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7 Social Media Rules To Maintain a Healthy Relationship



Social Media rules

Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Snap chat and other social media platforms have become such an essential part of our daily livesToday, how we behave on these sites, can make or break our relationships. That is why it’s becoming a constant challenge for every couple to learn the social media etiquette. So, to prevent getting in a fight with your loved one over a post or comment, consider the following rules to put some order. Make social media bring you closer and add to your relation. When a “ like “ or a cute emoji can keep you connected as a happy couple, other actions may do the opposite. Here what you need to know:

1. Relationship status. No question, updating your relationship status must be agreed on mutually. You can simply discuss it together when is the right time to go public about your relationship. If one partner changes his status to “in a relationship”, while the other partner keeps it as “single” this may raise many questions about where you stand as a couple in this relation. Also you should talk it over maturely and try to respect each other’s point of view.

2. Take it easy honey. When in a relationship, what you share together is yours only. You don’t have to share it with the world. You are not Brad and Angelina, even this couple isn’t together anymore, so stop acting like the whole world is dying  to catch every detail about your happy couple life. Too much forever in love photos and posts can be a little shabby, plus many times people take as you’re trying to make up for something missing! It’s believed to be healthier for any relationship to maintain some kind of privacy.

3. Don’t post now! Never ever post anything when you’re angry, frustrated, or drunk. Airing your dirty laundry shall only make the situation more complicated.  If you are fighting, posting on Facebook, or any other site, can cause irreversible damage to your relation. If you’re dying to tell someone, pick up the phone and talk to your besty.

4.The ex. As mature civilized people it should be okay to still be friends with your ex on social media.  However, always put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Will the comments you exchange with your ex hurt your partner or raise jealousy? This is something important to consider. If the table is turned, and you don’t like how your partner is communicating with his/her ex on social media, then you have to make it clear but in person. You should do it cautiously and never comment on their chat in public.

5.Which photo to post? You and your partner share intimate, crazy, and sometimes embarrassing moments. Today a lot of these moments can be captured in photos. But before publishing any photo you should ask for your partner’s permission. You should agree together on what kind of photos and selfies you can share on social media. Respect your partner’s boundaries. Discuss together what photos are within your partner’s comfort level? Should you remove group pictures with your ex in it? What about intimate photos of you and your ex?

 6. You’re not the school teacher. Monitoring what your partner post or comment to others is not your right. It’s his/her personality and you should accept the way he/she is. If something bothers you try to nicely give hints about it to your partner. Also faking another account to watch your partner or try to check if your partner is not playing around on social media platforms is childish. It won’t really add to your relationship. In fact, you should invest more on trust between the two of you.

7.Don’t get too social. Adding your partner’s friends to your list can be alright if you want to create a new couple social life . But always make sure that he/she doesn’t get the feeling that you’re invading his/her comfort zone. You should first ask for permission from your partner before adding their friends. At the end your don’t want your partner to get the feeling that you’re flirting with his/her friends too.

Learn when to keep things private and when to share things in public. You don’t have to give a relationship report to the world just so they can validate your happiness. Remember, the golden rule is to keep personal stuff off the internet.

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