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4 Things We Were Not Told Growing Up As Arab Women!



The other day I stumbled upon a stand comedy video, she is an Arab woman called “Dina Hashem” and she shed the light on some other problems facing Arab women other than the ones media always discusses.


“Whenever people talk about the problem facing Arab women, I think it’s usually about the religion, or the laws or Trump now.. no one talks about the body hair” said Dina starting her segment.

She got me thinking of all the things we face while growing up as Arab women, all the things we should’ve been told but traditions got on the way, all the intimate details that we had to discover ourselves.


Here’s a trip down the memory lane with 4 things we’ve never been told but should have growing up:




Except that weird biology lesson in middle school, we have never had a proper talk about all the changes that our bodies go through during puberty. Period isn’t the only change our bodies witness, our bodies literally go through major changes from head to toe. No body prepared us properly for womanhood.


With puberty comes lust; these foreign feelings that confuse you. If parents aren’t telling us about body changes, there is no chance they talked to you about feelings; and if they did talk to you about body changes, it is pretty rare for parents to explain the teenage emotional rollercoaster. Hence, you start experiencing Infatuation, longing, rage and sexual desires all on your own.



This three-letter word is literally like a bomb, you can hear explosions in the background whenever you just try to ask what that word means. If you dare to ask your parents what “sex” ism you aren’t getting a clear answer, and you will have to go back to that middle school biology lesson, and of course, the internet!

What is virginity?

No body mentions anything about what virginity except that you should keep till marriage, even that biology lesson didn’t illustrate what it is. Never mind the fact that virginity is somehow a myth, at least they should have educated us about hymens.

Tell us what you had to discover for yourself growing up


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A SR3 Trillion Plan To Transform Riyadh Into A Cultural and Social Hub




The Kingdom is launching a SR3 trillion plan with the aim of doubling the size of Riyadh in the next 10 years and to turn it into an economic, social and cultural hub for the region.

Fahd Al-Rasheed, president of the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh, revealed the ambitious plan for the capital city ahead of key meetings of the U20, the arm of the G20 leaders’ summit that deals with urban development and strategy.

“Riyadh is already a very important economic engine for the Kingdom, and although it’s already very successful, the plan now, under Vision 2030, is to actually take that way further, to double the population to 15 million people,” he told Arab News.

“We’ve already launched 18 megaprojects in the city, worth over SR1 trillion, over $250 billion, to both improve livability and deliver much higher economic growth so we can create jobs and double the population in 10 years. It’s a significant plan and the whole city is working to make sure this happens.” He added.

The private sector alone is investing $250 billion, and the same amount has been collected from the increased economic activity from population growth, finance and banking, cultural and desert tourism, and leisure events.

“We must also ensure the growth is managed properly, so there will be a focus on transport and logistics, including the Riyadh metro which will open at the beginning of next year. The aim is to increase productivity,” Al-Rasheed said.

The plan involves the creation of a “mega industrial zone” that focuses on using renewable energy and biotechnology. In addition to using sustainability, with energy conservation, the circular carbon economy with its emphasis on reducing emissions, and water management, all priorities.



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Three Women Elected As Board Members For the CFA Society




The CFA Society Saudi Arabia, a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute global network of societies, has elected a new board that includes three women joining the ranks of the nine-member board.

Marking yet another accomplishment for women of Saudi Arabia and proving their significant role in the workplace.

The 2020 elections witnessed a record number of 28 nominees and another record number of 164 members voting.

Due to the current situation caused by the pandemic, the voting was conducted online and proxy voting was not considered for 2020 elections. The voting closed at 5 PM on Sunday and voters picked 9 out of the 28 nominees.

Here are your new board of directors for the year 2020!

“CFA Society Saudi Arabia promotes awareness and understanding of securities analysis, investing, and the operation of the securities markets. CFA Society Saudi Arabia’s members are recognized as ethical, knowledgeable members of the investment decision-making community. As a not-for-profit educational organization, CFA Society Saudi Arabia’s mission is to educate and inform investment decision-makers, promote ethical standards in the industry, and assist financial professionals in career development.”

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This School In Jeddah Smashed Guinness World Record For Longest Chain of Bottle Caps




The British International School of Jeddah (BISJ) just received a Guinness World Record for making the world’s largest chain of bottle caps!

The staff and students at the British International School of Jeddah (BISJ) put together 323,103 caps to break the previous Guinness World Records title of 260,866 gained in the Netherlands.

This falls as a part of an even bigger campaign! As the official attempt was to collect a massive amount of bottle caps for recycling, with the aim to donate the funds locally to support children with disabilities by buying items such as wheelchairs and leg braces for them.

How incredibly considerate is this attempt?

Sonja Sutcliffe, deputy head of the BISJ, said: “We have tried to break the Guinness World Records title for over a year with an aim to raising community awareness of the problem of plastic pollution, especially in oceans.”

“We started by collecting as many bottle caps as we could, even cleaning up the local areas a little on the way.” She added.

The school took a scientific approach to the challenge, in which it worked out the best ways to put holes in the caps and measure out fishing line to string them together.

“The message was to visually represent how many plastic bottles we use and see how the tops could be converted into specialized equipment for less-fortunate children. This is an amazing achievement of teamwork, vision, and resilience,” Sutcliffe said.

The final length of the chain was measured at 2,738.5 meters!

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