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Mai Ezz El-Din Challenged Herself and Won It This Ramadan



We have missed Mai Ezz ElDin! The Egyptian actress didn’t keep us waiting for too long and came back this Ramadan season with “Rasyel”.


Her Comeback:

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💌💌💌💌💌 توكلنا علي الله … البرومو الرسمي لمسلسلي #رسايل #رمضان٢٠١٨ يا رب يعجبكم . #إكرمنا_يارب #مسلسل_رسايل💌 #مسلسل_رسايل . . يعرض علي قنوات : @alfatvnetwork الساعة ٨ و ربع مساءً و يعاد ١ صباحاً و علي قناة @on.ent يذاع الساعة ١٠ مساءً و يعاد ٢ صباحاً و علي قناة يذاع الساعة ١٢ منتصف الليل و يعاد ٤ صباحاً و علي قناة @mbc4insta يذاع الساعة ١ صباحاً و يعاد ٢ ظهراً . . . . إنتاج : @tamermursi @synergy.tamermursi تأليف : @mohamed.solaiman.abdelmalek إخراج : @ibrahemfakhr #رمضان2018

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“Rasyel” is about a woman who her dreams come true; she gets messages in her dreams that she carries upon her shoulders delivering them in real life. From the very first episode, you can spot how the Egyptian actress has grown authentically. Her carefully chosen comeback role has surprised us a complete different look then what we are used to from Mai. Her last Ramadan show was “Wa’ad” back in 2016, she played an aristocratic wife who finds herself falling in love with another guy. This is year she played an average Hijabi Egyptian woman who is somehow gifted.



The complex character of “Hala”, portrayed by the gorgeous Mai Ezz Eldin, was definitely a big challenge; Hala’s character has some depth underneath, lots of layers that needed to be unraveled. We can tell how much effort Mai has put into this character, we were surprised to see Mai playing a complete different role than what she used to, she got so much into her character on screen that we have barely recognized Mai; her expression, movement and tone of voice got us feel connected to Hala.




This is basically the first time we see Mai Ezz Eldin in a full Hijabi style, and she literally rocked it. The beautiful inside out is receiving tons of messages and comments on her Instagram asking about the Hijab, makeup, outfits and accessories, and Mai promised her 5 million fans that she will create videos after Eid with all the tips and details of her look in “Rasyel”, she also gave her fans a chance till Eid to send her all their inquires regarded her Hijabi look and she will answer them all!



Well done, Mai! We are so proud!





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Whispers: First Saudi Thriller Series to Debut on Netflix in June




Netflix’s first Saudi thriller original series entitled ‘Whispers’ will begin streaming on June 11th, the series will be of eight episodes and subtitled in more than 20 languages to stream in 190 countries.

The series is written by Roolan Hassan and produced by the Saudi Entertainment Phenomena Company “EP Saudi.” 

The show tells the story of a family who is facing the death of the family patriarch, Hassan, whose mysterious past comes to the surface and haunts them before the expected launch of the company’s new smart application.

The story then starts developing and showing the different perspectives of the series’ protagonists, in addition to examining social issues that prevail in the series including family feuds and the struggles brought by family businesses. 

Nuha Eltayeb, director of content acquisitions for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey at Netflix, said: “We believe that great stories can come from anywhere and be loved everywhere.

“Whispers is a fast-paced drama and every episode holds a new clue that will keep viewers wanting more. We are thrilled to be offering the new series to all our users in 190 countries and to be giving them the chance to discover great Arabic content that is full of mysterious twists.” She added.

The series stars Shaimaa Al Fadl, Mysoon Alruwaily, Elham Ali, Nada Tawhid, Norah Alanbar, Leila Arabi, Ali Al Sharif, Osama Al Qass, Mohamed Ali and Abdul Mohsen Alnimer.

‘Whispers’ is a Saudi-produced dramatic thriller series that offers a new take on storytelling and marks my first time working with the great actor, Abdul Mohsen Alnimer. The series also features several unconventional female characters who truly embody the reasons why this project is so close to my heart. I am very proud that Netflix decided to make the series available to their 183 million subscribers worldwide and I hope viewers in Saudi Arabia, the GCC, the Arab region and beyond will enjoy it.” Alomair said in a statement.

We can’t wait to see the promising show and we’re positive that it’s merely the start of more great shows to come our way!


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Top Arab Female DJs to Keep on Your Radar




Let loose and dance your worries away on the tunes of these Arab female DJs whose sounds have uplifted the spirits of many, and March being the month of women, we wanted to take the chance and celebrate these Arab female DJs who are rocking concerts.

Enjoy your next favorite playlist!

DJ Cosmicat

DJ Cosmicat, in one of the very few Saudi female DJs, she is spinning the hottest tunes as one of the DJs contributing greatly to the music scene in the Kingdom.

The Jeddah-based artist has successfully made it as one of the most talented acts in the Kingdom’s Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene. She rose to the surface after the region’s largest music festival MDL Beast that was just recently held in Riyadh, now thanks to the festival, she’s now on every favorite list of every EDM enthusiast.

Simi & Haze

Sama and Haya Khadra are Saudi-born Palestinian identical twins, not only did they make it as an in demand DJs but they have also made it as fashion icons. The twins are Coachella regulars and you will find them casually hanging out with the Hadids sisters, the Jenner clan and other A-listers.

DJ Akladios

The Egyptian DJ is among the popular DJs in Cairo, she rocked parties in not only Egypt but Europe as well! With that, she was able to create a global fanbase for her fresh mixes of tech-house music.

Tala Mortada

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A post shared by Tala (@talamortada) on

The Lebanese DJ is one of the big names in Beirut’s club scene, she spins the grooviest of tunes behind the decks of the city’s busiest clubs.


Sonya is a Dubai-based DJ who has dominated the party scene in not just the UAE but across the world as well, her upbeat, house, funk and hip-hop mixes are guaranteed to keep you up and dancing! And with high sense of fashion, she was able to land herself gigs at some of the most high-end fashion houses including YSL, Louboutin, Versace and more.


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Lojain Omran Set to Conquer the World of Drama




For all you fans of Lojain Omran, you’d be excited to hear that this year looks quite promising for the talented TV presenter and social media guru! Breaking news claims that Lojain Omran has signed an exclusive contract with the Saudi Cinematic and TV drama for both 2020 and 2021. What?

Artistic producer ,Sadiq Al- Sabbah, announced yesterday that the Saudi Media has gone to interview the talented Lojain. Sadiq tweeted throughout the day about the exciting news regarding Lojain starting her new cinematic career.


Lujain Omran Instagram

Lojain had also posted on her Instagram account the exact picture stating that she is extremely happy and thankful for this grateful opportunity. “I am thankful for having the opportunity to sign a contract an enter the media for the coming 2020 & 2021. I want to thank Sabah Ekhwan and everyone who stood behind me to reach this dream of ming. I’m excited for what is yet to come and can’t wait for you to share this journey with me.”

Lojain’s social media handles are booming with congratulations and support from her fans. It is impressive that she has the talent to be both an astounding television presenter and a cinematic role model! Are you guys ready?

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