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7 Female Saudi Travel Instagrammers That Will Inspire You DAILY



With Instagram being the place where one gets travel inspiration from, we thought of presenting you our very own set of talented female Saudi globetrotters that are traveling around the world and making us want in.

Some of these women have amassed a sizeable following on Instagram running up into the millions as they go on capturing marvelous images of people, landscapes, and food.

So get your notifications turned on for these seven globetrotting Instagrammers.

Al Khaibary

The budding Instagrammer has traveled extensively around Saudi and the photos of her wanderings are bound to give one a serious case of wanderlust.

Fatema Amr

Fatema doesn’t travel much around Saudi, rather she has made it her mission to explore the land of the rising sun – Japan. Her photos are like medicine to the eyes.

Samira Al Maliki

This isn’t your regular travel blog, here many a time the photo is of food with the amazing Saudi landscape as its backdrop. This concept of hers seems to be working as she has amassed over 30k followers.

Ayna Ana

Food and travel, can you wish for a better combination? Wandering around the world with a camera in her hand, the photos on this feed are bound to leave one transfixed.

Israa Garatli

The Dhahran native mostly posts about her travels in the US. She has a well-balanced feed that captures landscapes, monuments and day to day life of people in the country.

Esra Al Hamal’s

Her Instagram account is called Arabian Wanderess and a scroll through her feed feels like flipping pages through an art book. The composition and quality of the photos are on another level.

Ahlam Al Najdi

Though not primarily a travel blogger, she does post a lot about travel. She is also one of the biggest female Saudi influencers with a following of a whopping 3.4 million on Instagram alone.

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Saudi Arabia Grants Permanent Residency to Foreigners




Just recently, the Kingdom has opened its doors for tourists from across the world and now 73 individuals, of non-Saudi nationality, have been granted permanent residency without the need of a sponsor.

This is once again all part of the Kingdom’s plans in attracting overseas investment by allowing certain people to attain properties and do business.

With the tourist visa, and now this new permanent residency program, the kingdom hopes to improve its economy by reducing its dependency on oil and opening up new new sectors for investments. By increasing tourism, the livelihood of Saudi Arabia is expected to witness an evolution as well.

According to an article published in Bloomberg, “the kingdom received thousands of applications after offering permanent residency for 800,000 riyals (Dhs 783,546) or a one-year renewable permit for 100,000 riyals (Dhs 97,943).”


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‘Diriyah Gate’ Project to Be Inaugurated This Month




The restoration of Diriyah will officially be inaugurated on November 19th with a remarkable event to celebrate the gega-project known as Diriyah Gate, which has been accomplished to welcome visitors to the historical area of Diriyah.

The event will showcase the efforts of Saudi Arabia in introducing the cultural area as one of the Kingdom’s greatest gathering places, the celebration will officially inaugurate the project ‘Diriyah Gate’ which is a cultural touristic destination for Saudi Arabia with UNESCO World Heritage Site at its heart.

This remarkable event will include a world-class gala dinner, serving food that is completely sourced from Saudi farms, musical performances by Saudi musicians and pyrotechnics and costumed historical interpreters who will introduce history stories to the guests.

“There is only one Diriyah. Only this place can tell the story of the Saudi people and inspire new generations to commit to the dynamic vision of the future. This is truly a momentous time in this extraordinary country, and I am proud to lead a world-class team in the development of this historic site that is destined to become a global cultural icon and one of the world’s greatest gathering places.” Jerry Inzerillo, CEO of Diriyah Gate Development Authority, said.

The project is set to become one of the main cultural destination in Saudi Arabia, giving visitors the opportunity to gather, explore, shop and dine in one the finest and most appealing places in the Kingdom. All of which will appeal to the local and international tourists, seeking a sense of authenticity.


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All Flights to Be Relocated to the New Jeddah Airport by Next Year




It has been announced that as of next year, all flights to Saudi Arabia will be relocated form the old King Abdulaziz International Airport to the new Jeddah airport.

This will include flights to and from Athens, Rome, Frankfurt, Geneva, Munich, Milan and Vienna.

According to sources, the fourth phase will kick off in mid-November and will cover destinations including Dammam, Qasim, Cairo, Khartoum, Kuwait, Nairobi and Beirut. While the fifth phase will begin on December 10th to include flights to Ankara, Tunisia, Johannesburg, Delhi, Mumbai and others.

The transition from the old airport to the new one will be gradual so that by the end of this year, the national carrier will begin its long distance hauls to Europe and America.

More flights will begin to kick off from the new airport by the end of the first quarter of next year, up until the airport reached its maximum capacity of 100 million passengers yearly.





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