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My partner is jealous of my family… Stop complaining and do something about it



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In the year of 2018 there are still brilliant people who believe that they can change their couple’s habits, behaviors, even emotions. That’s why their marriages turn into competition to force their partners to fit into “the” perfect frame they imagine.  Your family Vs us becomes a famous arguing issue.  If you think your partner is jealous of your family, why not start looking at your marriage life from a different perspective?!

If he/she is not a family person don’t try to change it!

IF you’re all for family gatherings and dedicate a good deal of your time for family activities, then for God’s sake choose someone who like it too.  Don’t chose to be in a relation with someone who adores his isolation and have minimal family contact and then try to change him/her.

If you are already married, and this is the case, try to make some balance. Please realize that trying to change your partner’s concept of family gatherings will lead to nothing but BIG Fights.

Balance is the magic word

Hence, we seek balance. If your partner thinks your family is taking too much space of your life, listen to your partner. It’s an indirect cry for more attention. Reschedule your weekly plans to have more private time with your partner and also keep family time in your plans.

Do some effort and think creatively how to spend your private time with your partner exploring new stuff every time. Make it good quality time for both of you, even if you were just staying home together.

Ask your family to respect your privacy.

It’s your right to ask your partner to accompany you to family gatherings. If he/she really hates it, he/she can come for a short time, and then allow him/her to leave early. You can stay longer by yourself and enjoy your family time without torturing your partner.

Explain to your family that your partner is not into big gatherings, and ask them to respect his privacy.

Family bonds aren’t breakable 

Before we carry on let’s make one point clear. Always bear in mind that no one should abandon their family for the sake of marriage. Plus it’s hard to happen because this is the family your partner spent his first twenty or thirty years of life with. Together they have strong bonds that is insane to try to break them. Think about embracing them, and what good family-relation qualities your partner can bring into your marriage.

Could it be my fault?!

If you think your partner is too attached to his/her family after marriage, well this means you failed to create a new fulfilling life together, and that’s why they run back to family to make up for it. It’s your fault.

Create a routine 

Play it smart. Think wisely how to create a life style for your small family. We all hate routine, but sometimes it can be very useful (also you can break it from time to time). Plan a routine for your life, especially on the weekends. Consider some time for the bigger family, but more time for your small family only. Think of cool things that you can enjoy doing together.

Make new friends together

This takes time and effort to find a matching couple or group of friends both of you enjoy hanging around with. Imagine living together, eating, sleeping, and going out just the two of you, eventually you will run out of words. Everything has been said. That’s why you need a third party to keep the conversation going. It will help you create a life style of your own. Yet again friends can be part of your life, but it doesn’t mean they are the core of it.

Family is and always will be important especially in a country like Egypt, families are overlapping.  It’s a blessing to have a permanent source of unconditional love. With all the respect to the bigger family it’s time to focus on your own small family. Spend time, emotions, and effort to grow it big and strong.

Being jealous of your partner’s family aside from being childish, it actually shows that something important is missing in your relationship with your partner. Find out what it is, and try to solve it. Change will happen naturally and eventually, trying to force change may cost you your partner. Be wise, be patient and do your homework to make your relationship better and stronger. More love, attention and listening can be your secret recipe.


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