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Just Put The Phone Down, and Don’t Text Your Ex



Just put the phone down, and don’t text your ex

You’re clutching on to your mobile phone amidst a hurricane of mixed emotions of loneliness, agony, pain, missing, or even horny, and only one thought is controlling you: I want to text him! Him?! Your ex!

Ok, to be honest we’ve all been there. I guess this kind of urge is common especially shortly after a break up, but also it can happen after several months even years of no contact. But, is it wise to do so?  Obviously not and there are zillion reasons why it’s a stupid idea. If you’re hesitant and can’t keep your fingers off the phone, these tips will help you win the fight.

Don’t lose it for nostalgia

You came across an old picture of you together, heard a song, or visited the place you used to go to together. All are legitimate reasons to make you miss your ex, but it’s not likely that he feels the same at the same moment. So don’t give in to the post-breakup messing with your mind. You may have pure intentions to just say hello, yet you don’t want to sound like “Oh, please take me back”. It will only make you less desirable. So, don’t text your ex.

Don’t give him a victory moment

Let’s put it straightforward, you feel lonely and the first thing that pops out is texting your ex. It becomes very tempting to try to reach out to the person who used to fulfill you emotionally and physically.  Texting your ex in this situation, he will think immediately “She wants me.”  Do you really want to give that guy a feeling of victory? He doesn’t deserve that moment of satisfaction after what he did to you (remind yourself of all the shitty things he did). So, don’t text your ex.

It would have worked for you the first time

There’s a reason you and your ex are no longer together.  You are not good for each other. Okay you may think you can work it out again focusing on the good thing you shared. But, the reasons you split will always be there, therefore it’s most likely you will relive it one more time. Save yourself the inevitable moment of ending up at the same point. So, don’t text your ex.

Enjoy that moment when you’re over him   

It is okay to feel lost and anguished after a break up. Yes it can be hard to meet new people, but it’s not impossible. Forget about your ex and think about all the opportunities waiting for you out there. So, put down your mobile phone and embrace life. Imagine how satisfying to be truly over your ex, and being ready for your next adventure. So, don’t text your ex.

Why torture yourself twice?

The thought of a “we need a closure” practically means you need to talk to your ex one last time to confirm that you’re finished. In other words, double the torture by being broken up with twice. Hurting one time is enough, so distract the thought by keeping busy with friends, gym, or charity. And don’t text your ex.

Keep the Mystery

When you lose contact with your ex after breaking up, he wouldn’t know what you’re doing with your life. He’ll probably think you’re over it and wonder whom you’re dating now. Keeping this mysterious aura makes you more desirable. If you text him, you will immediately kill this impression. Instead of being jealous how you managed after the break up, he will lose interest at once, and you become the girl he wasn’t all that into. So, don’t do it. Don’t text your ex.

Is this the best you can do?

He did you wrong and didn’t give you what you deserve breaking up with you in the first place. Your heart is so precious, don’t degrade it. When you go back texting him you’re implying that you can’t get any better. Honestly, there are so many incredible guys out there, give yourself a chance to discover them.  Believe me when you start doing so, you‘ll be deleting every massage, even every memory you had with that ex. Put the phone down and don’t text your ex.

Help yourself to start again. Don’t get stuck in a former relation. Talking to a friend about your urges is always helpful, just put down the phone, and don’t text your ex.

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