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7 Sex Myths That Are Total BS



We all know talking about sex isn’t our strongest suit as Egyptians. This issue is a result of all the crap our ancestors have been feeding us regarding the sensitivity of this specific subject. And because sex is considered a taboo in our society, the door is left wide open for all kinds of myths and rumors to go around. We’ve collected a few of those completely untrue “facts” to enlighten you:

1. Women’s hymens break the first time they have sex

The hymen doesn’t necessarily break the first time a woman has sex. Although hymens are typically thin membranes, some women have thicker hymens than others.

2. Breaking your hymen doesn’t make you a virgin

I’ve always found this one truly hilarious. Dear women, the only way you could lose your virginity is through penetration. You cannot lose your virginity if your hymen breaks while at the gym, riding a bike or inserting a tampon. In fact, some women are born without a hymen, altogether.

3. Big feet means a big penis

Sorry, dudes but your penis size isn’t in any way associated with your show size, or fist size or height. The average size of a penis is 5.15 and according to the British Journal of Urology International. 

4. Sex changes the shape and size of your vagina

It doesn’t matter the amount of sexual partners you have, you won’t wake up one day and find your vagina has suddenly become bigger, for instance. Dr. Sari Locker explains on her sex education blog “After each sexual encounter, the vagina contracts to its original size, and it has no lasting stretching“.

5. Female ejaculation is fake

Female ejaculation is just another sexual function, y’all. One study found that between 10 and 40 percent of women experience an involuntary emission of fluid when they climax.

6. Wetness is a measure of how turned on you are

It doesn’t matter how much water you drink, a lot of factors go into vaginal lubrication. Needing more lubrication than your body produces and using lube doesn’t mean you’re not aroused. “Your monthly cycle, pregnancy, illness, menopause, medications (such antihistamines and decongestants) can affect lubrication, no matter how much water you drink” said Dr. Ava Cadell, clinical sexologist and AASECT certified sex counselor.

7. All women experience orgasm during intercourse

Only about 20%-30% of women experience orgasm through intercourse alone, explained Cadell. “So don’t be shy about reaching down and giving yourself a hand or abuzz. Putting your hand on your clitoris during sex really ups the chances that you’ll have an orgasm,” she said.

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5 Unique Ways To Maintain Long-Distance Relationships




Many people get excited to leave their hometowns and start a new chapter of their lives, but it’s hard to let go of people who shaped your city into a home — that’s right, the start of long distance friendships. Sadly, it is especially hard to maintain your friends back home during college: You’re busy maintaining rigorous classes, working a part-time job, or just figuring your life out in a whole new location. Luckily, here are some fun, convenient options to maintain long distance friendships!

  1. Snapchat vlogs.
    Snapchat is easy to maintain multiple conversations going with sending one video. With a quick Snapchat video with the location attached, you can tell a story about the area or invite to hang out.
  2. Meme tagging.
    Simple meme tagging on Instagram or Facebook can translate to “thinking of you” or “what do you think about this?” to your friend. It can also spark new jokes or reminiscent old memories with these tags.
  3. Letters.
    Sending letters may seem old school but it can be an entertaining, endearing form of friendship appreciation. You can even make a simple letter more exciting by placing a small polaroid.
  4. Use playlists.
    If you want to maintain an unspoken conversation, just maintain a personal playlist on a certain platform with your friend. You can add throwback childhood songs.
  5. Video chat.
    Though it may be more time consuming than other ways to communicate, Facetime or skype call once a month can makeup weeks of no talking. It’s nice to feel transported into a normal conversation through a video phone call.
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Tips On Having a Healthy Relationship




Romantic relationships, in all of their complexity, are a fundamental component of our lives. And as the poet Rainer Maria Rilke mused, “there is scarcely anything more difficult than to love one another.” Here are some tips to help maintain a healthy relationships.

  1. See the best in your partner and in your relationship. Research on perception and attention shows that we see more of what we look for, so if you’re looking for signs of kindness, that’s more likely to stand out to you.
  2. Have fun. Couples who engage in exciting and enjoyable activities together have greater relationship satisfaction.
  3. Have good sex. Increasing research is pointing to a great sex life as predicting better relationship satisfaction.
  4. Have a good relationship with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is arguably the foundation on which your other relationships are built, and studies are supporting this notion.
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5 Things Can Make Your Relationship Fail




There exists an abundance of tips one can give with regards to relationships. Below are several ones that are strikingly significant and hugely impactful.


  • Don’t assume. It is very natural to make assumptions about a lot of things in life. But this becomes deadly within the context of a relationship if approached in the wrong way. So instead of making an assumption and acting accordingly, approach the other person and articulate your assumption. An assumption is only validated through a test, and tool for that in a relationship is communication.
  • Don’t lie. This should come off as being very obvious. Yet it cannot be stressed enough. The other person naturally develops a standard of moral level. Lying leads to a significant reduction in those levels.
  • Don’t build walls. The use of walls here is a figure of speech. Naturally, in any relationship the aim is to connect at various levels. Any action–or in the less obvious sense, inaction–that is not appropriate leads to building walls between you and the other. These walls are not easily broken.
  • Don’t be logical. Not everything can be understood. You would be surprised at the amount of things that you may never understand about the other’s way of thinking, or choice of action. Therefore, there are things that you should not attempt to understand; you should rather develop the capacity to accept, with good grace, that it does not have to make sense to you.
  • Don’t over-do it. If you want to be good, be very good. If you want to be generous, be very generous. If you want to be patient, be very patient. Over-doing any of these, among other things, leads to the development of misunderstanding. The boundaries of the relationship would get reshaped and the nature of the relationship then is bound to change.
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