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Here are the movies competing this Eid



We can’t believe Ramadan is over and and Eid is alread here! From the few posters that we saw, we can tell that this Eid season will be different. Whether you like comedy, romance or action, you will find the right movie for you.

Here is a list of Eid movies we know of so far:

Laylet Hana W Srour:

The movie trailer gained over 3 million views on Facebook in less than 24 hours. The super stars Mohamed Imam and Yasmin Sabry are collaborating in this new romantic action movie. The movie is about a business man called “Srour” and his lover “Hana” and somehow they get involved with a gang!

views on Facebook alone. Karma has a number of the biggest superstars in the entertainment industry like Amr Saad, Ghada AbdelRazek, Zina and Maged Al-Masry.

Karmouz War:

The out of this world trailer has gained over 9 million views on Facebook alone. And we have been waiting for this movie in particular for so long, since the trailer came out. The movie has a number of superstars, and directed by Peter Mimi.

Abla Tam Tam:

The beautiful star Yasmin Abdelaziz is back with the leading role of Abla Tam Tam.

Abla Tam Tam is a comedy movie suitable for families, and of course, loud laughter is granted. The movie is directed by Ali Idris and written by Ayman Wattar (the funny guy behind these hilarious Al-Wassya episodes)

Alb Omo:

Before you judge the title, try to think of the meaning literally. No, they don’t mean that as an insult or anything, the title actually is exactly what this movie is about! You need to watch the trailer to understand. The duo Shiko and Hesham Maged are back with another comedy movie named “Alb Omo” and we know too well how funny these two are! Alb Omo is directed by Amr Salah.

What are you going to watch?!

Happy Eid, Everyone!




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How the Kingdom Managed to Make Foreigners Feel At Home




Foreign Expats

You would be surprised to hear that the foreign expats that are currently living in Saudi Arabia have actually been staying there willingly rather than go back to their homeland. Why would someone enjoy staying at a foreign country rather than remain in the comfort of their homeland and family?

Since the Coronavirus outbreak took over the Kingdom, the Saudi authorities have made it sure to act quickly and to introduce safety measures to help prevent as well as end COVID-19.

Many residents from abroad had chosen to remain within the boarders of the Kingdom rather than return to their home countries due to the fact that the Saudi government’s moves and precautions has reassured all the citizens and made them feel safe.

An events and delegations specialist at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Alexis Deberry, a foreign expat claimed: “I have been very impressed by the swift actions to safeguard all of the people living in the Kingdom. Given the circumstances, I am comforted by the measures taken and the efforts to communicate the adjustments to all.”

After King Salman had ordered that COVID-19 treatment would be available for all citizens including the foreigners that had overstayed their visas, people were left feeling quite safe and cared for. This has been one of the many announcements that the Saudi Government had made in order to care for the population.

 “It is moving to see the level of generosity displayed by the Kingdom in ensuring that anyone who gets sick from COVID-19 will not have to worry financially about treatment. I am confident in the way things are being handled here and proud to support the requests to stay at home to help save lives,” added DeBerry.

DeBerry had praised the Saudi Health Ministry for its clear communication of COVID-19-related messages via text, social media and other marketing platforms which other countries found hard to do. “I feel safe, calm, and confident that everything I need is right here.”

Despite the fact that DeBerry’s hometown is the United States of America, she had still opted to remain in the Kingdom because she feels safe there. Another reason is because she is worried that she could put her family in risk if she had contracted the virus in the Kingdom or maybe will on her way back home.

DeBerry is one of the many foreign expats living in Saudi Arabia who feels this way, so we would like to the thank the kingdom for its outstanding efforts in caring for the people and making everyone feel at home.



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The Different Ways You Can Hike During Taif Season




Taif Season is taking place in one of the Kingdom’s most beautiful destination and this year you can get to enjoy hiking among other activities, and here are our own picks and recommendation for you!

1- Hiking and Outdoor activities

In the midst of Taif’s mountains, you can enjoy hiking Al-Shafa and Al-Hada mountains and afterwards join the base camp at Sadat Al-Beid where there are plenty of activities and outdoor cooking.

2- Hiking and Musical Night

Instead of the outdoor cooking and activities and after finishing the long trail, you can sit back relax and join the base camp for a musical night around a bonfire.

3- Hiking and Scout activities

Try and save energy for this! Because after finishing your hike, you will join others for some scouting activities and exploring. Also in the Sadat Al-Beid base camp.

4- Hiking and Zip-lining

This one goes to all the adrenaline junkies and adventurer lovers, because what’s a better activity after a hike than flying down a zip line?

If you have found yourself in one of these activities, visit their website now to find out more and book your spot.


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Main Road in Sharm El-Sheikh Gets Named After King Salman




According to a report from the Saudi Press Agency, the main road in the Egyptian Red Sea resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh has been named after King Salman. 

Governor of South Sinai, Khaled Fouda, announced the decision during a ceremony that was held to celebrate the 37th anniversary of Sinai Liberation Day.

Osama Nugali, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador and the Kingdom’s permanent representative to the Arab League, took part in the event where the announcement was made.

He thanked President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and several senior officials, for such a kind gesture and for bestowing the honor on King Salman.


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