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5 Online Competitions Launched For Students With Valuable Prizes



If you’re up for a challenge to keep you busy during this quarantine, then sign up in one of these five online competitions that have been launched recently by the General Department of Education in Riyadh. 

The five competitions target students and cover various domains, the competitions have been launched on April 9th and close on the 20th.

These competitions include best short film, the online student activity hackathon 2020 for the best coronavirus crisis solutions, ideas and initiatives, robots and coronavirus, the best daily schedule, and a message to the heroes of education.

According to the director general of the Department of Education in Riyadh, Hamad Al-Wahaibi, these competitions aims at encouraging students to take part in something beneficial that can keep them busy during this crisis.

It is also an attempt to have them invest their own free time for something that can benefit them, and eventually lift up their spirits during the lockdown especially with valuable prizes as incentives.

“These competitions give students the opportunity to showcase their talents, experiences and creativity during this crisis, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, which we and the whole world are experiencing.” Al-Wahaibi said.

The Short Film Competition

The competition requires a visual production of less than two minutes covering one of these topics, the Kingdom’s efforts in fighting coronavirus or the efforts of the Ministry of Education in promoting distance learning.

Hackathon 2020

It is a competition through which students are asked to deliver creative technology solutions for the coronavirus crisis.

“In the robots and coronavirus competition, students compete to design robotic projects as a modern innovative means in the fields of raising awareness about coronavirus and preventing it. In the best message to education heroes competition, students compete to write a letter of no more than 300 words to the heroes of education.” The assistant director general for educational affairs, Abdullah Al-Ghannam, said.

Students competing in the short film competition should submit their work via the email address, meanwhile other submissions can be sent at

Winners of the first five places will receive cash prizes; a prize of SR2,000 will go to the first place, SR1,500 for second, SR1,000 for third, SR750 for fourth, and SR500 for fifth place.

We urge parents to encourage their kids to take part in one of the competitions as they combine education with entertainment.

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Saudi Arabia Join Forces With Google to Launch Several Projects




A number of Saudi ministries joined teams with tech giant Google to kick off several projects, with the vision of helping the economic strategy of the Kingdom.

According to Google, these initiatives will highlight the MENA region and the Kingdom, in an attempt to boost the economy of both, which have been greatly affected because of the coronavirus.

The program, named “Grow stronger with Google,” will include a comprehensive list of grants, digital tools and training opportunities, all of which will support the local businesses across the region.

In the Kingdom, Google will following sectors: retail, tourism and technology including Saudi Post, which will list 100,000 local entities on the company’s digital platform and train employees in online marketing.

“We are proud to partner with Google in this initiative to bring value to Saudi nationals, residents and local businesses, especially SMEs through bringing them together using the Google ‘My Business’ platform,” said President of the Saudi Post Anef Abanomi.

“Through this partnership we aim to list up to 100,000 businesses in the first phase in line with Saudi Post’s strategic transformation objectives to improve quality of life and help SMEs achieve their e-commerce and digitization goals,” he added.

Lino Cattaruzzi, managing director for Google in MENA, said in a press release: “During the pandemic, online tools have been a lifeline for many in Saudi Arabia. Making the most of the online opportunity can help Saudi people, businesses and communities and in the wider region bounce back stronger.” He said the program will equip businesses and individuals in the Kingdom with digital skills, especially in sectors that have been most affected by the pandemic, such as retail and tourism.


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Vision 2030 Aims at Providing Job Opportunities For One Million Saudi Women




Another ambitious plan for the Kingdom in an attempt to provide equal opportunities for women of Saudi Arabia!

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 hopes to provide jobs for about one million Saudi women, according to Mishaal Al-Balawi, an official at the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations in Geneva.

“The Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020 have put women empowerment among their most important priorities,” al-Balawi said.

Al-Balawi praised the significant role of women in making the economy of the Kingdom much stronger, saying that women are eager to gain access to a large share of reforms especially in the employment market.

These remarks were pointed out by Al-Balawi in a discussion on a report of the working group on the issue of discrimination against women at the Human Rights Council on Monday.

The discussion revolved around the rights of Saudi women and changing the employment scenario to include them.

Al-Balawi also pointed out that Kingdom is doing its best to end to violence and harassment against women at their workplaces.

“The Kingdom, through its regulations and agencies, is striving to address the phenomenon of violence against women at their workplaces as well as to enable them to work in a safe environment. This is through enacting laws to protect women and preserve their rights, such as the Anti-Harassment Law and the Law of Protection from Abuse,” he said.

“The Kingdom seeks to encourage women to study various disciplines, especially science, technology, mathematics, and engineering, as this provides a variety of opportunities for them in the labor market,” he added.

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The Kingdom Aims at Producing the World’s Lowest-Cost Electricity




The Kingdom has announced that it’s working on a new solar energy project that aim at producing electricity with the lowest cost per kilowatt in the entire world.

The announcement was made earlier by Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister during the “Don’t Forget Our Planet!” conference, which was organized by Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII-I).

Prince Abdulaziz also revealed that the Kingdom is currently in the process of activating several programs, including increasing the use of electricity by 30 percent through renewable energy, while 50 percent will be generated through hydrocarbon sources, adding that work is also underway to take advantage of the wind energy project to harness it in generating power.

The Kingdom will not back down from its commitment to the energy efficiency project, but has even become a role model for high commitment in all related projects.

Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman said that the Kingdom aims to produce 50% of its electricity from renewable by 2030, adding that Saudi Arabia has plans to expand the use of wind energy.

This project is among other ambitious projects that are part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the vision’s main aim is to diversify the country’s economy and not have it depend solely on oil.


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