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Apple Unveils its ‘Finding Balance’ Campaign that Captures the Essence of Ramadan



Apple just unveiled its new ‘Shot on iPhone‘ campaign ‘Finding Balance‘, the campaign is capturing the essence of Ramadan through a number of astounding images that are taken by Emirati Ola Allouz and Saudi Arabian Mansour AlSofi. 
The campaign celebrates the concept of having a balanced life during Ramadan, and the discovery of a renewed sense of balance. Seeing how in Ramadan, we aspire to maintain spiritual connection, social relationships and physical activities.
Talented photographers Ola Allouz from the UAE and Mansour Alsofi from Saudi Arabia were able to highlight this in the campaign; by capturing a series of images showcasing moments of reflection, including for instance family connection and physical activity. All images are shot by the iPhone XS to deliver one message:
“Finding balance during the holy month of Ramadan”.
The result is certainly outstanding and utterly thought-provoking campaign “Finding Balance”, as it is set to inspire Muslims all over the world.
“Ramadan is based on the principle of balance. Unfortunately, there are many who go against the values of Ramadan by over-eating, staying up too late and watching TV excessively,” Alsofi, from Saudi Arabia, says.
He adds that “switching off” by spending quality time with family and friends can help you achieve a greater sense of balance during the holy month of Ramadan.
“I strive to achieve balance during Ramadan by spending time nurturing my spiritual side and connecting with family and friends while ensuring that this time is of quality and away from external influences,” Allouz, an Emirati, says.
“It was a challenge taking balanced photos, but the results were satisfying and worth the work,” Alsofi added.

The following are tips and tricks that the two talented photographers shared, for people to capture artistic images, similar to the ones in the campaign.

1. Planning the location

Plan the location for your photo session, but first, identify the subject you want to shoot, then choose the location accordingly. The location must have the elements that will help you achieve your required results, so for instance, if you want to capture a reflection, then choose a place that has water pools.

2. Team spirit

It helps to discuss ideas with you teammates, and the scene you have in mind with them, as they will help you achieve an even better result.

3. Use Smart HDR

Use this technology, in order to get an appropriate lighting. The tech combines the different brightness levels and integrate them for a correct lighting.

4. Activate the Grid feature

This feature helps you get the desired results for a balanced composition, as it divided the screen into horizontal and vertical lines that helps you keep your lines straight.

5. Adjust focus on your phone

You can adjust the focus on your phone by touching and holding the screen to close the focus point.

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Sheikh Mansoor inaugurates revolutionary Sports Medicine and Rehab Centre at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital



His Highness Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Sports Council, officially opened Mediclinic Parkview Hospital’s Sports Medicine and Rehab Centre.

He was accompanied by Ahmed Ali, Executive Director of Mediclinic Middle East and David Jelley, Hospital Director. The state of the art centre, the first under Mediclinic’s new Perform brand for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, is an integrated facility for the treatment of sports injuries, sports performance, musculoskeletal complaints and a full range of rehabilitation therapy.

Ahmed Ali said: “I would like to thank His Highness Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for his visit and for his continuous support for Mediclinic and its initiatives in the Middle East.”

David Jelley, Hospital Director, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, said:  “While there are existing sports medicine and physiotherapy facilities in Dubai, this is a first of its kind within a hospital environment and on this scale. It truly is a world class service for sports medicine and rehabilitation.”

Some of the unique features of the centre include the state of the art bespoke bio circuit programme which allows for fully customised digital training programmes through the Technogym MyWellness app, a gait analysis lab, force plate analysis and functional screening, the TPI golf assessment, custom bike fitment for cyclists, V02 Max testing and the Alter-G antigravity treadmill for rehabilitation.

Mediclinic Perform currently houses three internationally respected Sports and Exercise Medicine doctors, multiple sports subspecialists including sports physiotherapists, sports podiatry, chiropractic, sports massage, sports therapy and over 30 physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists. Almost all patients can benefit from exercise or physical activity and it is our intention to support the UAE’s vision in reducing the chronic disease burden and helping to create a healthier, more active population through services like ours so that our patients can truly perform for life,” said Dr. Alan Kourie, Head of Sports Medicine & Rehab, Mediclinic Middle East.

For more information on Mediclinic Perform’s Sports Medicine and Rehab Centre located at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, please visit or call 8001999

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Atleir Des’Lumières Paris’s Digital Art Museum



French artwork and museums had a space in peoples heart for a long time, but this one will 
grasp in your heart and mind. Atleir Des Lumières, a digital art exhibition featuring the 
historical artwork of Vincent Van Gogh and many establish European artists. You get to walk 
and live through the paintings, and get a experienced apprehension of artwork. Where each 
visitor immerses themselves in a dreamy reality of sentimental colors, and enticing artwork, 
separating them from the world and immersing them into a canvas of Vincent Van Gogh, as 
you enter each room of the 2000 sq exhibition, you are either painted into a new projection 
of the Viennese painter Gustave Klint, all 100 landscapes come into life by the melodias of 
Beethoven, Wagner, or Strauss. This digital artwork masterpiece is coming across the world 
everyday, with locations at Shangahia and DubaiL’Atleir Des Lumières 38 rue Saint Maur 
750011 Paris is open everyday between 10 and 18h, Friday until 22h. ticket prices are 14.5 a 
reduced ticket price is 11.5, and a childrens ticket is 9.5. For art lovers who admired artwork 
all their lives, this is the destination for you.  
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Saudi Rania Nashar Makes it to Forbes’ List of The World’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women”




The Kingdom’s own Rania Nashar has made it to Forbes’ annual list of “The World’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women” and we can’t help but feel so much pride!

Nashar was ranked the 99th in the list that includes prominent names such as Angela Merkel, Kamaala Harris, Melinda Gates, Rihanna, & many other global female trailblazers.

Nashar is the first female to hold the position of CEO CEO of Saudi commercial bank, Samba Financial Group. She also made it to this ranking through her tremendous efforts in implementing changes that empower women of Saudi Arabia, all of which comes as part of the 2030 Vision.

Nashar has exceeded 20 years of experience in the field of commercial banking and has been inspiring young Saudi women to take on the challenge as well and break the glass ceiling and for that, we congratulate her.

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