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Here are 6 Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss Out On This Month



Saudi Arabia truly ended 2019 on a high note, I mean talk about ending the year with the biggest music festival in the region! Now, it’s time we welcome 2020 with open arms and with more festivals in store, we’re sure it’s going to be yet another lit year for the Kingdom.

Here are 6 festivals happening this month that you don’t want to miss out on:

International Town Festival

Riyadh is hosting an international town festival which will give visitors a culture experience like nothing before! The event will kick off on the 27th of January and until the 2nd February, with so many events and things to do from trying new cuisines to dancing to cultural performances.

The festival will also include art galleries and several folklore shows from countries across the world.

Riyadh Oud Festival

Ready for more concerts? Well, this year’s Oud Festival will bring you a lineup of incredible artists, and will also include several galleries that will showcase the history of Oud.

Wanna know more about what concerts to expect? Click here.

Art Alley Festival

The festival will showcase a group of artists who have plans of turning the front view of various buildings in KAFD into one enormous screen to view a number of events and cinematic scenes from the Riyadh Season.

There will also be a red carpet to honor some Saudi artists, and activities will include a cinematic bazaar as well.

Al Ula Balloon Festival

The festival kicked off on January 2nd and is on until January 11th 2020 with more than 60 hot air balloons taking visitors to the skies and  for some aerial views of AlUla’s stunning landscape and rich heritage sites.

Abqaiq Safari Festival

Get to discover the Kingdom’s ‘Desert Heritage’ through this festival that offers a unique safari festival for both residents and visitors to Saudi Arabia.

During the festival, you will get to enjoy camel safaris, falconry competitions, desert trips, and more.

Where: Abqaiq Safari Festival in Salsal, Abqaiq
When: 2 – 18 January, 2020, from 4pm to 10pm
More information:

The Jeddah Shopping Festival

Unleash the shopaholic in you during this Jeddah Shopping festival, which will feature the best deals and discounts on not only fashion but also entertainment and top-notch restaurants.

When: 26 January – 26 February, 2020
More information:

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Beaches of the Kingdom Are About to Get Cleaner with This New Campaign




Beaches of the Kingdom are about to get cleaner with the ‘Let’s Make Them Cleaner’ initiative, which was launched on Friday by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Professional divers are taking part of the campaign as volunteers who are ready to clean the beaches and seabeds of Saudi Arabia, in order to save the marine environment from pollution.

The initiative is one of the events launched for Saudi and International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated every year on the 5th of December.

Entitles ‘Ataa Watan,’ the event covers several programs and activities across Saudi Arabia, they were held in partnership with government bodies and NGOs.

So far, the ministry launched five initiatives throughout this year, as part of the Voluntary Work Platform it launched on March 31, 2020.

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Winter Season Set to Kick Off With Over 300 Touristic Experiences in 17 Destinations!




Residents and visitors of the Kingdom are getting ready to welcome the new year with a number of touristic experiences, as the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) announced the kick off of its latest season of adventures on the 10th of December.

The season will until March 2021 and will offer 300 touristic experiences in 17 destinations in the Kingdom and 200 private sector establishments will take part.

Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb said that the winter season is part of the Saudi tourism system’s efforts with its partners to provide visitors with an amazing tourism experience, it’s a way for them to fall in love with the incredible winter climate of the Kingdom and discover its geographical diversity.

The minister also reassured visitors that the STA is extremely keen on coordinating with health authorities to implement precautionary measures against COVID-19 in order to ensure a safe tourism experience.

The STA is also quite keen on maintaining and implementing all the precautionary measures against the virus, in coordination with the health authorities.

“The authority’s efforts and initiatives are continuous with the launch of the Saudi winter season under the slogan ‘Winter is Around You’.” STA CEO Fahd Hamidaddin said.

“We count a lot on the creativity and efforts of the media to present the bright image of what the Kingdom has to offer; its charming nature and rich cultural heritage, the generosity and hospitality of its people, and its many landmarks, sites, and destinations that contribute into make the Kingdom a unique experience for all.” He added.

The tourist experience will cover campsite adventures, local cuisine, hiking, relaxation, beach activities and rural and adventure activities.

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Oasis Riyadh: A 3-Month Long Event Worth of Fun Activities & More to Kick Off!




Saudi Arabia is getting ready to celebrate the New Year with three months worth of celebrations!

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) and the International Company for Organizing Events and Activities, in cooperation with Seven Experience and Rotana audio and video company, has announced their latest project for luxury entertainment and it is set to kick off in the Kingdom’s desert.

The GEA will launch the “Oasis Riyadh” event in January and it will last for three months. The event falls under the “Ideas for Entertainment” initiative, launched by Turki Al-Shikh, chairman of the Board of Directors of GEA.

This is only the beginning! As there are 19 more entertaining ideas that Al-Shikh promised to throw, with precautionary measures in mind of course! The events will take place on a large area in one of the wild areas north of Riyadh, so that social distancing can be maintained.

According to organizer, visitors will get to enjoy a fun atmosphere with a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including concerts, sports games, and activities suitable for various visitors, with the presence of a group of the most famous international restaurants.

The event will include pavilions who will get to display and sell a wide range of unique products that goes along with the event’s theme.

The winter events will see performances from Saudi artists, featuring many aesthetic elements and entertainment nature.

We can’t wait for these festivities to kick off and we certainly can’t wait to witness what the new year will hold!



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