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5 Ways Saudi Arabia Is Maintaining A Stable Economy During the Pandemic



5 Ways Saudi Arabia Is Maintaining A Stable Economy During the Pandemic

Ever since the outbreak of the virus, the Kingdom has been taking all the necessary and right measures that fascinated us all with the level of keenness to maintain the outbreak as soon as possible.

Saudi Arabia is among the top countries who are acting fast to limit and eventually end the spread of the virus, it has also taken several measures to fight the negative impact that the pandemic is expected to impose on the economy.

Besides offering free treatment for all, the government has also implemented packages that aim at saving the private sector. Here are some of the ways that King Salman is supporting the stabilization of the economy with during this pandemic.

1. King Salman approves a SR 900 million package of additional initiatives for the private sector and electricity bill payments. According to SPA, the royal decree states. 

King Salman announced a 30% discount on the electricity bill of April and May for the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. And if needed, there is a possibility for giving out extension, as the budget set for this initiative is SR 900 million. The expected number of accounts to benefit from the discount is around

Moreover, every worker in the Kingdom will receive financial assistance if necessary, even the free workers who’re not enlisted under a company.

2. A SR47 fund to ensure hospitals don’t run out of medical supplies.

An additional fund of SR47 billion has been approved by King Salman and allocated to the Saudi health sector, this generous fund will provide artificial respirators and supplies for laboratory tests. In addition to allowing hospitals of hiring more medical and technical professionals.

3. The Social Development Bank launched a fund to back SMEs in the healthcare sector

The Social Development Bank of Saudi Arabia has launched a ‘healthcare portfolio’ with a SR2 billion fund to support the small and medium enterprises in the healthcare sector.

This new initiative done by SDB will help provide financial solutions by offering tailored funds that meet the specific requirements of each beneficiary. This way, the small and medium enterprises in the healthcare sector will be able to carry on with their service to the public in addition to enhancing their contribution to economic growth and employment.

4. Saudi Arabia to pay 60% of private sector wages

King Salman allocated SR9 billion as a compensation to the citizens whose jobs have been affected  as a repercussion of the pandemic. The amount is an equivalent to $2.4 million!

This decree will be granting these employees 60% of their stable income on a monthly basis. This will happen through social insurance for the time span of three month with SR9,000 per month.

5. The private sector is also giving back to the national COVID-19 fund

The private sector has also shown tremendous effort and generosity in fighting off the virus as many companies and individuals have contributed more than SR1 billion to the Ministry of Health’s COVID19 fund, including SR500 million from the energy sector and $160 million from Saudi banks.

Now is your turn to give back and take part in fighting the virus, by staying safe and staying home!

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New Marriage Policies To Grant Women of Saudi Arabia More Rights




Saudi Arabia is still working towards achieving equality with focus on equalizing the legislation surrounding marriage contracts for women of the Kingdom.

According to several sources that were interviewed by the Kingdom’s daily newspaper Okaz, word has it that the Ministry of Justice is working towards amending new policies that will guarantee women’s right in marriage.

One of these amendments will include a new process that will have women reviewing and consenting contracts before finalizing. In an attempt to eliminate implications of coercion and to also consider the level of satisfaction afforded to brides-to-be, the new policies will grant women a greater sense of freedom.

Not only that, but the new policies will also ask women to explicitly state their contentment with their new prospective life partners, and and also grant them the chance to appoint a legal guardian throughout the process.

This is seen to be another great leap towards achieving the right women of Saudi Arabia deserve and ensure their involvement in the matters that affect their lives.

It also makes perfect sense to have them involved in what is considered to be the most important contract of their lives.


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Meet Princess Hind Al Saud: Ambassador Of The Global Campaign Against Coronavirus




In the current fight against the pandemic, women of Saudi Arabia haven’t failed in showing significant leadership skills. Princess Hind Bint Abdul Rahman Al Saud is among the powerful women who are standing against the spread of the virus.

Princess Hind Bint Abdul Rahman Al Saud has been named Ambassador of the Regional Social Responsibility Network, the global network that supports and aids the efforts exerted towards ending the spread of the virus.

The network also advocated the work of governments and organizations across the globe geared towards curbing the current pandemic.

The Regional Social Responsibility Network was launched between March 25 and June 25 as part of the United Nations Global Compact. It saw the participation of many Arab and international figures and is in cooperation with the International Community Responsibility Federation.

HRH is the ideal candidate to provide insights and support to the campaign considering her remarkable career in business and various fields.

Commenting on her landmark appointment, the Princess took tweeted words of gratitude: “I have had the honor to be selected as an ambassador to support international efforts in the fight against the current pandemic.”

In light of the campaign’s role in fighting off the novel virus, it will host key events such as the launch of the “Supporting Ambassador For The International Efforts To Fight COVID-19.”

The event will bring together renowned leaders and personalities who will leverage their strengths and presence in order to send powerful messages to various communities across the globe on the roles they can play to help curb the coronavirus pandemic.

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New Electronic Platforms Launched to Fight Coronavirus




One of the wings of the Saudi Health Council, the National Center for Health Research and Studies had launched several electronic platforms that are specialized in providing comprehensive interactive services on coronavirus.

Among these newly launched platforms is the interactive map, which monitors the number of infected people around the world and offer the ‘BasherBot’ a bot designed to be your smart assistant, it answers all of your questions and speaks different languages.

The new platforms have been launched in light of the efforts exerted by state agencies to help limit the spread of the virus by taking all the necessary and precautionary measures.

Secretary-General of the Saudi Health Council, Dr. Nahar Bin Mazki Al-Azemi, said that the launch of the electronic platforms is yet another extension to the preventive measures taken and the efforts done by government agencies to help end the coronavirus.

Highlighting the features of “Basherbot,” General Director of the National Health Information Center Eng. Hashem Abu Bakr said: “It works with artificial intelligence to respond to inquiries and questions related to coronavirus in Arabic and English”.

It is noteworthy that the “interactive platform corona” provides information about the new virus, as well as monitoring and follow-up statistics around the world, instant updates of everything related to the COVID-19, illustrated charts and graphs, as well as displaying the latest news about the virus, educational content to educate users, in addition to a guide on quarantine facilities in the Kingdom.

Visit now to access the platform.

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