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10 Brilliant Beauty Hacks That Will Save Your Time And Money: Guaranteed



Women applying makeup in mirror

All my makeup addicts out there and my beauty gurus, too, could you please raise your hand?? Aight, I see you! This one is for you. I made this because I care about my time and I care about my money and I want to pass down those words of wisdom to all my makeupholics and beauty hack rebels in the house! And if you’re a wise one, you better go ahead and scroll down!

1. Don’t give up on your broken powder based products

How many times did you break your brand new face bronzer, highlighter, powder, eyeshadow?…should I go on? And how many times were you left sobbing after they ended up literally exploding in your handbag and you were left with pigment covered bag contents in the shade of Moonlight? Well, not on my watch! All you need is a bottle of rubbing alcohol that you could buy from your nearest pharmacy. Rubbing alcohol is a clear and inexpensive liquid, as well. After that all you need to do is get a spoon or even better, a dropper. Add a decent amount to either of them and then just pour it into your powdery mess and let the alcohol sink. Then, let your product sit for approximately 10-15 minutes. You can smooth your product out with a knife mid-dry phase. Yep, that’s it. You’re done.

2. Chapped lips? no problem

Run to the kitchen, now! What you’ll need: a clean container, honey, olive oil and sugar. Mix all your ingredients together and congratulations! Look what you’ve created you miracle child you! You now have a perfect, natural scrub at hand any time you need it. Just dab your finger into the mixture and then rub that magic onto your lips for instantly smooth like a baby’s tooshie lips! Just don’t forget to moisturize your lips afterwards, that’s a must!

3. Don’t cry if you don’t have the ingredients in no. 2

Okay, so you’re some kind of hooligan who doesn’t have sugar and honey at home, fine by me! You could still exfoliate your lips using your toothbrush while brushing your teeth. Here’s how it goes; you go for your normal brushing routine, alright? You place a swirl of that Signal goodness onto your toothbrush and then you add a little water before you start brushing your teeth. While at it, brush your lips, too. Don’t go too hard though or else you’ll cut your lip. That’s literally it yeah.

4. Say goodbye to after shaving bumps!

So, your arms and legs are tired of all that last minute shaving that you end up doing more often than you’d like. That’s alright, not entirely, but at least for now, here’s what you can do to get rid of that skin irritation. Go make black tea! Yep! You heard it, go fix yourself a cup of black tea and add some vinegar to it. Afterwards, take that teabag out and rub it onto the irritated area. You’re welcome, sister.

5. Now you have a dry ass mascara and no cash to buy yourself a new one

This one’s incredibly easy, especially for those who wear contact lenses. Simply, just add some lens solution to your mascara tube then shake it really well and you’re all set, sugar!

6. Farewell to rusty silver rings/jewellery 

Coca Cola was created for a much greater purpose than drinking, it was created for silverware cleaning! Don’t believe me? try it! All you need is a glass container (preferably) and a bottle of coke. Pour a generous amount of the drink into the container and then place your rusty silver ring in it. Leave it in there for an hour and voila! Your ring is shinier than it’s ever been!

7. Numb the pain away

Does tweezing your eyebrows piss you off as hell because of all the times you accidentally pick your skin instead?! Well, child, I feel ya! Now forget all that irritation because I have the solution for you: ICE CUBES ALL THE WAY! Just gently rub an ice cube on the area you’re about to use your tweezers on and experience the beautiful numbness that follows. Tweeze away your troubles and never pick your little hairs before numbing the area with an ice cube first! Makes all the difference.

8. Get celebrity like flawless looking legs NOW

Yes yes, I used to go nuts for those Kate Beckinsale legs, too! I mean, look at how smooth they are! There are great airbrush products out there that actually achieve that same result, like Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs, but they’re all PRETTY pricy! I got my last one for 500 L.E. and I’ve been crying since! But you don’t have to go through the same mistakes I’ve made because now you can make your own leg foundation at home and it’s a piece of cake! All you need is a container, body lotion and concealer/foundation. I swear to God, that IS IT. Mix the two together and then smooth the mixture onto those legs of yours, let dry for twenty minutes before you put on your clothes! Enjoy!

9. Stop buying makeup removers

Instead of wasting your money on expensive makeup removing products, invest in a bottle of good ol’ coconut oil. First off, coconut oil wipes off all your makeup with a swipe no matter how heavy your makeup is, second, coconut oil doesn’t irritate your skin or cause redness while removing your makeup, third, coconut oil will leave your skin moisturized so, you won’t have to use a face cream afterwards unlike other makeup removing products.

10. Dry your nails faster

Do you seriously have to run but you’re afraid of ruining your oh so precious freshly painted nails? no worries. Just dip your nails into a bowl filled with cold water (Yes, like cold cold) and leave them in for a while. They’ll dry way faster this way!

Capiche?? You got this!


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And that’s what the Kingdom is trying to do!

Saudi Arabia has announced this week the introduction of electronic wristband trackers to monitor those who are being quarantined at homes.

According to the spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly, these bracelets are being introduced “not just to monitor and follow up on infected individuals, but to provide further services to reassure citizens and residents.”

This comes in light of the Kingdom’s efforts in making home quarantine as safe as in hospitals and instead of patients or possible carriers having to isolate in quarantine facilities.

According to reports by local media, the government is also planning to issue electronic warning regarding coronavirus through the “Tawakkalna” app, which was launched earlier this month to facilitate the issuance of movement permits.

The app, which was developed by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), provides residents with the latest warnings and medical news issued by the Ministry of Health.

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The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has therefore launched electronic services that helps in promoting health awareness and interactive communication.

These services include a WhatsApp chatbot called Sarah and an app called Tameni, both have been launched in in cooperation with the National Digital Transformation Unit, which use Artificial Intelligence.

You can communicate with Chatbot Sarah 27/7 and communicates directly with users through WhatsApp and Telegram. It also allows users to ask about specific drugs, file complaints in addition to spreading awareness on the novel virus.

As for the mobile app Tameni, it provides accurate and simplified information about the products being supervised by the authority. It will also allow you to look up any drug with its price and if it’s not available, it provides you with alternatives.

“We want to reassure people about our food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices,” the SFDA’s director of systems development, Abdullah Al-Dokhail said.

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These digital apps contribute greatly in maintaining the safety of residents and citizens of the Kingdom, we encourage every single person to start going digital so that you can remain safe at home.


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Baytak Nadeek: Newest Online Initiative By Sports For All to Get You Moving

You can now workout from home with the help of the Saudi Sports for All Federation which is making sure you stay in shape during this quarantine, by providing you with an excellent fitness from home program called Baytak Nadeek! 

The program features five trainers who are ready whenever you are to get back on track and get you moving, it is the best way to take advantage of the long stay at home.

SFA President, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, has invited all Saudis to join and be part of this fitness community, the new Baytak Nadeek initiative is part of a larger program which is designed to create a healthier and active community.

“The SFA, collaborating with our Baytak Nadeek Trainers, reaches out to each and every one of you with this latest phase of our National program to keep you active at home and to keep everyone living in Saudi closely connected online,” said Prince Khaled to encourage citizens to take part and congratulate the five trainers on their commitment to the cause.

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. . . *تمرين اليوم: المقطع الأول مقاومة لعضلات الظهر كل تمرين تكرار من ٨-١٠ عدات و ٣-٤ جولات راحة دقيقتين بعد تمارين المقاومة المقطع الثاني تمارين رفع اللياقة والتحمل ثلاث تمارين بدون توقف لمدة ١٤ دقيقة قفز الحبل ٤٠ عدة ثرستر ٢٠ عدة بيربيز ٢٠ عدة . . WOD: Part 1 strength for back muscles. Part 2 AMRAP For 14 minutes: 40 #ropejumping 20 #thrusters 20 #burpees . . #بيتك_ناديك #كلنا_مسؤول #الرياضة_للجميع #تمارين_شد #تمارين_منزلية #خلك_في_البيت #الرياضة_للجميع #homeworkout #stayhome #noexcuses

A post shared by AHMED ALMOSABI 🇸🇦 (@racer.ksa) on

These fitness experts who are participating in the initiative will provide you with home workout with a number of easy-to-do videos covering aerobics, calisthenics, yoga, and other disciplines.

“During a time like this, physical activity and training is a way to combat isolation, monotony, inactivity and demotivation. Creating this virtual Baytak Nadeek community helps us stay connected and inspired for a better life. Training has always been my source of mental peace and growth.” said Najia, one of the trainers.

“Keeping an active routine helps to minimize feelings of negativity and fear of the unknown. Behavior dictates attitude and vice versa, staying active has allowed me to maintain a positive approach and outlook on life during this period,” she added.

Now really you have no excuse to skip that workout! All you have got to do is get up from the couch and click here to start exercising! Remember, a healthy mind comes from a healthy energetic body.

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