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11 Best Beaches In Sahel To Rock Your Summer 2018



north coast

Haven’t been to Sahel yet this summer? Don’t worry, The What’s Up Cairo’s Team has got your back with a list of the awesomest beaches out there in Sahel, read more.

1- Hacienda Bay:

Hacienda bay

We can’t get enough from Hacienda Bay’s private beaches, how the taupe colored sand feels on the feet while walking along the paths is indescribable. The roaring sound of the blue-green Mediterranean sea is what makes you want to grab a book and read peacefully on any private beach of Hacienda Bays’.

2- Hacienda White:

Hacienda White

It’s all about Hacienda White’s Private Beaches that we can’t get enough from. Just watching from afar the waves hitting the shore slowly and the waves of the music hitting your body which makes you instantly into the dancing mode is why we love Hacienda White’s beaches.

3- Marassi:


If you haven’t heard of the most intoxicating yet beautifully panoramic scenery of the sea waves crashing the shore in Marassi’s amazing private beaches, then you have been living under a rock. We just can’t get enough how Marassi’s beaches, they are the awesomest!

4- Stella, Sidi Abdelrahman:

Stella, Sidi Abdelrahman

How could we get enough of Stella’s private Beach? It’s pretty amazing. How the sky and the sea touch in a picturesque scenery which makes you feel relaxed. The sunshine yellow sand is warm and feels amazing. Want a great beach to chill out with your friends or family? Go to Stella beach!

5- Ghazala Bay:

Ghazala Bay

We cannot get over how Ghazala Bay’s Private beautiful beach is! The waves of the sea hitting the shore beautifully which makes us feel relaxed and tranquil. Children playing volleyball or football while them being safe and also, having fun! Definitely, recommending this!

6- La Vista:

La Vista

How can we say no to La Vista Sahel? La Vista is becoming even better this summer and we love it so much! Children having fun, adults having a tan or reading a good book and music filling the air. How can anyone compete with that?! Want to have fun? Head to La Vista Sahel!

7- Telal:


Who hasn’t heard about Telal’s famous, outstandingly gorgeous private beaches? Seriously, want to go for a swim and tanning in the morning, then going to malls and cool places at night? Then, definitely recommending Telal!

8- Diplo:


Diplo’s Private Beaches are definitely tranquil, quiet and relaxing. Having a tan, walking beside the shore, doing yoga, building a sandcastle or even reading a good positive book is going to put you into the meditation mood. Who wouldn’t even love Diplo? Want to ease your mind a bit? Go to Diplo’s Private beach!

9- Kiki’s Beach Bar, Hacienda White:


Kiki’s beach is the best beach in Sahel, it’s  known chill out music is what makes it even more amazing that it already is! They sunshine yellow umbrellas, the sea crashing into the shore, the taupe colored sand and the best chill out music is what makes everybody love this place even more! Located on the coast of beautiful Hacienda white, KiKi’s offers an authentic Mediterranean experience leaving our guests feeling all kinds of  good! It’s mostly available for people on the guest list only, you pay for what you order. You’ll regret not going to this awesome beach!

Reservations: through Facebook

10- Almaza Bay:

We can’t get enough of the Almaza Bay’s private beaches, they’re insanely beautiful. Very tranquil, peaceful and quietness! Want to relax? Get a book, lie down on those bunk beds and bring a plate of some delicious fries to keep you fully satisfied and entertained! Go for a swim there too, it is like paradise on earth!

11- Martin’s Beach, Marassi:

Martin’s Beach, Marassi

What’s a better way to truly enjoy Sahel than in the sumptuous and spontaneous Martin’s Beach Club, which has been rocking our Sahel summers with unforgettable vibes and parties that have become synonymous with everything that Sahel stands for; beach, cocktails, music, and funsies! It’s entrance fee is around 400LE. It is located in Marassi, Bo Island, Sidi Abdelrahman and it is opened from 12 a.m to 12 a.m so all day everyday rocking at The Martin’s Beach Club! The popular beach club is going to be accessible only to registered members beginning this year, in an effort to create an even more exclusive summer experience where the atmosphere and the crowd are more in sync than ever! We definitely recommend this as a nightlife party or a morning beach party!

Reservations: 01009607786

We really hope you have fun in those spectacular beaches in Sahel, what’s better than beach parties with friends and family?!

Nadia Haitham, who is a sixteen year old teenager, fantasizes and creates images in people’s minds using written words. She has always admired the idea of writing ever since she was a little girl with piggy tails and somehow, she’s chasing her dream! Nadia is currently an IGCSE student in The Continental School Of Cairo and she’s in the eleventh grade. They say Nadia is too young but she asks repeatedly, “if I don’t start now, then when?!” She blows her candles on the fifteenth of July, her zodiac sign is Cancer and she’s Egyptian. In 2015, she has written her first completed book that’s called, “Love Of A Teenage Girl” which is published on a writing website called, Wattpad. She has won several awards for the book which she’s planning to publish in the future. Nadia has also written a few other books and created quotes of her own but she hasn’t completed them yet but she’s planning to. She’s into music and learning something new every single day using the help of the social media world. She believes that writing is an underestimated art, it’s exactly like painting colorful images in people’s minds by using words of black and white.

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