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25 Reasons We Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Generation Y



What is Generation Y, you ask? Who the hell are Millennials? Well, opinions do vary in this area, A LOT. Some say the words are meant for those born between 1982 and 2004, others say it’s 1977 and 1994 and another opinion states that it’s between 1978 and 1998. So basically, what I get is that a millennial or a person who belongs to Generation Y has to have reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. And here are all the reasons why this generation is exceptional but also totally whack.

1. We know too much, we read too much, we listen too eagerly, we ask too curiously, we cry too hard, we feel too deeply.

2. Sadness turns into depression on a whim, love turns into a “temporary phase” in a few weeks.

3. Existential dread is the accessory we wear the most now, I don’t think we even know how to take it off.

4. We’re in search of something that none of us really knows what it is.

5.We are too scarred and we are too bruised.

6.We are angry at ourselves and at those who have come before us.

7.We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders everywhere we go.

8.The sadder we are, the louder our laughs.

9.We are all undiagnosed children putting on a front of “I got my shit together more than you do”.

10.We’re stressed as fuck, we feel pressured by everything and everyone around us.

11.We live too fast but are all afraid of dying alone.

12.We are all perfectionists, critics and ass kissers.

13.We are the product of a flawed system.

14.We’ve been wronged and we’ve been taken for fools.

15.We are rage and we are wrath.

16.We’re the ones with the big dreams and the little faith.

17.We’re the mad brains with the happy faces.

18.We are the change they hate.

19.We are the questions they were too afraid to ask.

20.We are the sum of an equation that doesn’t make sense.

21.We are the ones who pay for their fuck ups.

22.We are the ones who wake up everyday wishing we never did.

23.We’re the loud noise in the background and the painting you decided not to hang on your wall.

24.But most of all, we are the ones who defined survival in the modern world.

25.We’re so fucking brave, it’s insane. And we’re so fucking passionate, it keeps them up at night.

And then you ask us what we want most in life, and all we say is “we want to be happy”.

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The Kingdom Ranked Among Top 10 in UN’s E-commerce Index




Saudi Arabia has been ranked among the top 10 countries in the e-commerce sector, according to the UN e-commerce index.

The index which is issued by the UN Conference on Trade and Development, has placed the Kingdom in the 49th spot in the global ranking index.

According to the report, the Kingdom has reached an impressive improvement and that’s because of two main factors, the proportion of Internet use, which has risen to 93 percent, and the rising postal reliability standard.

Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawaha, stated that the improvement is because of the countless support coming for the Saudi leadership.

He also added that the ministry is working relentlessly in order to develop the digital capabilities of the Kingdom and invest in future projects that help achieve the goals of Vision 2030. 


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Princess Reema Begins Assignment As Saudi Ambassador to the US




Saudi Princess Reema bint Bandar presented her credentials as the Kingdom’s ambassador to the US on Thursday, more than two months after she was appointed to the key post.

She has arrived earlier on Wednesday in Washington, DC to begin her assignment as the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States.

Princess Reema will immediately begin her mission to strengthen the historic partnership between Saudi Arabia and the United States,’ said Fahad Nazer, embassy spokesperson. ‘The Ambassador will bring a fresh perspective on a rapidly changing Saudi Arabia to Washington, continuing to build on key areas of cooperation between our two countries.’

“Honored to present my credentials today to @StateDept. Looking forward to starting this chapter of my life in Washington DC the journey begins with a wonderful team @SaudiEmbassyUSA,” she wrote on her official Twitter account.

Princess Reema was nominated to the post back in February and she later took her oath in April before King Salman in Riyadh, making her the first Saudi female ambassador and the 11th Saudi diplomatic representative to Washington.




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Graffiti Artists Making Jeddah an Even More Colorful City




The number of graffiti artists in Jeddah is increasing, and they are all contributing in adding more colors to their city, with their amazing skills that can be spotted all over Jeddah’s walls.

The art that was once perceived as vandalism is now helping brighten up the city. One of the artists contributing in this colorful trends is Elias Tashkandi, the 19-year-old Saudi student is turning his passion for art into coloring the city of Jeddah.

His passion started off in France where the art there inspired his own, and now, the artist has participated in several important festivals in the Kingdom, including the XJED, Common Ground and the Jeddah Food Festival.

“I saw the artworks on the trains and in the streets,” he said. “I then began replicating them, but on paper. I started experimenting in graffiti and its basics on a deeper level in 2016.”

Another talented group is Dhad, the young artists are leaving their incredible mark on different walls and projects, and their latest work was for Mirkaz JED.

Their page on Instagram speaks out their work, and is as colorful as their accomplished work.

Besides graffiti, the group also does professional digital art.

“Once the artist uncages his potential, no canvas is too big and no idea is too small. Just put that first brush stroke to paper and let your creativity guide the free flow of your expressions.” Deyaa Rambo, one of Dhad’s founders.

Hanan Kamal, a 26-year-old Saudi project manager, is yet another graffiti artist; because a feminine touch is always needed. Her art has been displayed in several events, the most recent one was the Jeddah Book Fair that was held back in January.
“Graffiti — and drawing in general — is my passion, not just a hobby,” she said.

“It evolved into freelance work that appealed to many people and I was encouraged, especially by women, as they are a minority in this field.”

Abdulkareem Jeyad, the 23 year old is a freelance graphic designer from Indonesia, art for him runs in his genes; as he was born into an artistic family. His mother was an abstract artist and his father a calligraphy artist. Which makes perfect sense for him to grow with such a talent, and passion for colors.

“I have been in the graffiti field for more than 9 years and counting.”

Art can speak out many things, it is a way to express opinions, thoughts and things that can not simply be put into words. The same goes for a country, and so it is just a delight to see this kind of self expression spreading across the city of Jeddah.

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