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Meet the Two Saudi Athletes Who Will Fly the Kingdom’s Flag In the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Game



Meet the Two Saudi Athletes Who Will Fly the Kingdom’s Colors In the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Game

The Sports for All Federation (SFA) is sponsoring two Saudi athletes and giving them the chance to represent Saudi Arabia during the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games.

The two lucky athletes are Amal AlShahrani and Mansour AlSughayer, both remarkable athletes will compete against other athletes from all over the world in the next Reebok CrossFite Games. 

The Reebok CrossFit Games will be held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin on July 29 until the 2nd of August.

This marks the SFA’s second year in a row to sponsor Saudi athletes in the world’s biggest and most grueling Crossfit tournament. Last year, they sponsored Amal and Hasan Al Saeedi.

Now, let’s get to know our star athletes better!

Meet Amal AlShahrani

Amal AlShahrani has been practicing CrossFit for seven years in a row, she spent the first five years practicing until she started competing.

“I love CrossFit because it is all about learning new skills and new movement patterns. It’s very varied so you never get bored, and it makes you feel empowered and capable by what your body can achieve,” AlShahrani said.

Meet Mansour AlSughayer

As for Mansour AlSughayer, he is ranked the number one CrossFit athlete in the Kingdom, the 27-year-old athlete says that “the support you receive in the sport from the community and the friendships you gain is the most humbling thing, and is what I value the most.”

The 27-year-old athlete, an avid CrossFitter since 2012, says that “the support you receive in the sport from the community and the friendships you gain is the most humbling thing, and is what I value the most.”

Regarding what Mansour finds rewarding the most about CrossFit, is the lessons learned both outside and inside the gym “teach you patience through adversity, aids your mindset growth, and you learn to constantly seek improvement as opposed to perfection. Fitness also teaches you to appreciate the body you have been blessed with, and to appreciate the simple things like being healthy and fit enough for daily activities that usually get taken for granted,” he says.

We wish both athletes the best of luck and we sure will be cheering them on during the competition!


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Women of Saudi Arabia Played an Exceptional Role at at W20 Summit




During the W20 Summit, women of Saudi Arabia played an exceptional role and the efforts they exerted in the fight against the virus have been praised by King Salman.

King Salman praised their role during a speech that he delivered at the end of the W20, the G20 women’s engagement group, on Wednesday, King Salman said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the Women 20 Engagement Group for their remarkable efforts and commitment to deliver their agenda during these unprecedented times caused by the COVID -19 pandemic.”

The king further spoke on the role of women in general and how they’re the source of any development and evolution of the society, he also added that empowered women are the ones who reform societies.

“Women are the main source of development for any society. Hence, without empowered women, it is almost impossible to implement any societal reforms given that women form half of the societies and they are the ones who raise up generations. Women has proven through history their remarkable role in leading change and in decision making.”

The king noted that Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 has helped dedicate a special attention to policies that relate to women across different ministerial and working group meetings.


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Amal Al-Moallimi Is Now the Second Female Ambassador to the Kingdom




The Kingdom just appointed yet another woman for the position of an ambassador!

Amal Yahya Al-Moallimi has been appointed by Saudi Arabia as the ambassador to Norway, which makes her now the Kingdom’s second female ambassador after Princess Reema Bint Bandar.

Al-Moallimi took the oath of office among others in an online ceremony that was held on Tuesday, in the presence King Salman and in the presence of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Saudi’s second ambassador started her career as a teacher 20 years ago and got involved in the fields of education, training and social development.

She also served as general manager of international cooperation and organizations at the Saudi Human Rights Commission (SHRC) since 2019.

We’re eternally grateful for the constant pride that women of Saudi Arabia keep on giving us! We wish her the best of luck.

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Saudi Arabia Join Forces With Google to Launch Several Projects




A number of Saudi ministries joined teams with tech giant Google to kick off several projects, with the vision of helping the economic strategy of the Kingdom.

According to Google, these initiatives will highlight the MENA region and the Kingdom, in an attempt to boost the economy of both, which have been greatly affected because of the coronavirus.

The program, named “Grow stronger with Google,” will include a comprehensive list of grants, digital tools and training opportunities, all of which will support the local businesses across the region.

In the Kingdom, Google will following sectors: retail, tourism and technology including Saudi Post, which will list 100,000 local entities on the company’s digital platform and train employees in online marketing.

“We are proud to partner with Google in this initiative to bring value to Saudi nationals, residents and local businesses, especially SMEs through bringing them together using the Google ‘My Business’ platform,” said President of the Saudi Post Anef Abanomi.

“Through this partnership we aim to list up to 100,000 businesses in the first phase in line with Saudi Post’s strategic transformation objectives to improve quality of life and help SMEs achieve their e-commerce and digitization goals,” he added.

Lino Cattaruzzi, managing director for Google in MENA, said in a press release: “During the pandemic, online tools have been a lifeline for many in Saudi Arabia. Making the most of the online opportunity can help Saudi people, businesses and communities and in the wider region bounce back stronger.” He said the program will equip businesses and individuals in the Kingdom with digital skills, especially in sectors that have been most affected by the pandemic, such as retail and tourism.


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