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10 Beauty Trends That Are All the Rage on Instagram this Year



Beauty Trends 2018

In 2017, we’ve witnessed all kinds of crazy and over the top beauty trends rise to fame, like: feather eyebrows, metallic lips and pink eyes shadow. Now that we’ve made it to 2018, new trends have already been invented and we can’t wait to share them with you cause some of those sound like pure brilliance and others like total BS:

1. Spider Lashes
Spider lashes are basically lashes that are clumped up together, sorta like spider legs; hence the name. Instagram beauty gurus are combining spider lashes with fresh, natural looking face makeup. And although I’m not a huge fan of twiggy lashes but I respect the trend, only because it’s simple and not incredibly psychotic. Origin of the trend: Dior’s spring 2018 show.

2. Corset Braids

We all know that corsets were made for holding together those extra pounds of weight away from the crowd by squeezing in your tummy, mainly. But now that corset braids have made their debut, the word ‘corset’ is being thrown around and used so loosely. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of this trend because I think that it’s a waste of time and fabric but, nonetheless, I’ve seen some really pretty corset braids. So, if you’re into that kinda thing, you should deff go for it!

3. Golden Glow

Now, this one’s all on Rihanna. Ever since she created her Fenty highlighter in the shade of ‘Trophy Wife’, people have been going nuts for it. Everybody’s forgotten about subtle highlighting with champagne and white shades, and now the entire planet’s into Rihanna’s flashy gold highlighter. I mean, I would go for this only for the hell of it, once. But this is definitely, positively, unquestionably not an everyday makeup look, ya’ll. You know what I’m saying?

4. Slime Highlighter

Now, this is a trend that I can get on board with, maaan. This is woke AF! I love slime and I sure as hell love to highlight the hell out of my face and now Givenchy has graced us with its SLIME HIGHLIGHTER. First off, the highlighter’s 72% water, which is pretty cool. Second, I can’t handle how dope it looks, to be honest. Third, on their website, Givenchy states that the product is “Packed with pink-hued micro pearls” so, I’m pretty sold. Fourth, I have seen a good amount of online video reviews on this one and my $45 are ready #NoTheyAint

5. Freckle Tattoos

People are getting freckle tattoos on their faces and I think it’s INSANE. What the hell is going on, world? How is this the latest microblading trend? I honestly don’t get this and I 100% don’t believe its worth neither the money nor the fuss. The tattoos are semi permanent and they last for 3 years. Damn it, I’m angry!

6. LED Lashes

Shut up and take my money, dude! Imagine having those on at a rave, I would totally try these because they look so fun! According to Cool Wearables, “f.lashes (that’s what they’re called) consist of a motion sensor and individually controlled LEDs connected with almost invisible wires. You get different effects and color options to choose from. These lashes are weatherproof, don’t get warm, and last over 4 hours on battery.”. I like you,  f.lashes <3

7. Glitter Masks

Aight so, first off, NO! Second, HELL to the NO. No, ma’am. I knew it was a matter of time until glitter spread to our toothpastes and face masks, I KNEW IT! But, this just looks unhealthy and disgusting. Glitter isn’t even approved by the FDA to be added to beauty products. And by the way, it costs $59 to get all those glittery stars stuck on your face for a few minutes before washing them off.

8. Glass Lips

Nope, it’s not 2006, clear lip gloss is IN AGAIN, baby! Everyone’s digging the dewy, water-shine makeup look now. It started with highlighting your face and now it has made it to the lips! Rihanna herself gave her blessings to the look when she had her makeup artists apply various layers of clear lipgloss to her models’ lips at her Spring 2018 show for Fenty x Puma

9. Inner Circle Highlight

Apparently, celebrities are now ditching traditional highlighter colors for highlighting the corners of the eyes and trading them in for more vibrant colors like pink, blue, orange and even violet, like Shay Mitchell in the photo above. I have to admit, it looks pretty cool, I might even have a go at it.

10. Ultraviolet

Pantone has announced that Ultra Violet is the official color of the year 2018 and we all have to bow down cause Pantone is everything. I am totally into this, I approve! I already bought my metallic ultraviolet lip shine and nail polish and I diiiig. “Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.” that’s what it says on Pantone’s website and I was very easily bought.


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The Year in Fashion Trends



This year was crazy, the trends were too. As the colors, and nostalgia had emerged, and the
most captivating modes in between fashionists and all fashion gurus. As the year was crazy,
our trends were more boisterous. The boldest colors, and peculiar patterns, outstanding
figures, and the most ravishing impressions this year can hold in trends. From Athleisure,
and street style, to wonderous colors, and retro, galvanizing Y2K trends. As observed
through several style genres and trends, her are the CHICEST trends in the year, dominating
all girls’ outfits.
1.Dropping nostalgic Vibes is the Y2K trend 
As much as we love everything in the 2000, but the fashion is to die for. The pink and
glamour are a vibe we love, and want to bring back in our fashion. Mainly through
t-shirts, butterfly tops, or even space buns. This trend can be found in miniskirts,
wide leg denim jeans, ribbed cardigans, and tie front tops. This is a girls most
beloved trend.
2.Grunge Style  
The color black, and leather, ribbed everything and punk. A hard-core trend made by
music lovers. With patterned flannels, and belts, and chunky boots. This style is a
ride or die, for every Nirvana, and pink Floyd die hard fan. As much as you love the
band, you will want to rock this grunge style.
3.Baddie Casual Chic  
Soft pastel shades, oversized sweaters, and chunky sneakers. A stylish and over the
top vibe for every girl who wants to seem beautiful while staying gorgeous. This style
is meant for every urban chic girl who wants a sense of glamour for every day urban
4. Norm Core Urban Fashion  
A fashion aesthetic influenced by Parisian fashion. Average looking fashion, with
button down shirts, sweaters, and sneakers, and a preppy touch. If you love an
organized and polished clean look, this trend is made for you.
5.The Color GREEN  
Seen in everything, phone cases, purses, and shoes, sneakers, and glamour, and
glitter. This color had a huge debut this year .
6.Oversized denim  
Skinny jeans no longer seen. Statement jeans with a large size, and bootcut and
flares. Denim with style, and a bit of flare in them are now on the season.
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Astonishing Fashion Moments of 2021



This year was a fashion craze, trends, new designs, and every celebrity outfit statement had 
bedazzled us. Street wear, retro style, preppy, grunge, cozy co-rod sets, androgynous style, 
pastel colors, audacious accessories, this year’s trends were crazy. Designers, and celebrities 
collabing, Met-Gala looks, costumes, historical eras, events, and movies. These were the 
most stunning fashion moments. As we could call it a prodigious year, with everyone having 
their own sense of style, and celebrities most ludicrous fashion statements, here are the 
most outrageous fashion moments of the Year:  
1.Beyonce and Jay Z Breakfast at Tiffany inspired Campaign.
 You cant go wrong with a black dress and Diamonds, The Queen Beyonce had 
slayed the world with her silhouette in a black dress, black chiffon gloves, and a 
grandiose Champagne Gemstone, Tennis chain. Beyonce had debuted the well 
known name Audrey Hepburn.  
2.Naomi Campbell In the Versace X Fendi collaboration
The fashion icon, that striked us with her flair and style through out style throughout 
the ages. With her flamboyant catwalk, and rackless style Naomi Cambpell had all 
our eyes struck and hearts throbbing. Though as usual this year her monumental 
debonair at the Fendi X Versace show, in a metallic dress. The dress had golden 
Versace straps, with the Fendi Logo over it.
3.Zendaya in a backless dress, with a golden spine detail
From many fashion appearances, such as a metallic pink top by tom ford,  a vibrant 
red two piece at the CFDA, and more. She had always fascinated us with her crazy 
vibrant fashion. Appealing the audience in a maxi black gown, with golden black 
details at the Balon D’or Zendaya had made a fashion statement.  
4.Lady Gaga  
From a meat dress, pop princess, tiny body suits, the Pop royalty had did it all in her 
platform heels. With her out of the world style, audacious,boisterous style this 
queen is expected to slay anything. Her outfit for the  house of Gucci debut made it 
5.Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala
Known for her silhouette and her fame, kim Kardashian amazes us as always. In a all 
black Gimbsuit with black pumps and a ponytail at the met gala, she striked us with 
her pitch black debut.  
6.Dua Lipa 
Known for her levitating style, with ecstatic colors and the most bewildering pieces, 
and streetwear style. Dua Lipa has a retro chic vibe and a passionate aesthetic to her 
sense of clothing, and style.  In a Y2K butterfly top dress, and glitter details in the 
chest she had dazzled and shined in the red carpet.  
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Gucci Garden Museum



Florence, Italy in Piazza Della Signoria, and created by the Creative Director if Gucci 
Alessandro Michele. With a vibrant baby pink banner hanging from the stones, of an ancient 
European building. The inside of it is a vibrant world of Gucci Garden. The astonishing, Gucci 
Garden realm, consists of a elegant Gucci osteria restaurant, Gucci store, and, Gucci 
Museum. The Gucci Garden Museum, is a three story chronological structure to the Gucci 
heritage and the artistic evolution of the brand since its creation in 1921. This museum 
features iconic creations of the brand such as suitcases from 1930s, celebrated floral prints 
from the 1950s, and tricolored enamel necklaces from 1970s. Michele Alessandro had even 
initiated a section of the museum for the previous creative director Tom Ford. Allessandro 
found his work inspiring and prodigious. The Tom Ford section is established of two rooms, 
ready to wear, accessories, and a clothing room for Ford’s iconic vampy looks. The room is 
breathtaking with different shades of pink, and red colors enticing your eyes with a ravishing 
saturation of red shades, with Ford’s GG themes accessories such as a G string, dog collar, 
and handcuffs. The theme of Gucci’s maximalism is present throughout the whole museum. 
Conserving Gucci, and its heritage this museum has all the history of Gucci and its patterns. 
The Gucci Tiger, flora, red snake, and bee, these enchanting patterns are all sealed safe in 
the Gucci Garden Museum. This conservatoire art location also has astounding artwork, 
preserving Italian heritage and history through different ages, and the flowering of art and 
fashion through different ages. The Gucci Garden Museum will take you on a journey, of art 
and fashion through all ages of Italy.  
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