is their moto and that says it all. The Zodiac Lounge in Al-Andalus offers a diverse menu of premium food.

  • Il-Gabbiano. 

You can never go wrong with Italian food, especially when it’s at Il Gabbiano on the Corniche. The restaurant just recently made it to the top 20 eats of 2018.

  • Nozomi. 

For a unique dinning experience and for those who like trying new things, then definitely go for Nozomi; as it serves the nicest contemporary Japanese cuisine.


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Out & About

What went down during this year’s Janadriyah Festival




Janadriyah Festival of this year has taken its visitors down a memory lane and specifically when they scrolled the fair’s Madianh village.

The festival succeeded in attracting young visitors, who surely got to see the historic regions where their ancestors lived in such as Uanbu, Al-Ula and Khaibar; and thus getting a taste of their own heritage.

Local families got to participate in the festival by showcasing their artwork that included handicrafts, paintings and folkloric elements, all was proudly put on display.

The Madinah village displayed a large wall that is a replica for the city’s ancient fortress, and the entrance for the village was market by several simulations of famous cities’ gateways such as Anbariah and Masri.

Aside from the ancient history that was proudly displayed, the festival also included the future of virtual reality, which provided visitors with both education and entertainment. such technology is expected to positively affect the future of education and training.

Visitors also had the luxury of experiencing paragliding at a private security VR pavilion, while others enjoyed a driving simulation exercise. This exercise offered women the opportunity of learning about the rules of traffic and road violations.

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