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Apple Unveils its ‘Finding Balance’ Campaign that Captures the Essence of Ramadan



Apple just unveiled its new ‘Shot on iPhone‘ campaign ‘Finding Balance‘, the campaign is capturing the essence of Ramadan through a number of astounding images that are taken by Emirati Ola Allouz and Saudi Arabian Mansour AlSofi. 
The campaign celebrates the concept of having a balanced life during Ramadan, and the discovery of a renewed sense of balance. Seeing how in Ramadan, we aspire to maintain spiritual connection, social relationships and physical activities.
Talented photographers Ola Allouz from the UAE and Mansour Alsofi from Saudi Arabia were able to highlight this in the campaign; by capturing a series of images showcasing moments of reflection, including for instance family connection and physical activity. All images are shot by the iPhone XS to deliver one message:
“Finding balance during the holy month of Ramadan”.
The result is certainly outstanding and utterly thought-provoking campaign “Finding Balance”, as it is set to inspire Muslims all over the world.
“Ramadan is based on the principle of balance. Unfortunately, there are many who go against the values of Ramadan by over-eating, staying up too late and watching TV excessively,” Alsofi, from Saudi Arabia, says.
He adds that “switching off” by spending quality time with family and friends can help you achieve a greater sense of balance during the holy month of Ramadan.
“I strive to achieve balance during Ramadan by spending time nurturing my spiritual side and connecting with family and friends while ensuring that this time is of quality and away from external influences,” Allouz, an Emirati, says.
“It was a challenge taking balanced photos, but the results were satisfying and worth the work,” Alsofi added.

The following are tips and tricks that the two talented photographers shared, for people to capture artistic images, similar to the ones in the campaign.

1. Planning the location

Plan the location for your photo session, but first, identify the subject you want to shoot, then choose the location accordingly. The location must have the elements that will help you achieve your required results, so for instance, if you want to capture a reflection, then choose a place that has water pools.

2. Team spirit

It helps to discuss ideas with you teammates, and the scene you have in mind with them, as they will help you achieve an even better result.

3. Use Smart HDR

Use this technology, in order to get an appropriate lighting. The tech combines the different brightness levels and integrate them for a correct lighting.

4. Activate the Grid feature

This feature helps you get the desired results for a balanced composition, as it divided the screen into horizontal and vertical lines that helps you keep your lines straight.

5. Adjust focus on your phone

You can adjust the focus on your phone by touching and holding the screen to close the focus point.

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AlUla Is Giving Its Residents a New Design and Feel to Their Homes




AlUla, one of the Kingdom’s most beautiful spots and a stunning heritage place, will not only be sharing its historic treasures with the world but will soon give residents a new design and feel to their homes.

Besides invigorating tourism, generating jobs and reviving the economy by drawing in thousands of tourists, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is now working towards enhancing the lives of residents by designing their homes as part of a major urban regeneration project for the historic Saudi location.

The AlUla Design Studio (UDS), launched by RCU, is a new public service that is working towards reshaping the future development of the local community.

“We’re driven by good design, good outcomes, by protecting our heritage, the environment, and by making sure that we create sustainable infrastructure,” Stephen Murray, chief of county zoning and planning at the RCU, told Arab News.

“We would like to be a model not only for Saudi Arabia but also the world (on) how you can design new places, live with the environment, be sustainable and protect it, but also open it to the world.” He added.

The RCU aims at promoting AlUla town as a model of urban planning, regeneration and quality of life in the Kingdom. The UDS initiative will provide residents of AlUla South with the chance to have an opinion in the property styles that suit their locality.

“One of the things we’ve looked at, at the royal commission, is creating great places to live, creating neighborhoods, places where people enjoy and the community can grow together,” said Murray.

We can’t wait to see the results of such a beautiful project.

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Saudi Arabia Is Calling Out Interns For The Giga-Project AMAALA




AMAALA is the Kingdom’s upscale giga-project luxurious travel and residential destination and it’s now looking to hire local talents for an opportunity to work on this remarkable project.

The Misk/AMAALA Corporate Internship Programme will hire 30 new interns by the end of June, after the graduation of the first batch of interns.

This is a great chance for young talents who are looking to boost their skills and train on ground, especially that this huge project will give them the opportunity to really grow their skills.

This falls under the 2030 Vision of the Kingdom in encouraging Saudi talents, this internship is bound to refine the youth’s expertise and prepare them to excel in leadership roles in new and various economic sectors.

The first batch, which was made up of 12 interns have rotated in all areas of the business for six months.

The new 30 interns will be introduced to a variety of roles across the organization in July and will have a strong chance to safeguard their career at Amaala. “AMAALA is committed to supporting and nurturing Saudi talent,” AMAALA CEO Nicholas Naples said.

“We are firmly focused on helping these young, ambitious minds reach their full potential. Investment in our youth is key to the success of our business, and our partnership with the Misk Foundation will help us to identify and recruit the leaders of tomorrow. Our collaboration with Misk will secure the future of the AMAALA workforce, and the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for generations to come,” he added.

If you’re looking to be part of this once in a lifetime chance, then apply now to the Misk/AMAALA Corporate Internship Programme here.



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New Marriage Policies To Grant Women of Saudi Arabia More Rights




Saudi Arabia is still working towards achieving equality with focus on equalizing the legislation surrounding marriage contracts for women of the Kingdom.

According to several sources that were interviewed by the Kingdom’s daily newspaper Okaz, word has it that the Ministry of Justice is working towards amending new policies that will guarantee women’s right in marriage.

One of these amendments will include a new process that will have women reviewing and consenting contracts before finalizing. In an attempt to eliminate implications of coercion and to also consider the level of satisfaction afforded to brides-to-be, the new policies will grant women a greater sense of freedom.

Not only that, but the new policies will also ask women to explicitly state their contentment with their new prospective life partners, and and also grant them the chance to appoint a legal guardian throughout the process.

This is seen to be another great leap towards achieving the right women of Saudi Arabia deserve and ensure their involvement in the matters that affect their lives.

It also makes perfect sense to have them involved in what is considered to be the most important contract of their lives.


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