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25 Reasons We Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Generation Y



What is Generation Y, you ask? Who the hell are Millennials? Well, opinions do vary in this area, A LOT. Some say the words are meant for those born between 1982 and 2004, others say it’s 1977 and 1994 and another opinion states that it’s between 1978 and 1998. So basically, what I get is that a millennial or a person who belongs to Generation Y has to have reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. And here are all the reasons why this generation is exceptional but also totally whack.

1. We know too much, we read too much, we listen too eagerly, we ask too curiously, we cry too hard, we feel too deeply.

2. Sadness turns into depression on a whim, love turns into a “temporary phase” in a few weeks.

3. Existential dread is the accessory we wear the most now, I don’t think we even know how to take it off.

4. We’re in search of something that none of us really knows what it is.

5.We are too scarred and we are too bruised.

6.We are angry at ourselves and at those who have come before us.

7.We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders everywhere we go.

8.The sadder we are, the louder our laughs.

9.We are all undiagnosed children putting on a front of “I got my shit together more than you do”.

10.We’re stressed as fuck, we feel pressured by everything and everyone around us.

11.We live too fast but are all afraid of dying alone.

12.We are all perfectionists, critics and ass kissers.

13.We are the product of a flawed system.

14.We’ve been wronged and we’ve been taken for fools.

15.We are rage and we are wrath.

16.We’re the ones with the big dreams and the little faith.

17.We’re the mad brains with the happy faces.

18.We are the change they hate.

19.We are the questions they were too afraid to ask.

20.We are the sum of an equation that doesn’t make sense.

21.We are the ones who pay for their fuck ups.

22.We are the ones who wake up everyday wishing we never did.

23.We’re the loud noise in the background and the painting you decided not to hang on your wall.

24.But most of all, we are the ones who defined survival in the modern world.

25.We’re so fucking brave, it’s insane. And we’re so fucking passionate, it keeps them up at night.

And then you ask us what we want most in life, and all we say is “we want to be happy”.

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Masayuki Umemura Nintendo’s Founder Dies at the Age of 78



The founder of the well-known Japanese home computer game Nintendo, had died at the
age of 78, according to the university of Kyoto where he teaches. Umemura the lead behind
all the Nintendo game consoles, studied electronic engineering in 1943 in the Chiba Institute
of Technology. By the Year 1971 he joined Nintendo, and was tasked by the President Hiroshi
Yamauchi in 1981 to create a home console for arcade games such as donkey kong. These
games were extremely popular in the US, but he was tasked with creating a home console to
rival the Atari. He created a console to the Atari, but with gaming cartridges, changing the
gaming industry till this day. The creation of the Famicon, short for family computer, which
was known as the NES when hit the US market in 1985 at a price of 150 USD. Encompassing
iconic Ninteno games such as Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, pacman, Zelda and more
games from the ninties. His invention created a ensemble for all home game consoles we
see now, the  Sony play station, Xbox and more gaming innovations. Umemura then retired
and taught at the university of Kyoto.
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How to Handle Your Kids Being Stuck At Home





Since the major pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus, many precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the entire population, or in better words, mankind.

To do so, schools as well as universities have been shut down for the time being and most probably for the foreseeable future. This has been every student and child’s dream. I mean who likes waking up early every single day to go learn things you don’t really care about?

Amidst this entire struggle, every child’s dream has become every mother’s worst nightmare. Since every entertainment venue has been shut off, the kid’s are struggling to keep their sanity at home. Which is why mother’s are discussing how the circumstances of COVID-19 has affected them let alone trying to find a way to control things.

The only things the kids are doing on daily basis is studying and proceeding with their education online or maybe even playing around a bit at home. That doesn’t deny the fact that the kids are going crazy having to stay at home, study, and being incapable of going outside. Mothers and kids have been finding it hard to cope with such matters.

Assistant professor at REU, Dr.Marwa Elagra, has shared with people how she struggled tremendously at first to cope with the matters at hand but most importantly how the kids have been suffering.

Not only can they not be affectionate with their mothers, especially the toddlers who have only made it to kindergarten, but also they’re running out of patience and things to do every single day.

She discusses various ways to keep your children busy by doing simple activities such as redecorating their rooms or maybe even the entire house. She also advises the families to be extremely patient with their kids and not to lash out because this quarantine is affecting the young one’s mental state pretty badly.

Have more patience, support and encourage your kids to do more reading, and not only academic reading. Look at the positive side and make use of this long vacation in increasing the knowledge and skills of your kids,” she said

Show your kids how life used to be before technology and social media, show them how you used to live your lives by spending quality time with your family. You could go old school and enjoy games such as Charades or even Twister. How about maybe even learning a new instrument all together to encourage the kids even more? You could even teach them how to cook or bake their favorite treats.

There are so many things you could do but in order to find out what or where to start, parents need to have a calm mental state to help guide their kids through this, and most importantly, themselves as well.

Take the time to make them appreciate the time they’re spending at home with you by coming up with lots of fun cool ideas to keep doing. Be sure to merge both education and entertainment for them to truly benefit from these rough times by better preparing them for the future.



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Saudi Arabia Sold Out All Masks Due to Coronavirus




Saudi Arabia Corona Virus

It is no news now that the Coronavirus ( COVID – 19) is on the rise globally and is widely spreading at an alarming rate. Sadly enough, it’s beginning to reach the Arab world and is now considered a major threat, as Arab officials are trying to limit and contain the spread of the virus.
In Saudi Arabia, pharmacies have been struggling to meet the demands on face masks, as more and more people are buying them to protect themselves from the disease. The face masks stocks have been decreasing in a rapid way across the country , with some pharmacies even limiting the amount of face masks sold to people to 5 boxes each, as a way to keep their stock and give it to other people who are in need of them as well.

Image result for Corona Virus saudi arabia
Although the Saudi ministry of health stated that there are no cases of corona reported. People are buying face masks in huge quantities and hoarding as much as they can, fearing that soon they would disappear from pharmacies; which is apparently happening , due to the large demand on them especially because of the Hajj and Umrah season, where the kingdom is filled with people from all around the globe; As people will be in close contact to one another and going to crowded areas ,which increases the risk of someone catching the virus and threatens the well- being of the country since the disease can spread easily.
The ministry of health also stated that there are various measures that are taken continuously in order to ensure that there are no cases of the virus in the kingdom, with them checking on every individual that is coming from a country that had an outbreak, and thoroughly taking the right actions to limit the amount of people who enter the kingdom whether it is for Hajj, Umrah or other reasons.

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