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Apple Unveils its ‘Finding Balance’ Campaign that Captures the Essence of Ramadan



Apple just unveiled its new ‘Shot on iPhone‘ campaign ‘Finding Balance‘, the campaign is capturing the essence of Ramadan through a number of astounding images that are taken by Emirati Ola Allouz and Saudi Arabian Mansour AlSofi. 
The campaign celebrates the concept of having a balanced life during Ramadan, and the discovery of a renewed sense of balance. Seeing how in Ramadan, we aspire to maintain spiritual connection, social relationships and physical activities.
Talented photographers Ola Allouz from the UAE and Mansour Alsofi from Saudi Arabia were able to highlight this in the campaign; by capturing a series of images showcasing moments of reflection, including for instance family connection and physical activity. All images are shot by the iPhone XS to deliver one message:
“Finding balance during the holy month of Ramadan”.
The result is certainly outstanding and utterly thought-provoking campaign “Finding Balance”, as it is set to inspire Muslims all over the world.
“Ramadan is based on the principle of balance. Unfortunately, there are many who go against the values of Ramadan by over-eating, staying up too late and watching TV excessively,” Alsofi, from Saudi Arabia, says.
He adds that “switching off” by spending quality time with family and friends can help you achieve a greater sense of balance during the holy month of Ramadan.
“I strive to achieve balance during Ramadan by spending time nurturing my spiritual side and connecting with family and friends while ensuring that this time is of quality and away from external influences,” Allouz, an Emirati, says.
“It was a challenge taking balanced photos, but the results were satisfying and worth the work,” Alsofi added.

The following are tips and tricks that the two talented photographers shared, for people to capture artistic images, similar to the ones in the campaign.

1. Planning the location

Plan the location for your photo session, but first, identify the subject you want to shoot, then choose the location accordingly. The location must have the elements that will help you achieve your required results, so for instance, if you want to capture a reflection, then choose a place that has water pools.

2. Team spirit

It helps to discuss ideas with you teammates, and the scene you have in mind with them, as they will help you achieve an even better result.

3. Use Smart HDR

Use this technology, in order to get an appropriate lighting. The tech combines the different brightness levels and integrate them for a correct lighting.

4. Activate the Grid feature

This feature helps you get the desired results for a balanced composition, as it divided the screen into horizontal and vertical lines that helps you keep your lines straight.

5. Adjust focus on your phone

You can adjust the focus on your phone by touching and holding the screen to close the focus point.

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Ad Diriyah Oasis: Soon to Be an Integrated Creative Environment For Digital Arts




Construction has kicked off in the world’s first center for digital arts Ad Diriyah Art Oasis, which is set to launch in 2022.

The project is under the supervision and partnership of Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) and the Saudi Ministry of Culture, they are expected to revolutionize the fields of digital art, artificial intelligence and modern technologies as they dedicate the area to supporting innovation.

The Art Oasis is located in the heart of mesmerizing Ad Diriyah, the Amedeo Schiattarella-designed Oasis will be part of the 10,000-square meter Al-Bujairi heritage district. It will contain six art studios, workshops, youth entertainment facilities and a library, in addition to workshops and lecture theaters.

Bringing together all these facilities will develop a fully-integrated creative environment for producing digital arts and allowing artists to develop their skills.

The Oasis will offer four main educational tracks:

– Arts, artificial intelligence, creative computing, and automatic learning.

– Digital arts, photography, production of movies and sound arts.

– Graphic design, 3d modelling, animation, and animated graphics.

– The New Media and Contemporary Art Research Center, an educational program exploring developed cultural contexts in the contemporary world.

Moreover, the Oasis will host public art events including the annual international exhibition for arts and artificial intelligence and a series of hackathons that focus on the application of the digital arts.

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HRH Princes Lamia Bint Majed Al Saud Receives People First Leader Award




HRH Princess Lamia Bint Majed Al Saud, Secretary General and Member of the Board of Trustees at Alwaleed Philanthropies has received the ‘People First Leader Award’, and was named as an Honorary Advisory Board Member at the 8th Annual GCC GOV HR Summit 2020, the region’s biggest public sector human resources (HR) platform.

The award comes as a recognition for her implacable work and incredible leadership skills that comes in light of Alwaleed Philanthropies, her work aligns with the vision of Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz AlSaud to contribute to a world of tolerance, acceptance and equality for all.

“I am extremely honoured and humbled to be the recipient of the People First Leader Award and a special thanks to the organising committee for selecting me as the Honorary Advisory Board Member for this event,” the hardworking HRH Princess Lamia said. “Every milestone I have achieved to date at Alwaleed Philanthropies is a result of the team’s collaborative work and drive to create a better future for those in need.”

Her highness also added that Alwaleed Philanthropies has taken extraordinary efforts in supporting both women and the youth in the workplace, not just in Saudi Arabia but all over the Middle East. According to her, it’s important to bind “the spirit of collaboration in order to meet our collective goal; a more equal and prosperous world for all” once the pandemic is over.

Congratulations to her highness! We wish her more success and recognition for her incredible work.


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Saudi Ministry of Justice Appoints 100 Women Notaries




In a bid to increase and highlight the significant role of women of Saudi Arabia within the justice sector, the Saudi Ministry of Justice has appointed 100 women notaries.

This comes as an attempt to facilitate the judicial services for women and expand their role in the Kingdom’s governmental justice sector.

According to the ministry, the 100 appointed women notaries will officially start their work in the ministry as of next Sunday with a specialized training program for a period of 3 months.

This isn’t the first time the Ministry appoints qualified women in the ministry, many other women have already been appointed in different fields including law, Sharia, sociology, administration and technology.

We’re always proud of what Saudi women are continuously achieving and we feel prouder reporting each and every milestone! We’re also glad to see the reforms of the Kingdom aligning with the 2030 Vision.

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