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New Ideas to Spend Your Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s is around the corner, and the same question pops out every year: What will we do? Whether you’re looking for something out of the box, or some wallet friendly ideas for your partner this year, we got your back. After all, Valentine is all about celebrating these unique emotions that bring two hearts together. Which can be translated in many ways, try these:

Authentic Nile cruse

No, No, I didn’t say a fancy dinner on a five stars boat.  I’m talking about the little traditional boats (folouka). Why not sneak away with your beloved away from the city noise and enjoy a romantic Cairo night during a Nile cruse just for the two of you. Maybe you can have a bottle of Champagne and strawberries on board.

Extra points: you don’t need reservation for this kind of boats. However, you can arrange early with the sailor to decorate the boat with roses. And definitely you need to arrange the music list ahead, or have your favorite collection on a flash USB.

Local Valentine’s

If you’re still getting to know each other, or you have been together for few years now, Valentine’s evening could be a great chance to open up and talk more. Why not do so when you’re taking a romantic walk by the Nile (or the beach if applicable). Walking together relieves tension, and helps you to open up and talk freely, which should bring you even closer to each other. It’s also winter time, so why not go local and enjoy some hot hommos drink ( Hommos EL Sham) or some grilled sweet potatoes. Come on, and try something different. Love is all about creating unforgettable memories, isn’t it?  You can always pick a flower from a tree or buy her just one flower. You’ll find plenty on people selling flower in the streets on this day.

Plus : this idea is super wallet friendly!

Classic picnic

The idea is not very common nowadays, a classic style picnic, though it’s always fresh, unique, and affordable.  All you need is a box with a small rug in it, some cold sandwiches (or any finger food you prefer), some drinks, and as many candles as you can get. Spot a nice quite place near the Pyramids or the Azhar park, somewhere in nature. Lay down the rug, lit all the candles (you can arrange them to a heart shape), and invite your lover to a romantic picnic at night where you start by counting the stars.

Bond with nature

Modern cities have huge impact on us; why not drift away back to nature. If you like the idea, try to take it to another level. Hit the road with your beloved to some nature get-away. You can spend the day, or treat yourself for a whole night of nature love. Don’t feel lock up in Cairo, there are different great places an hour drive away from the city. Try Fayom or Ein Sokhna, for example. Pick what suits your budget. You can also try El Hammra eco-lodge. It’s located midway between Cairo and Alexandria in Wadi El Natrun. It’s a great idea to let nature charms do its magic to your hearts on this special day.

Have you thought about Foot massage? 

If you’re married, why not relive your own (Se El-Sayyed) version. A foot massage is a fabulous way to pamper someone special. Arrange to have a romantic scene at home. Send the kids off to their grandma. Dim lights (or lots of candles),and good aroma with chilling music (you can get from sound cloud ). After a light dinner, bring a washtub (whatever available at your house, preferably wood or copper); fill it with warm water, and few drops of fragranced oil. Don’t forget to throw some roses on the washtub. Have some towels around. Make sure you’re wearing something naughty and start foot massaging your love. There are many videos online to show you how to do it like a professional.

Extra: if you feel like extravaganza night, you can upgrade your lover to a full body massage session. Just make sure you have enough massage oil and warm fresh towels.

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