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International Women’s Day: Highlighting The Female Saudi Dominance



The Saudi Arabia’s Vision of 2030 includes the empowering of women in all fields, and for the past two years, the Kingdom had undergone huge transitions and changes for women, under the leadership of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

These changes resulted in an elevation in women’s status, it led them to shine in different sectors, proving their capabilities in the workforce. There’s no doubt that we have been witnessing many firsts these past years, the first Saudi woman to lead, the first Saudi female lawyer, and so many more.

In the light of the International day for women, a day where extraordinary women are celebrated, and their great achievements are spoken of. Then it’s our duty to highlight some of Saudi’s remarkable women, who are helping break that glass ceiling and prove every woman capable of doing anything and excelling in it.

1- Princess Reema bint Bandar: Saudi’s First Female Ambassador

Princess Reema bint Bandar made history last month, by becoming the first Saudi woman to be made an ambassador, and she was named Saudi Arabia’s top diplomat in the US. Princes Reema is a recognized global figure, who is taking advantage of her position by shedding the light on women’s empowerment in the Kingdom.

She spoke publicly about how women in Saudi Arabia are getting included in the workforce, and that this liberalization is an ‘evolution, not Westernization.’

“Of course, she is an inspiring figure and has been supporting women in so many fields, such as sports, health, work and financial independence,”

Dominique Mineur, Belgium’s ambassador to Riyadh, said. “It’s a logical appointment considering the role she has played.”

2- Heela Al Farraj: Saudi’s First Female Sports Commentator

The female athletes of Saudi Arabia are not only getting renowned on a domestic level, but they are also making headlines around the world for their success at international sporting events, including the Rio 2016 Olympics and the London 2012 Olympics.

And now, history is being made once again, by appointing Saudi Arabia’s first ever female sports commentator. Heela Al Farraj, a TV presenter and a sports enthusiast who made the perfect fit to be commenting live, on the Saudi Arabia’s first Gulf Women’s Football Tournament.

“I am thrilled and all the comments I am reading are positive, except a few. My people, country and leaders are supporting women empowerment and I thank them for that,” Heela Al Farraj said.

3- Dr. Samar Al-Hamoud: First Middle Eastern Chair of WHO’s Cancer Research Committee

Samar Al-Hamoud was appointed for the position last year in November

Al-Hamoud isn’t only the first Saudi woman to be chosen for this role, but is also the first ever Middle Eastern to take on such an honorable position. She is the consultant for colorectal cancer surgery at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh. She also used to be a member of the Committee for the Study of Evidence and Evidence Findings for Early Detection and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer.

A summary of its most important findings was published in The New England Journal of Medicine, which is one of the world’s leading medical journals.

“I consider this a reflection for everything Saudi Arabia has accomplished so far, especially with Saudi women assuming these esteemed positions.”

4- Jamilah Al-Atram: Saudi’s First Female Lawyer

Lawyer Jamila Al-Atram was appointed for the position last year in July

In what was considered to be a historical for Saudi Arabia, lawyer Jamilah Al-Atram was the first woman to register as a legal practitioner in the country’s Qassim province. She trained to be a lawyer and a public notary, “The Ministry of Justice aims to empower more women to join the ministry and serve the country. We need more women to practice law, which is now a male-dominated field.”

“There is no discrimination between men and women in the courtroom. I encourage more women to pursue the legal career to represent all layers of society,” said Al-Atram

5- First Saudi Women at the Forefront of Fine Dining

The hotel first employed women in their kitchen in 2016

Female chefs have taken over the kitchen of the Ritz Carlton, one of Riyadh’s most visited establishment, where fine food of international cuisines and traditional Saudi Arabian delicacies, are served. The female chefs includes, Al-Maha Al-Dossary, sushi chefs Habeeba Abdullah and Um Abdullah Al-Maliki.

Hotel manager Mohammed Marghalani said, “The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh is working in line with Saudi’s Vision 2030 in employing females in all departments of the hotel, culinary included. However, we haven’t recruited them simply because they are women but because they are competent and excel in what they do, and that has always been our vision: To have a dedicated team of professionals that work together.”

6- Lina Al-Maeena: One of the First Saudi women to climb Mount Everest

A woman of diverse and many talents, a Shoura Council member, Mount Everest climber and sports enthusiast. With her passion towards sports, Al-Maeena had established several projects and companies in the field, which included a ladies sports club in Jeddah; that became the first management private company to be founded by a Saudi woman.

7- Dr Fatma Boathman: First Saudi Woman with a Phd in Artificial intelligence

Dr Fatma Boathman graduated in 2003 from the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Huddesfield in the UK, where she received her Phd in “Phonology-Based Automatic Speech Recognition for Arabic.” Her work mainly focused on AI and she was introduced to pattern recognition, forecasting, phonology, phonetics, acoustics, machine learning and mathematics.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the 20 Saudi Women who were honored at the 4th Annual Sayidaty Awards for Excellence and Innovation.

  1. Medicine and science: Dr. Rima al-Badr, Dr. Najla al-Radadi, al-Hanuf al-Abishi
  2. Education: Amal Saleh Salbaa, Dalia El-Tunisi, Dr. Thunwa bint Abdullah Al Matarak al-Omri
  3. Economics and management: Haifa al-Dakhil, Nouf al-Rakan, Inas al-Ashqar
  4. Humanitarian and social work: Rima al-Ruwaisan, Sumaya al-Nasser
  5. Artistic innovation: Hanouf Mohammed, Reem Al Bayat, Maha Malloh
  6. Sports: Adwa Al Arifi, Maram al-Butairi, Aseel al-Hamad
  7. Challenging disabilities: Noor al-Huda Bint Adnan al-Karnous, Manal Moayad al-Jaid, Shaimaa Mafdi

If this doesn’t prove the capabilities of women dominance, I don’t know what does. From excelling in politics, to sports to technology to medicine and many other diverse fields. Proving that when given the opportunity to shine, they never disappoint. So on this day, we would like to salute each and every Saudi woman who stood for their right, broke stereotypes and helped built a better community.



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The project is a huge platform for Saudi women in the movie industry and will debut at the inaugural festival in March 2020. To make things even more interesting, award-winning Palestinian filmmaker Suha Arraf is screenwriting supervisor on the portmanteau film.

The five uprising directors Hind Alfahhad, Jowaher Alamri, Noor Alameer, Sara Mesfer and Fatima Al-Banawi will work individually on creating short films which will then be combined into an omnibus documentary feature.

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‘Leila, the Land of Imagination’ Riyadh Season’s Grand Finale




Riyadh Season is wrapping up its outstanding calendar and is coming to an end soon but leaving us with one grand finale to mark a truly epic season that met everyone’s expectations and catered to each segment.

The strategic partner Balich Worldwide Shows has announced the show  “Leila, the Land of Imagination” in cooperation with the General Entertainment Authority, the show which will be held on the 16th of January, is expected to be the most memorable show of the entire festival!

The show will take place at King Fahd Stadium, it aims at celebrating the vibrant future of the Saudi society with its strong roots and magnificent lives. This essence of Saudi Arabia will be showcased through the eyes of an adventurous and dreamy 10-year old girl who was selected to lead the show, the young girl is named Leila which means ‘Daughter of the night.’

“The team, led by Creative Director Anghela Alò, has conceived a young and pure lead character named Leila: the symbol of Saudi Arabia today, but also of a new generation embarking on a constant changing journey towards Vision 2030. Leila will dream, imagine her future and face her fears looking at the world without any prejudice.” Balich Worldwide Shows announced on their official Instagram page.

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We are thrilled to announce that Riyadh Season has been extended: the Grand Finale show "Leila, the Land of Imagination” will be staged with some new surprising elements on January 16th at King Fahd Stadium as a spectacular and amazing celebration! . . The team, led by Creative Director Anghela Alò, has conceived a young and pure lead character named Leila: the symbol of Saudi Arabia today, but also of a new generation embarking on a constant changing journey towards Vision 2030. Leila will dream, imagine her future and face her fears looking at the world without any prejudice. . . @riyadhseason @enjoy_saudi @timeentsa @anghela_alo #bws #show #liveshows #event #ceremony #showbusiness #liveentertainment #entertainment #creativity #stagemanager #setdesign #casting #lightingdesign #performingarts #performance #costumedesign #eventproduction #choreographer #dance #creativedirector #riyadhseason #leila #followleila #enjoysaudi #ksa #ceremonies #riyadh #riyadhlife #saudiarabia #kingfahdstadium

A post shared by Balich Worldwide Shows (@balichws) on

Leila simply symbolize the new evolved and empowered generation of Saudi Arabia, who are changing day by day and soon will reach the vision of 2030. Leila is a girl who even though is ambitious, still looks at the world with pure innocence and respect to the norms and values of her culture.

In order to amplify the message of the show, the creators used an innovative communication project raised together with the storytelling to communicate directly with the target using social media platforms and for the first time ever, in a larger scale live show!

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